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The Period of PURPLE Crying
Congratulations, Dr. Publicker
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In this issue you will find information on the "Period of PURPLE Crying" that was presented at our June meeting by Kelley Bowden and Dr. Lawrence Ricci.  We have included links and a description of the program targeting new parents in the effort to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome in Maine. We are closing in on our approval process for printing our educational campaign materials and will update you as soon as possible.
Amanda Edgar, Ronni Katz
& Nancy DeYoung
City of Portland's Overdose Prevention Project
Members, Portland Women's Taskforce

In case you missed it...
PURPLE crying

On June 17 Dr. Lawrence Ricci (Spurwink Child Abuse Program) & Kelley Bowden (MMC Perinatal Outreach Nurse Educator) presented information about the rise in head-trauma consults in Maine and the soon-to-be launched educational campaign, "The Period of PURPLE Crying." The materials will be available to new moms and their families in 26 of the 30 birthing hospitals in Maine coming this summer. 

The hospital implementation protocol is:
  • Each family must receive their own set of materials
  • The DVD and booklet must be given together as one package and cannot be distributed as separate components
  • The materials must be given in the mother's preferred language
  • The 3-minute/10-minute script should be used while holding up the materials
*For presentation details from Dr. Ricci and Kelley Bowden, click HERE
*FMI on Maine Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention efforts, visit:
*FMI about the Period of PURPLE Crying  visit the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome at

Congratulations, Dr. Publicker!
Mercy Doctor Gets Maine Caregiver Award
From WGME Channel 13 ~ June 25, 2009
ROCKPORT, Maine (AP) -- "Dr. Mark Publicker, medical director of the Mercy Recovery Center within the Mercy Health System in Portland, has been named the 2009 Maine Hospital Association Caregiver of the Year.  The eighth annual award was presented Wednesday at the association's summer forum at the Samoset Resort in Rockport.

Publicker founded called MOMS, which stands for Mothers on Maintenance Subutex, a program designed to help addicts who are pregnant or have recently given birth. And according to the hospital association, in November he was credited in the Journal of the American Medical Association for his work on the first major national study of a new treatment of opiate addiction in adolescents."

Articles & Publications
An Interview with Women Offenders
D.C. Public Safety, June 18, 2009
"The show interviews Supervisory Community Supervision Officer Dr. Willa Butler and three female offenders currently under the supervision of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency in Washington, D.C. The offenders present anonymously. They discuss their crimes, drug addictions, children, histories of child abuse, relationships with men and their lives up to this point." Click Here to Download the Audio
Former Washington Inmate Sues State for Labor Shackling
Associated Press, June 26, 2009
"A former Washington state prison inmate who says she was shackled during childbirth sued the state Thursday, saying her constitutional rights were violated...she was shackled by a metal chain around her stomach during transportation to the hospital, then fastened by a leg iron to a hospital bed throughout several hours of labor." Read on...
FMI About efforts to end shackling of inmates during labor, visit:National Advocates for Pregnant Women OR The Rebecca Project for Human Rights
Addiction Touches Almost Everyone: 75% of Americans Know Someone Who is Addicted
Addiction Inbox, June 17, 2009
"A new survey by Lake Research Partners, sponsored by George Soros's Open Society Institute and presented at the June 16 Conference of Mayors meeting in Providence, R.I., reveals that three of every four people surveyed said that they personally knew someone who has been addicted to alcohol or drugs." Read on...

Pregnant, addicted: Mothers Battling Heroin
Stephanie Desmon, Baltimore Sun, June 22, 2009
"The effects of methadone on babies is not fully understood. But for expectant women who can't get clean without it, it might be their best hope." Read on...
"Pregnancy Intervention: They might be pregnant but they're still addicts"
The Tyra Banks Show, June 19, 2009
"With the addition of a little one to the family, the party might be over, but the adventure is just beginning -- but pregnancy isn't stopping these soon-to-be-mommies from indulging. And we don't mean indulging in a hot fudge sundae with a side of pickles -- we mean in smoking, drinking, even drugs! Along with a panel of experts, Tyra takes on a pregnancy intervention to help these women change their lives -- as well as the lives of their unborn babies."
(The sensational show description and the
Viewer Comments section is evidence of the importance of educating the public about addiction during pregnancy)

Gender, Sexuality, Power and Drug Acquisition Strategies Among Adolescent Girls Who Use Meth
Feminist Criminology, Lopez, et. al. 4 (3) : 226.
"This study drew on social construction of gender and reflexive methodological approaches to examine how adolescent girls procured meth within the context of relationships with boys and men. A total of 18 incarcerated adolescent girls, aged 14 to 17 years, were interviewed about their meth-using experiences."
View the Abstract (full article available for purchase through Sage Journals Online)
Teen Birth Rate on Rise Due to Less Contraceptive Use
Medical News Today, June 19, 2009
"The rise of late in births by teenagers may be directly connected to a reduced use of contraceptives, such as condoms, research in the Journal of Adolescent Health (July 2009) shows. In 2006 and 2007, evidence shows a rise in the teen birth rate, after a 14-year decline." Read on...
NSDUH Report: Substance Use Among Women During Pregnancy and Following Childbirth
National Survey on Drug Use and Health, May 21, 2009
"Combined 2002 to 2007 data show that past month alcohol use among women aged 18 to 44 was highest for those who were not pregnant and did not have children living in the household (63.0 percent) but comparatively low for women in the first trimester of pregnancy (19.0 percent), and even lower for those in the second (7.8 percent) or third trimester (6.2 percent); similar patterns were seen with marijuana, cigarette, and binge alcohol use."  View the 4-page Report
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