Each night of Hanukkah you will receive a blessing from a fellow alum straight to your inbox. These 8 blessings will serve as reminders of the kind of analysis you did during your Corps year, and the types of reflections you have continued to do on your journeys as Jewish agents for social change. Happy Hanukkah!


Making the 'Impossible' Possible

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure" - Marianne Williamson

We all feel alone sometimes.  Insignificant.  Disconnected.  How many times do you think groups tried and failed to overthrow the Assyrian Greeks before the Maccabees?  How many people do you imagine suggested a rebellion to their neighbors and were shot down with discouragement, fear of losing, or worse, fear of winning and actually taking control of their own destiny and the future of their people?  One of my key takeaways from AVODAH was about the power of collective action, of joining together to do something you were scared wasn't possible - or maybe you were scared it was possible.  Did you believe at the beginning of your AVODAH year that 9 or 14 (or however many corps members were in your bayit) unrelated people would be able to run a household, meet their basic needs on a small stipend and make an impact on local efforts to end poverty?  Have you been inspired by the Occupy movement, or scared you might become part of something that could make a different beyond your wildest dreams?

Just as a small band of Jews were able to reclaim and rededicate the temple in the Hanukkah story, so too do we make the impossible possible when we join together.  
What would you try if you weren't afraid to succeed?
Sara Mosenkis (DC 08-09) was raised in Philadelphia, PA and St. Louis, MO.  Currently she laughs, sings, solves real life logic puzzles and cooks mostly vegan food in Washington, DC.  In her day job, she helps students solve legal problems at the University of Maryland. 

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