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Tutor of the month april 2012 Matthew Hernandez. Matt joined the School on Wheels family in January of this year. From the beginning he was an outstanding volunteer, connecting with students, parents and shelter staff. He is exceptionally patient and adaptable, a necessarily skill in volunteering at CASA Youth Shelter in Los Alamitos.

CASA is an emergency shelter, so Matt can be working 1-1 with a student one week and single-handedly have to assist 12 teenagers the very next week. He has also been willing to help new tutors at a moment's notice. He proactively seeks new materials and resources for his students and has always showed a positive attitude, even when faced with challenging situations. We are so grateful to have Matt with us!

In Matt's own words: "I have been volunteering for School on Wheels since January and so far it has been a great experience. The students I work with vary in age and often change from week to week. The changing environment at the shelter has made my tutoring experience exciting and challenging. It also makes it all the more rewarding when I am able to really click with a student. Whether doing homework, discussing options after high school, or playing a game my hour spent with the kids is often the highlight of my week."  

Lilian Pahn, Regional Coordinator


For more information about all our volunteer tutors please do not hesitate to contact Sinead Chilton at (805) 641-1678 





School on Wheels will be awarding 59 volunteers with the Presidential Service Award in April.  This award is given to volunteers that have donated over 100 hours in a year!

Presidential Service Award Winners for 2012

Los Angeles - Jo Crabtree, Lynne  Berman, Megan Whitaker, Michael Kelley (GOLD), Milvia Ramires, Nicki Aycox, Osvaldo Alfaro,Vincent Montoya, Yesenia Rodriguez
South Los Angeles - Alexis Wirth, Amy Johnson, Eileen McAndrews (SILVER), Jane Correia, Jean Wetstein, Laura Bundalian, Magaly Granados, Nina Stone, Ryan DeRosa
Santa Monica and surrounding area - Carrie Soppe, Freny Berkenbile, Lucia Graham, Patricia Cummings, Paul Dynes, Rachel Alevy, Stacey Hunter, Tasha Sivarajah, Thuy  Nguyen
Long Beach - Alex Hattick, Angie Frost, Damon Ricks, Selena Edelen, Suzanne Grudnitski
Hollywood and Mid City - Blake Peyrot, David Kojimoto, Jerry Buchanan (GOLD), Lance Adler, Matt  Avallone , Nancy Newhouse Porter, Roberta Lara, Sona Sood, Victoria Pittson
San Fernando Valley - Donna Preston (SILVER), Heather Odell, Jim Hassan, Mark Duttweiler, Sarah Goff, Scott Preston, Yolando Mitchell Brown
Ventura County - Betty Burdick, Catherine Meek, Celeste Matthews, David Kautter, Dennis Early, JoAnn McCrea, Sinead Chilton, Gloria Van Santen, Jacinta Sveiven, Jane Sievers, Julie Giroux


School on Wheels, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1993 by Agnes Stevens, a retired teacher. After reading Jonathan Kozol's Rachel and her Children, Agnes realized the extent of homelessness in the USA. She began tutoring homeless kids in a park in Santa Monica, encouraging them to stay in school and participate in school activities.  

Today, hundreds of volunteers work one-on-one with children whose homelessness prevents them from getting the academic stability and help they desperately need. The heart of the School on Wheels' programs is the volunteer tutors who come from all backgrounds and professions, with a shared goal - to reach out to a child, to teach, to mentor, and assist in their educational life.

The mission of School on Wheels is to enhance educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Our goal is to shrink the gaps in their education and provide them with the highest level of education possible.  Our program serves as a consistent support system to homeless students at a time of great stress and fear.  We bring the message to our students that they are cared about and important. We do this by offering:

    • One-on-one weekly tutoring with a volunteer
    • Backpacks, school supplies and school uniforms
    • A toll-free number for kids to keep in touch with us
    • Assistance in entering school
    • Help in locating lost records
    • Guidance for parents in educational matters for their children
    • Two Learning Centers, one located in the heart of Skid Row and the other in South Los Angeles
    • Tutoring in seven major regions in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.
 For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sinead Chilton (213) 905-2777