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March 2010

Upcoming Trainings & Events
Local support and recovery updates and events happening in and around Maine, Spring 2010.

Annual Silver Tea to Celebrate Women in Recovery
May 20, 2010 ~ The Blaine House, Augusta, Maine
Silver TeaOn behalf of the Women's Addiction Services Council, Deb Dettor (Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery Coordinator) invites you to attend this year's Annual Silver Tea to celebrate Women in Recovery, on May 20 at the Blaine House in Augusta from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. She notes that it continues to be truly remarkable that state leaders gather yearly - in such a public setting - to recognize the achievements of women who transform their lives, and the gifts inherent in the recovery process. View Pictures from 2009 Please mark this date in your calendar and spread the word! Invitations are being created now and will be sent as soon as ready. Broadband featuring Kathleen McGee and Ronni Katz will provide the music for the tea again this year.

In the meantime, your help is needed to select a woman who will be awarded for her community leadership as a woman in recovery. Please see the nomination form that outlines what the Women in Recovery Leadership Award is and who is eligible to receive it. Deadline for submission is April 8th. You can contact Deb for additional information at (207) 458-4366.

ABCs (1)2010 Perinatal Conference: More Than the ABCs: Addiction, Breastfeeding and Other Challenges
April 9 & 10, 2010 ~ Waterville, Maine
Sponsored by Maternal Child Health Services & Maine General Medical Center
This conference will provide the multidisciplinary perinatal team with research and evidence to inspire them to examine their current practice and consider change that will promote best practice in caring for the opioid-addicted patient, the patient in second stage of labor and the breastfeeding couplet. View the (PDF) Brochure HERE.FMI contact Cindea Rancort toll free at (877) 866-1535.

Working with the Military
April 22-23, 2010 ~ University of New England, Portland, Maine
militarySponsored by the Maine National Guard and the Maine Office of Substance Abuse (DHHS)
Workshop Overview: Service members, and their families, are coping with enormous stress and challenges, and there is a critical, growing need for access to quality psychological health services. This two-day conference will sensitize civilian providers to the different needs of service members and their families. FMI Visit AdCare's site http://www.neias.org/SATAdcal.html#military

All-Recovery Support Meetings
MAARDeb Dettor of MAAR is pleased to announce that weekly All-Recovery Support Meetings will soon start in Portland and Augusta. Members of the Maine Recovery Communities Coalition will pilot these two meetings that are adapted from the highly successful groups that run through CCAR Recovery Centers in Connecticut. These one-hour noontime meetings will welcome all who are seeking support for addiction recovery issues. Flyers will soon be distributed - please help us to get the word out! FMI about All-Recovery Support Meetings, please contact Deb at (207) 458-4366 or Ronni Katz at (207) 756-8116.
Maine Reports
A listing of some recent and relevant reports from the State of Maine

2010 Report Card on Maine Substance Abuse Services
(Maine Substance Abuse Services Commission)
Modeled after Join Together's 2006 Report: Blueprint for the States: Policies to Improve the Ways States Organize and Deliver Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Report (PDF)

Data Report: Maine Women Entering Substance Abuse Treatment 1997-2007 (Maine Lighthouse)
ReportsThe data represents aggregate information on a variety of circumstances and addiction-related factors in the individual women's lives at the time they were admitted to treatment programs reporting such information to the State of Maine Office of Substance Abuse. Summary

This report presents data on women entering drug treatment programs in Maine from 1997-2007. The purpose of this report is to take a focused look at the available statewide data on Maine women to better understand the circumstances of their lives, some specifics about their addictions, and ultimately to open the doors for future discussion, research, and action to reduce the negative impact of addiction. Report (PDF)
Report of the State of Maine Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel: 2007-2008 (DHHS)
*Page 21 of the Report: DrugAffected Babies Reported to CPS

This report documents cases that were reviewed in 2007 and 2008 by the Maine Child Death and Serious Injury Review Panel. The mission of the Panel is to provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive case review of child fatalities and serious injuries to children in order to promote prevention, to improve present systems of child protection and care and to foster the education of professionals and the general public to enhance the safety and security of our children. Report (PDF)
Portland Women's Task Force:
News, Publications & Research Links

National news and research regarding education, treatment and recovery for addicted women, their families and the community.

