Donna Eden's Energy e-Letter
December 2009 Issue
Holiday Giving to our EEMCP Scholarship Fund
Case History: EM for Pain Management
David's Radio Interview
Donna's Radio Interview

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Dear  ,

Tis the season . . .  We feel enormously blessed to be able to help empower people for greater health and joy, and we sit in absolute gratitude for our own good fortune with our new grandson, Tiernan, now six months and growing.  Despite promising signs of a powerful and discriminating intellect, however, he still believes in Santa Claus.

Tiernan Ray and Santa

This issue of the Energy e-letter starts with a deeply-felt request for donations to the EEM Certification Program scholarship fund
. Developing well-trained practitioners is one of our most important services, and the economy has created the double whammy of making it harder for talented students to attend while also making it more difficult to raise scholarship funds.  Please help if you can.  Disseminating Energy Medicine widely is one of the most effective steps the nation can take for turning around the health care crisis by putting effective self-care methods into the hands of everyone. And that is what our graduates are doing.

For instance, in this issue, you will see how Gail Jett, an OBGYN nurse and EEM Certification Program student, has brought Energy Medicine into the clinic where she works.  This issue also tells you about audio downloads on Energy Psychology that were produced last Sunday with Donna and Monday with David, same topic, very different presentations.

May this holiday season smile upon you with unexpected moments of joy and abundant reasons for new confidence in navigating the interesting path ahead.


Donna and David

The Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Scholarship Fund

The Energy Medicine Institute is a 501(c-3) Non-Profit Organization

It has been an amazing four years for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. In February 2010, the faculty and students will return to Phoenix, Arizona, where the fourth class will graduate. As a result, there will be 78 new Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners ready to help others heal themselves. It is the unfolding of our dream.
Many of these students would not be in the EEMCP without help from our friends who support Eden Energy Medicine. Our thanks go out to all of you who contributed to the EEMCP Scholarship Fund. Because of you, 21 students were able to attend class on a scholarship. That means almost 19% of our students were there because of the generosity of others. And are they ever grateful! Here is a sample of one of the comments we have received from a scholarship recipient.

 ...The EEMCP has changed my life, both personally and professionally.  I have gotten rid of, or improved some health conditions of my own, as well as that of some family members. I personally feel better than I ever have. In 2008, I was hired by an awesome, progressive Ob/Gyn group in town who have completely supported my desire to integrate energy medicine into my practice here in women's health. I am just finishing an Energy Medicine class for our staff; and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. My patients love it as well, and I suspect that Donna's books have become local bestsellers since I suggest they get copies for themselves.  I plan to offer ongoing Energy Medicine classes in our community to educate, and help enable patients to take charge of their own health - particularly in light of the health care crisis in this country.  Energy Medicine has never been more needed than now.     I gratefully thank the scholarship committee for the opportunity to obtain this training.  It has already been put to good use, and believe me, I am only just now getting started!  Thank you. G.J.

Our current Year One students will begin their second year of training in May 2010. Many of these returning students will need financial help to continue to make their dream a reality.
We are hoping that, at this time of holiday giving, you will consider a donation to the EEMCP Scholarship Fund as a way to continue to help our students study Eden Energy Medicine. Remember, 100% of what is donated to the EEMCP Scholarship Fund will go directly to help deserving students receive partial tuition assistance for the Certification Program.

The Energy Medicine Institute, which has set up the Scholarship Fund, is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so contributions are tax-deductible.
Click here to donate online by credit card  or call Leslie Adams at 541-488-8501.

Energy Medicine Used for Pain Management

Two simple Eden Energy Medicine techniques have been used at a Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic to alleviate the pain associated with endometrial ablations.  These techniques were done both before the procedure and during and resulted in increased comfort for the patient, rapid recovery, and a tremendous savings in medical costs.  It is an excellent example of the blending of Energy Medicine and mainstream medicine to create a better outcome for the patient and the professionals caring for the patient.

Gail Jett is a family nurse practitioner working at the Bend Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic in Bend, Oregon.  Gail has been studying Eden Energy Medicine and has introduced it as one of the services offered that the clinic.

Once of the procedures undertaken at the clinic is a process called Endometrial Ablation.   This procedure is performed with a lighted viewing instrument and other instruments to destroy the uterine lining (endometrium). Read more.

Submit A Case History Here

Read More Case Histories
Energy Psychology, Qigong Masters, and Humility -- Listen In

DavidI (David) just completed (Monday, Dec 7) an interview with Lama Tantrapa on a radio program that is ambitiously called "The Secrets of Qigong Masters."  I'm neither a Qigong Master nor someone with any secrets that would interest anyone, yet it was a very interesting program and Lama Tantrapa asked thought-provoking questions.  He characterizes the show as the "only one dedicated to the Energy Arts in America."  I spoke primarily of Energy Psychology through the 90 minute program, although he had me explain how Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine differ and what Energy Medicine has to offer for the current health care crisis the country is facing. How would you answer that question? 

The program is temporarily posted at:
Donna speaks on Energy Psychology

DavidDid you get to listen to Donna's Dec 6 teleseminar with Pat Carrington on Energy Psychology?   Probably not.  More than 2500 people registered to hear it, and due to a minor technical glitch on the producer's part, 2300 couldn't log on!  Two pieces of good news about it.  Those who did hear it, primarily energy psychology practitioners, loved it.  And Pat is making it available to anyone who wishes to download. 

Go to and scroll down to Donna's class.

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