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 Fall 2012
Issue 1September, 2012

Dear Friend, 

Shana tova - Happy new year! The beginning of the year is especially exciting for us at AVODAH because it brings a new cohort of talented young change makers to our communities and placement agencies. 

This year's corps members in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington D.C., are no exception! We hope that you will take an interest in their work for social change and draw inspiration from stories of their year of service. 

Our best wishes to all of our alumni, supporters and partners for a year of renewed hope, solidarity, and meaningful strides in our work for justice.  

Marilyn Sneiderman 
AVODAH, Executive Director 
From the AVODAH Blog
Prison Reform

A Practical Approach: Forgiving Former Inmates By Tina Wexler, AVODAH alumna '09 -'10


Our society's unwillingness to forgive former prisoners, even in the most basic ways, is a major stumbling block to keeping them out of the prison system. When we think about collective sin and forgiveness on Yom Kippur, we should challenge our stereotypes and strive to apply these values. 
AVODAH's partners are working to reintegrate             former prisoners into society... Read more.
Reflections from the Field: Tips to Manage     Stress 
By Dr. Jacqueline Mondros, AVODAH Board Member and Dean, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College    
The more control you have over your environment, the less stressed you feel. That's why people living in poverty have greater levels of stress than  do wealthy people; and it's why people in jobs with little authority feel more stressed than the boss. Powerlessness is stressful. 
Here are my tips, learned over the past 40 years, to manage stress while creating change... Read more. 
New Year, New Corps MembersCMs
Corps Members

 Meet the 2012 Corps Members!


Around the country, 75 new corps members have settled into their neighborhoods, work placements and AVODAH houses. Their enthusiasm and readiness to make a difference is contagious! Read their bios...
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