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July 2010

Portland Women's Task Force: Moms in Recovery Network UPDATE
The Portland Moms in Recovery Support Network is being created!
Portland Moms in Recovery Network: June 25 Social (View Invite)
As mentioned in our May e-newsletter, the PWT/OPP members suggested the creation of a subcommittee to make sure that the moms in recovery gatherings would be set up and could be sustained.  In partnership with The Salvation Army, a moms social was held from 10:00-11:30 and there were 16 moms (with 10+ children) who attended!

Here is some of the feedback from the day...
We said: "What would you like to see at these weekly support gatherings (parenting tips, nutritional education, guest speakers, etc)?
They said: "Fun activities for kids and moms", "Parenting tips, limit setting", "Support, advice, non-judgmental attitude", "Moms sharing their thoughts and feelings on recovery and being able to support each other."

We said: "Please share any other feedback/comments about today"
They said:"Very happy 2 be here!", "Glad to be able to attend, everyone seems very friendly and supportive", "I am very much looking forward to the mom's group! Thank you", "This is awesome! Thank you", "This is a great idea.  I hope it continues."

The Moms in Recovery Network support gatherings will be offered weekly at The Salvation Army from 11:00a-1:00pm and will be co-hosted by Amanda (OPP/PWT), Major Penny Shaffer (The Salvation Army) and a mom in recovery.  The weekly gathering topics/plans will be worked out amongst the women and the staff hosts. 

If you'd like to get involved with this effort or if you have a mom who'd like to be included in the network, please contact Amanda Edgar
at (207) 756-8053.

View/print the Moms in Recovery Network flyer HERE - printed copies are available so let us know if you'd like some for your agency/org.

Recovery Month 2010Upcoming Events & Happenings
A listing of events happening around New England and beyond

New England Events
"From Unbecoming a Nurse to Overcoming Addiction"
September 10, 2010, Augusta Civic Center
nurse3Maine Alliance for Addicion Recovery (MAAR) & AdCare Educational Institute are partnering with Maine nursing organizations to host a daylong workshop on Friday September 10, 2010 at the Augusta Civic Center. Nurses, nurse educators and healthcare administrators should plan to attend, in addition to counselors who work with these individuals. Paula Davies Scimeca, RN, MS is a national expert on addiction in the nursing profession and the author of two recent books on these important topics. Unbecoming a Nurse looks at the need for education & early intervention to help nurses to 'bypass the hidden chemical dependency trap'. From Unbecoming a Nurse to Overcoming Addiction profiles 29 'candid self-portraits of nurses in recovery'.  See brochure for details about educational contact hours that will be available. For more information contact Deb Dettor at (207) 458-4366

Building an Inclusive Recovery Community"
September 11, 2010, University of Maine, Augusta
MAAR (new logo)National Recovery Month (September) is on its way and MAAR is planning for its second Recovery Retreat with other recovery partners. The tentative date for this event is set for Saturday, September 11 in Augusta and the theme of this day-long retreat will be "Building an Inclusive Recovery Community". Please save that date and stay tuned!  FMI contact Deb Dettor at (207) 458-4366.

footprints on beach"Walk for Recovery"
September 11, 2010, Portland
Together with Crossroads for Women, Serenity House, Day One and Milestone Foundation, Catholic Charities Maine is hosting a Walk for Recovery to bring awareness of substance abuse recovery in Portland.
You can view a Google Map walking route HERE
Learn more about the walk by contacting Crossroads for Women at (207) 773-9931.

"Annual Recovery & Wellness Resource Fair"
Date TBD, Preble Street Resource Center, Portland
2008 RWRF OPP tableEvery September, the Overdose Prevention Project partners with Preble Street Resource Center to celebrate National Recovery Month by inviting 20+ providers to share their materials with the 100+ homeless men and women accessing PSRC's many services. Each year we provide food, a raffle (with fantastic donations from local businesses) as well as an upbeat atmosphere for folks to celebrate recovery and we can't wait to do it again this year!  View a slideshow of pics from our 2009 fair HERE.