Accuracy of Postpartum Screening Tools Evaluated

Modern Medicine (2/15/10)

Low-Income Urban Mothers Have High Rate of Postpartum Depression

Science Daily (2/20/10)


Nursing guideline helps overcome stigma of Methadone

Registered Nurses Assn of Ontario (CA) NewsWire (12/1/09)

Increasing Family Reunification for Substance-Abusing Mothers and Their Children:  Comparing Two Drug Court Interventions in Miami

ABSTRACT: Juvenile and Family Court Journal (11/2009)


Addiction in women: Gender may affect susceptibility, recovery, and risk of relapse

Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School (1/2010)


Does Alcohol Involvement Increase the Severity of Intimate Partner Violence

ABSTRACT: Alcohol: Clinical & Experimental Research (1/26/10)


Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence among Poor Children Experiencing Homelessness or Residential Instability

BRIEF: Institute for Children and Poverty (Winter 2010)

The Epidemiology of Acute Poisonings in Women of Reproductive Age and During Pregnancy, California, 2000-2004

ABSTRACT: Maternal & Child Health Journal (2/18/2010)


Maine chapter of ARM (Advocates for Recovery through Medicine)

Kristan Hilchey, Director


Pregnant Incarcerated Women - the Most Forgotten of the Forgotten

Carol E. Tracy, Executive Director, Women's Law Project


The Myth of Crack Mothers & Babies

Phoenix House Blog (3/3/10)

Portland's Overdose Prevention Project:
News, Publications & Research Links

National news and research regarding addiction, treatment, recovery, and overdose prevention.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Methadone Man?  Harm reduction at the Vancouver Olympics
Stop the Drug War (2/12/10)

A Seaside Story of Love & Junkies - Video
Addiction Inbox (2/12/10)

Int'l Center for Advancement of Addiction Treatment (ICAAT) Video

Methadone And Other Opioids Not Always Equivalent, Conversion Can Be Lethal
Medical News Today (2/5/10)

A Conversation with 10 Recovering Heroin Addicts: Long Islanders between the ages of 18 and 23 tell their stories
WABC-New York, NY

The Heroin Road - An LA Times 3-Part Series
LA Times  (2/14/10)

Randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness and safety of intranasal and intramuscular naloxone for the treatment of suspected heroin overdose
ABSTRACT: Addiction (11/9/09

Heroin for Dummies
NY Post (1/3/10)

Sweet preferences and analgesia during childhood: effects of family history of alcoholism and depression
Addiction (2/9/10)

Medication misuse among medical professionals
Addiction Professional (12/28/09)

New Research Gives Insight to the Frequency of 'Doctor Shopping' Occurring within PMPs
Medical News Today (2/5/10)

In Chronic Pain Patients, Higher Opioid Dose Linked to Overdose Risk
Medical News Today (1/19/10)

Do Higher Opioid Doses Increase Overdose Risks?: Understanding Evidence-Based Pain Management (EBPM)
Pain Treatment Topics (2/13/2010)

Alcohol/Drug/Substance "Abuse": The History and (Hopeful) Demise of a Pernicious Label
William White (Feb 2010)

Words Used to Describe Substance-Use Patients Can Alter Attitudes, Contribute to Stigma
Medical News Today (1/14/10)


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"Salvia Divinorum"
Salvia is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic herb with effects similar to those of LSD. It is a perennial, a member of the mint family, and resembles sage. The active ingredient of Salvia, Salvinorin A, is one of the most potent naturally occurring psychoactives - it is effective orally at 200-500 micrograms.

"Poppy Tea"
According to medical examiners, five individuals ingested poppy tea shortly before their deaths; most also tested positive for other illicit substances. Poppy tea is generally brewed from the seeds, pods, and/or straw of the opium poppy (papaver somniferum), an annual plant that primarily grows in Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia. Poppy seeds contain trace amounts of opiates, including morphine, thebaine, codeine, papaverine, and noscapine.

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