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Welcome to the Portland Women's Task Force May e-newsletter.  In this issue you will find updates on upcoming training opportunities as well as our pregnancy campaign - be sure to check out what women in recovery had to say about our materials!

Our next meeting is scheduled for June 17th @ MMC.  Kelley Bowden & Dr. Lawrence Ricci will be presenting information on Shaken Baby Syndrome. 
Please scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for additional meeting details.

Amanda Edgar, Ronni Katz
& Nancy DeYoung
City of Portland's Overdose Prevention Project
Members, Portland Women's Taskforce

Events Around Maine
Crossroads for Women
The Effects of Addiction on Friends & Family: June 2-23
"This 4-week series is for anyone who has a loved one with a substance use problem, male or female, who may or may not be in treatment. The 4-week educational series explores the basics of addiction, the recovery process and how to be supportive of the loved one while also taking care of you."  FMI Call (207) 773-9931 or email

Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery (MAAR)
Annual Silver Tea: May 14
You are invited to attend the Annual Silver Tea to celebrate Women in Recovery at the Blaine House in Augusta.  This event will begin at 2 pm and will end at 3:30; RSVP is required due to security guidelines.  This event will showcase the healing power of alcohol and other drug recovery and honor the courageous women who undertake this transformative journey. Enjoy recovery speakers, the music of Broadband, and applaud the winner of the Leadership Award that will be bestowed.  Governor Baldacci will be on-hand along with some other official speakers that day!  To RSVP please contact Kelly Sawyer (207) 621-8118 or
Recovering Women's Leadership Train the Trainer: June 7 & 8
A "Train the Trainer" session will be held in Bangor on June 7 & 8 for recovering women who have completed the 3 day Recovering Women's Leadership Training (RWLT). Niki Miller, former Director for NH Taskforce on Women & Recovery, will conduct this training. Once completed, MAAR will work with the Trainers to plan community-based RWLT sessions (peer-led leadership/empowerment model that strengthens alcohol and other drug recovery and also addresses trauma & mental health related issues). Contact Deb Dettor (MAAR) at (207) 458-4366 or email
UPDATE: Portland Women's Task Force
Educational Campaign

As most of you know, the Portland Women's Task Force is working on a campaign to educate pregnant women, doctors & nurses, and the community at large about the appropriate use of prescription methadone or Subutex during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  The campaign materials are nearly complete and we are hoping to launch in May.  In the near future, we will be making the materials available for download so stay tuned!  Email Amanda your questions or comments anytime.

Click Here to read the feedback we got from residents at
Crossroads for Women. 

We graciously thank all PWT members for their ongoing feedback and input for this process.  We'd also like to thank Crossroads for Women staff for sharing the materials and posing these questions on behalf of the PWT!
Articles & Publications
Australia Sees Rise in Newborn Withdrawal Syndrome
Reuters Health ~ April 2, 2009
"Maternal drug use during pregnancy has become more common over the past 25 years...In the study, researchers found that the number of babies born with neonatal withdrawal syndrome...rose from 0.97 per 10,000 live births in 1980 to 42.2 per 10,000 births in 2002, leveling off thereafter."  Keep Reading...
Maternal Methadone Use and the Consequences on Baby
April 2, 2009
View the original (Medical News Today/Glasgow) report or View the ARM-ME Blog
When the Stork Carries a Pink Slip
Lesley Alderman, New York Times Health ~ March 27, 2009,
"It may not sound fair, as the national layoff tsunami is swamping even households with new infants, or babies en route. But it is entirely legal to ..."Read On...
Women Pay the Price for Health Insurance
Sarah Varney, NPR ~ April 2, 2009
"During the last economic bust, I got laid off and couldn't afford the monthly COBRA payments for my health insurance. I applied for an individual plan..." Read On...
On Suboxone, Confused, Wanting to be Pregnant
Suboxone Talk Zone (Dr. Jeffrey Junig's Blog) ~ April 5, 2009
"Please help. I am confused by the information I am finding on the internet. I am on Suboxone, it will be 2 years in April '09. I was planning on getting off Suboxone this summer...The reason I am pushing to get off Suboxone right now is because I want to have a baby..." Read On...
Background, Needs of Women in Jail Prompts Search for Effective Programs
Grand Junction (AZ) Daily Sentinel ~ April 19, 2009
"What works for male criminal offenders doesn't mean it will work for women offenders, officials in Mesa County's community corrections system have come to realize...As the population of women offenders has swelled, officials are trying to keep pace by offering alternative sentencing programs for women to address their specific needs."
National Institute of Corrections ~ Women & Work: Gender Responsivity and Workforce Development (audio)
"Strategies for making women offender workplace development programs more responsive to their clients are explained. This 2-day training program [was] originally broadcast September 24-25, 2008" Click Here FMI
New Materials Regarding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
"The CDC has developed new materials that can guide in the identification, prevention, and management of FASDs. These products include a curriculum development guide for use with health-care students and practitioners and recommendations from the National Task Force on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect..." 
These new materials are available at
Next Meeting
When: Wednesday JUNE 17, 2009 from 1:30-3:00
Where: MMC's Dana Center in Classroom 2

Who: Lawrence Ricci, M.D., Co-Director of the Spurwink Child Abuse Center and Kelley Bowden, MMC's Perinatal Outreach Nurse, will be presenting the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome's "The Period of PURPLE Crying" materials.  We will also discuss research and the connection to SBS and substance abuse within the family. 
RSVP: Ronni (207) 756-8116 or
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