Treatment Options for Pregnant,
Opiate Addicted Women:

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Additional Methadone Resources
Links to Journal Publications: Methadone Use During Pregnancy
This is a list of publications that reference the use of methadone (and buprenorphine) in pregnant women. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list but offers points of reference to the importance of treating opiate-addicted, pregnant women. Click Here for the 1-page List
Methadone & Recovery

Here is a video clip from William White that's been getting a lot of web attention.  He talks about methadone use and the historical context and judgment.  Take 2 minutes to check it out...
SAMHSA's Brochure: Methadone Treatment for Pregnant Women
The Portland Women's Task Force has utilized this informative brochure for its educational campaign as it addresses many of the complicated issues regarding pregnancy and methadone treatment. View the Brochure
SAMHSA Substance Abuse Treatment Advisory: Emerging Issues in the Use of Methadone (Spring 2009)
"This Advisory presents current information on the increase in deaths related to methadone, particularly in combination with other substances or some medications. The Advisory stresses that methadone is effective and safe in the treatment of opioid addiction and chronic pain when it is used appropriately." View the 8-page Advisory (PDF)
Substance Use, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Risk Behavior among Women in Methadone Treatment
(American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse)
Background: Substance use and a history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) are risk factors for unprotected sex among women, yet questions remain as to how their combined influence may differentially affect sexual risk. Objective: The current study investigated how complex relationships among drug use and CSA may contribute to unprotected sexual occasions (USO). View the Abstract (full article available for purchase)
Local treatment & Recovery-Related Resources for Women & Girls
Support Services & Publications Specific to Women & Girls
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