Med collect2APF Hosts Educational Teleconference/Webinar Program on "Safe Prescribing of Opioids: Zero Unintentional Deaths"
July 13, 14, 15, 20 & 22 (varying times)
This new initiative from the American Pain Foundation (APF) is designed to educate clinicians on minimizing prescription opioid overdose through a series of free, 1-hour, live, interactive teleconference/webinar programs. Participants view slides on their computers and listen to the presenter via telephone. Time is also allotted for questions. 
Learn more at

The Parent Factor: Partners in Prevention
(Online Webcast)

CADCA panel (green screen)"A day has 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. No matter how you look at it, there never seems be enough time in a day. Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world, and nobody teaches you how to do it. Coalitions know parents are a big part of drug prevention, but how do you reach a parent who never seems to have enough time?  During this hour-long CADCA-TV broadcast called The Parent Factor: Partners in Prevention, see how coalitions are trying to reach parents in non-traditional ways. Hear from three seasoned coalition leaders about what is working in their communities." Click here to view.  FYI: Amanda was flown down to FL by CADCA in May to be a part of this panel!

National Events
SAMHSA's 4th National Conference on Women, Addiction & Recovery
"Thriving in Changing Times"
July 26-28, 2010

Chicago Marriott - Chicago, Illinois
Join with leaders, colleagues and stakeholders as we create a two-and-a-half-day Conference Community to dialog on the current research, innovations and trends serving women and girls with substance use disorders and their families.

Portland Women's Task Force
News, Publications & Research Links
National news and research regarding education, treatment and recovery for addicted women, their families and the community.

Journal Abstracts
Women's Perspectives on Screening for Alcohol and Drug Use in Prenatal Care
Women's Health Issues, Volume 20, Issue 3, May-June 2010, Pages 193-200

Perinatal Periods of Risk: A Community Approach for Using Data to Improve Women and Infants' Health
Maternal and Child Health Journal, 7/3/10

Additional Articles

Single mom overcomes abuse, addiction to care for her children

Longmont (CO) Times Call, May 5, 2010

Nexus Recovery Center expansion to include wing for mothers battling addictionDallas News
Dallas News, May 7, 2010

Spirit of Women Graduation (Video)
Fresno (CA) ABC Local, Friday, May 07, 2010

Ex-users talk about addiction
Star Tribune (MN), May 9, 2010

NIH Podcast on Prescription Drug Abuse in Women
NIH, May 10, 2010

Pelvic Pain Worse Among Pregnant Smokers
Join Together, June 25, 2010

Fish and Water Lead to Success for Wyoming Women Inmates, 6/28/10

Buprenorphine safer than methadone for neonates born to opioid addicts
Suboxone Talk Zone, 6/30/10
Buprenorphine Versus Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction in Pregnancy: An Evaluation of Neonatal Outcomes
Maine Medical Center's Dr. Micheal Czerkes' "Donald F. Richardson Memorial Prize" Paper, ACOG 5/18/10

The Story of Iyal - (CDC) Full Video (7:03)
"A mother tells her compelling story about a family living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Every family has unique experiences, challenges and successes. The intent is not to endorse specific interventions, but to share one family's story and hope.
Portland's Overdose Prevention Project:
News, Publications & Research Links

National news and research regarding addiction, treatment, recovery, and overdose prevention.

Local Headlines

PART 1: Jail's Prohibition of Opiate Addiction Treatment Drugs Comes Under Scrutiny [WITH AUDIO]

PART 2: Maine Jails Struggle to Cope with Growing Number of Drug Addicts [WITH AUDIO]

MPBN's Susan Sharon 2-Part Series, 7/7 & 7/8/10

Journal Abstracts
Meta-analysis of drug-related deaths soon after release from prison

Addiction, 6/23/10

Additional Articles

Quietly, 'cheese' heroin problem continues to plague young people in Dallas-Fort Worth
Dallas News, 5/7/10

Attitude shift may change how addiction is treated

(Part 2 of a series)
Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph, 5/7/10

The little pill that could cure alcoholism
The Guardian (UK), 5/9/10

Univ. of Central Florida Develops Alcohol-Abuse Recovery Video Game
Join Together, 5/10/10

NDIC Drug Watch Alert: Possible Heroin/Fentanyl Combinations - Street Name: Kill or Keel

USDOJ/NDIC, 5/13/10

NDIC Drug Watch Alert: Use of Synthetic Cannabinoid Products by Teens and Young Adults Increasing

USDOJ/NDIC, 5/18/10

Prescription drug use by U.S. children on the rise
Reuters, 5/20/10

Addiction and Recovery: On Crashing a Life But Learning to Live
Tom Matlack - Huffington Post, 5/15/10

