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Year Four of our Certification Program
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Energy Medicine
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May 14th ,2010


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Bringing Energy Medicine Into Health Care
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Our mission:

"Raising the vibration of the planet, one person at a time."

Dear  ,

Our bodies welcome Spring's return, and in this issue we focus on some particularly interesting beginnings.  The case history below shows how overcoming physical difficulties using Energy Medicine can open a spiritual awakening. And this month's Energy Tip focuses on a meridian that moves with the rhythm of Spring, the Gall Bladder.

We also tell about a rather remarkable visit David made to the Halls of Congress in the hopes of bringing Energy Psychology to American Veterans and direct you to four minutes of pure fun at a Belgian train station.

Please also take a peak at our upcoming events. We have a Caribbean cruise in the works and just added a stop in Spain for our European Tour. As always, we'd love an opportunity to share Energy Medicine with you.

Donna Eden and  David FeinsteinLove and blessings,

Donna and David
Energy Psychology
Comes to Congress

The Energy Medicine Institute is the non-profit arm of David and Donna's activities.  One of its projects is to make the effectiveness of Energy Psychology more widely known.  Last month David, along with his close colleague Dawson Church, Ph.D. (author of the academically rigorous though playfully named, The Genie in Your Genes), were in Washington, D.C., hoping to persuade some members of Congress that Energy Psychology is a more effective treatment for soldiers and veterans than conventional PTSD therapies.

Read about their remarkable adventure in the Halls of Congress (PDF format).

Representatives Chet Edwards (D-TX), Chris Smith (R-NJ), Cliff Stearns (R-FL), Second Lieutenant Olli Toukolehto, David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Energy Psychology Goes to Washinton

Case History

Hypertension, Digestive Disorders, and Spiritual Awakenings with Energy Medicine

EM Practitioner, Gopita Manning, recently worked with a client who had a number of physical ailments. Application of Eden Energy Medicine techniques resulted in a dramatic alleviation of those symptoms, but more importantly opened her client energetically to a very profound spiritual transformation.
Read on...

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Donna and David just added Spain to their European Tour

Want to meet Donna in an informal setting? Come to Spain for Energy Medicine on the Beach. See tour details below.

Donna and David
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Energy Medicine on
the Southern Caribbean!
Registration is Open
Our Alaskan Cruise/Training last September was a big success, a lot of fun, and a great way to learn or to review Energy Medicine.  It also filled up. This one will almost certainly sell out as well, so mark your calendars and sign up now.  Don't miss out!

Caribbean Cruise
Energy Tip: Working with
the Gall Bladder
Each meridian has a time of day that it is at its "high tide," and also a season that resonates with it in special ways.  The meridians that move most naturally with the rhythm of Spring are Gall Bladder and Liver.  This is a fortuitous time to give these meridians a tune-up.  This e-Letter focuses on the Gall Bladder meridian; the next e-Letter will focus on the Liver meridian.

The emotion of Gall Bladder meridian is anger or judgment. It can also involve seething energy inside, particularly when there isn't enough assertion.  The energy of Gall bladder moves (or bursts) forward with absolute assuredness, like "Spring bursting out all over!"  Gall Bladder is in fact, along with Liver, one of the two meridians governed by Spring Rhythm (aka "Wood Element." ) It has to do with standing firm, taking your place in life, cleared from seething energies of the past.

A Practice that Benefits Gall Bladder Meridian:  One of our all-time most popular exercises is called "Expelling the Venom."  It is used for everything from paving the way for healing to clearing the energies to give an outstanding piano performance.  Releasing stagnant or disruptive energies from your body, it leaves you in your strength and is a great way to renew the energies of Gall Bladder meridian.

  1. Stand with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and take a deep breath.

  2. With the exhalation, make a "Shhhhhhhhhh" sound, as if telling someone to be quiet.

  3. With a deep inhalation, swing your arms out to your sides, and complete the circle by bringing them high above your head.

  4. Turn your hands around so your palms are facing you and make fists.

  5. With a loud "Shhhhhhhhhh" as you exhale, bring your fisted hands down swiftly, opening them as they drop near your thighs.

  6. Bring to mind a source of anger or frustration and make your movements quick and forceful. Repeat three times.

  7. Do it once more, this time slowly and deliberately, feeling your muscles and power unfolding as you slowly and deliberately pull down your arms.

  8. Repeat as often as you wish.
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Four Minutes of Fun

Did you know there is a rough correspondence between "do re mi" and the frequencies of your chakras? 

On March 23, 2009, more than 200 dancers took over the Central Train Station of Antwerp with an amazing stunt. Singing along with them will turn on your Radiant Circuits, put your Chakras into balance, and bring a smile to your face.

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