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June 19th

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Dear  ,

This e-Letter comes to you from Norway. We are in the midst of our European Tour, teaching Energy Medicine to very enthusiastic audiences across the continent.  A wonderful physician, Audun Myskja, is the driving force in bringing Energy Medicine to Norway. He himself is clairvoyant and able to see energies, and of all the leaders in natural healing, he has found Donna's approach to be the most compatible with his own.  For four days, we worked with him and 150 of his most advanced students in an intensive seminar that has been called by the local organizers "an historic event for health care in Norway." 

Our European hosts and students have greeted us with open arms.  We are gratified and grateful.  A special moment was having the entire class sing the Norweigian happy birthday song to Tiernan in celebration of his first year on May 23 as his parents, Dondi and Roger, his aunt, Titanya (who has been wowing our European students with EnergyDance), and us, the proud grandparents, all fawned over him on the stage. 

This e-Letter begins with an important case history provided by Patricia Butler, one of our most successful practitioners in bringing EEM into medical settings.  It illustrates how conventional medicine can work with energy medicine to enhance healing when invasive procedures are necessary. 

Read on to learn about:
  • Our new Face Book "Crown Pull Challenge"
  • How to keep the "Meridian of the Season" in good balance and flow
  • How to sign up for one of what may well be  Donna's last four 5-Day basic EEM intensives (as her students are competently teaching this material more and more)
  • How to become more sophisticated in representing yourself on a website as an EEM practitioner--a helpful guide provided by our longtime friend, attorney Midge Murphy
  • An upcoming teleseminar on the Wellness Revolution where Donna will be speaking on EM for Women

Donna Eden and  David FeinsteinLove and blessings,

Donna and David
Case History

Energy Medicine Used to Accelerate
Post-Surgery Recovery

Emergency appendectomies are no fun for anyone, but some recoveries are harder than others. An Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner who works in a hospital system in Florida was asked to see a middle-aged man twelve hours after he'd had this particular surgery because he was not doing very well.  Not only did he have post-op pain, he was uncomfortable from the nasal-gastric tube running down his throat, highly agitated, and white as a sheet.  His devoted family was worried about him and wondered what else the hospital could provide in addition to medication to ease his discomfort. 

During and after the energy medicine session that was provided, this patient's pain level dropped, he became calm, and to the surprise of his doctors, he improved so quickly that he was discharged in less than seventy-two hours. Read on

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If you ever wanted to take Energy Medicine to the next level, NOW's the time to sign-up. We are offering 3 different 5-Day Basic Trainings in the US and one in the UK.

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New Women's Health

Women's Bodies, Women's WisdomDr. Christiane Northrup's Foreword to Donna's award-winning Energy Medicine for Women is one of the most succinct and cogent introductions to Energy Medicine we have ever seen. You can read it online.

We thought you would want to know that Dr. Northrup's classic Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom has just come out in a new edition.  Dr. Northrup recently assured us that "More than simply an update, this revised version is an entire rewrite." The book is an essential guide on how to truly flourish in a female body and a great companion to Energy Medicine for Women.  Read more about  the new Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.

The Wellness Revolution Telesummit!
New Paths to Healing
June 16-July 14

Donna EdenJoin Donna Eden on "The Wellness  Revolution: New Paths to Healing", a FREE global telesummit event.  

This web event is a gathering of 21 of the world's leading doctors,  healers, and authors in the Complimentary Medicine movement that combines traditional western medicine with ancient wisdom, healing practices for incredibly powerful and new possibilities.

This series starts on Wednesday, June 16th at 4 PM , PST, so register right now and we will send you a reminder.

You'll receive a free gift from Donna and other Telesummit speakers just for signing up!

Register now!

Donna will be speaking on Wednesday June, 23rd so don't miss your chance to ask Donna questions during the telesummit! The topic:  Energy Medicine for Women: A Daily Energy Routine for Adapting to 21st Century Living. Be sure to listen in!
Energy Tip: Working with
the Liver Meridian
Last issue, we focused on the Gall Bladder meridian. In this issue, we are focusing on the Liver meridian, another meridian that moves most naturally with the Spring season.

Some things to remember regarding liver:

  • Liver meridian directs the blood and energy in the body. You can "direct" liver with your mind, with intention.

  • Work with liver when there are issues around being hard on yourself or stuffing your anger.

  • Lemon is fabulous for wood element (liver and gall bladder), especially if the liver is off. It will literally squeeze the liver and help it detoxify. Raspberry is good for the liver too.

Exercise: Liver meridian is constantly dealing with toxins. One of the ways to help clear them is to clear the liver line on the foot (pg. 122, Energy Medicine). Push in on the area of the foot between the first and second toes. Is it sensitive? Massage up and down that line as well as on the inside edge of the big toe.

Exercise to strengthen liver:

  1. Sit on the floor or on a healing table with your legs on the table. Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor or table.
  2. Imagine a rush of energy coming up your body from your big toes to below your breasts, circling down. Repeat the cycle again. This is the pathway of liver meridian. Imagine this occurring in the general area; you don't have to stay within the liver meridian line as liver jumps the walls of the meridian. Repeat a couple of times.
  3. Now lie back, straighten your legs, and imagine the cycle a couple more times.

You can get the benefit of this exercise by just imagining the rush of pulling the energy up, like a river moving up through your body and then down again.


Representing Yourself as an Energy Medicine Practitioner

Donna's attitude has always been that once you learn Energy Medicine methods that work for you, teach them to others.  Spread these compassionate tools for self-healing as widely as possible.  When she started teaching her work, she was the last person on Earth to envision that she would ever be creating a formal Certification Program (EEMCP). 

Now 33 years later, she is dazzled by the quality of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) and its 500 students and graduates.  And yet, she also appreciates that not everyone who has studied with her is going to make the kind of commitment required by the EEMCP.  She encourages EVERYONE who has studied Energy Medicine, certified or not, to bring these wonderful methods to those that matter to them in every legal, responsible way they can.

Midge Murphy, the first attorney to earn a PhD in Energy Medicine, who specializes in Ethics and Legal Principles in Energy Therapies and is a longtime friend to Eden Energy Medicine, has written a perceptive and useful risk management guide that discusses how Energy Medicine practitioners can avoid legal problems with their websites.  In our community, it applies primarily to our EEMCP graduates who have a professional energy healing practice, but it will be of interest to anyone who has studied Energy Medicine and is offering or considering offering services to the public. 

Midge has graciously given us permission to post the article on our Handout Bank. You can find it under "Office Practice" or access it directly
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