Washington Enacts New Overdose Prevention Law

Join Together, 6/9/10

Eminem Confronts His Inner Demons in 'Recovery'

NPR, 6/19/10

ER Docs Object to Prescription Drug Monitoring Requirements
Join Together, 6/21/10

Treatment Admissions Way Up for Older Americans
Join Together, 6/21/10

CDC Calls for Urgent Action on Abuse of Pain Medication
Join Together, 6/22/10

Experts Struggle to Determine Overdose Deaths
Join Together, 6/23/10
Link to originating TIME Article

Stop Overdose Deaths Involving Prescription Drugs: A Multi-faceted Approach
CDC, 6/24/10

Ignoring Stress Leads Recovering Addicts to More Cravings
ScienceDaily, 6/24/10

Chronic Pain Surveys Portray a World of Hurt
Pain Topics, 6/25/10

The Case for Treating Drug Addicts in Prison

Newsweek, 6/29/10

A true epidemic, with no easy scapegoats [WITH GRAPHICS]
Suboxone Talk Zone, 7/6/10

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Groups: UPDATE

All-Recovery Support Meetings have been running since May in both Portland and Augusta and have had consistent attendance each week!

Maine Recovery Communities Coalition has great hopes these meetings will enable people from every addiction recovery pathway to find community-based recovery support there.

Please check them out to share your recovery experiences with others and to gather support.

FMI Contact
Deb Dettor (Augusta) or Ronni Katz (Portland)

All Recovery Flyer Portland

HERE for the Augusta Flyer

HERE for the Portland Flyer

Evaluation of the Impact of Medication Assisted Treatment in Maine: March 2010

The Office of Substance Abuse (OSA) within the Maine Department of Health and Human Services is one of twelve single state agencies to receive a two-year Advancing Recovery grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The purpose of the Advancing Recovery grant is to promote the use of evidence-based practices in an effort to improve outcomes of consumers of addiction treatment services.

There is a substantial body of research showing that the combination of medication assisted treatment along with counseling and other behavioral therapies generates more positive treatment outcomes as well as improved social, behavioral and economic outcomes for consumers and the general public.

View the Full Report HERE
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NEW Recovery Resources!


iPromises is a free iPhone app to help those in recovery track their progress, easily contact like-minded peers, and build a virtual support community.
FMI visit

NEW Mutual Aid Resources
from Faces and Voices of Recovery
This one-stop resource is for people in or seeking recovery from addiction, their families and friends and for addiction treatment service providers and other allied service professionals. Numerous research studies have shown that mutual aid groups play a significant role in the process of recovery. Here you can learn about the many varieties of online and in-person mutual aid groups that are helping people find and sustain their recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
View the site  HERE
CCC 2nd Annual Summer Institute: UPDATE
On June 25 & 26 in Machias, the Community Caring Collaborative held its 2nd Annual Summer Institute.  The audience was diverse and included mental health providers, child development specialists, home visitors, public health nurses, dept of education staff and more!

This year, Dr. Vince Felitti (the keynote speaker) touched on relationships to poor pregnancy outcomes (prematurity, stillbirth, miscarriage) but his focus was on on the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and chronic illness (obesity, addiction, hypertension, depression, heart attack, etc.) and early death (20 years less than the national average).

FMI on Dr. Felitti's research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), visit:
Next Meeting
The next Portland Overdose Prevention Project & Portland Women's Task Force meeting date has not been set.  We will email members as soon as we have a date and a location.

FMI about our meetings, please contact Ronni Katz at (207) 756-8116
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Treatment & Recovery Resources


Treatment Locator

National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment
Patient/Physician Matching System

Maine Office of Substance Abuse
Info & Resource Center
1-800-499-0027 (In-State Only) or 207-287-8900

Faces & Voices of Recovery

NA Maine
HelpLine 1-800-974-0062

AA Maine
24-Hotline 1-800-737-6237 or 207-774-4335

Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery
(207) 458-4366

Crossroads for Women
(207) 773-9931
Merrimack River Medical Services
(207) 221-2292

PROP/The Women's Project
1-800-611-1588 or (Statewide) 1-800-611-1779

CAP Quality Care
(207) 856-7227

Mercy Recovery Center
(207) 857-8282

Discovery House
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Catholic Charities
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