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Welcome to November in Maine!  We hope
that you are able to get out there and experience all that fall in Maine has to offer.  We also hope that you will enjoy  the information we are offering in this issue of our e-newsletter.  We've included links to online support communities as well as resources - local and national - for addiction education.  We even threw in a few games just to keep you on your toes.  In 2009, look for the National wrap-up of Recovery Month 2008.  ~ Amanda, Ronni & Nancy
It's Game Time!

We know that you are busy and don't have all the time in the world to play games but if you find yourself with a free minute or two, give it a whirl.  Some are geared more toward adults and some more toward teens but they're kinda fun!
Play "Mouse Party!"Mouse Party Have you ever wondered about the brain of a mouse on heroin?  How about marijuana?  Well, wonder no more - the Mouse Party is here!  You're curious, aren't you?  "Mouse Party is designed to provide a small glimpse into the chemical interactions at the synaptic level that cause the drug user to feel 'high.'" Wanna play? Pick your (animated) mouse with this oddly-educational interactive game from the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center. 

moto xVirtual Drug Addiction (requires free Shockwave download)
An international addiction research and treatment company, TAVAD  took the matches the appeal of the 'rush' coupled with a multimedia tool for teens.  "It is established that computer games and multimedia capture the attention of teenagers as do few other toys. TAVAD has used this interactive media to tackle drug use among young people." (English & Spanish versions available)

Visit AboveTheInfluence.comBeat the Bot "Know the facts? You're in control of your life...You're not a simple machine immune to risks and consequences out there in the world.  Take some time to see if you can answer these questions - the answers are out there if you look in the right place!"

Overdose Prevention Jeopardy
Find Out More About OPP Jeopardy!
The Overdose Prevention Project has developed a Jeopardy!
game to bring to our outreach sites as well as for workplace staff development.  If you'd like to have the OPP team come to your site, please contact Amanda or visit our site FMI.
Maine Overdose & Substance Abuse Data: UPDATE

Data on Maine Deaths Due to Drug Overdose
The July 2008 report from
Marcella H. Sorg, PhD, D-ABFA, Director, Rural Drug and Alcohol Research Program, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine

In response to a record number of overdose deaths in 2002, Portland's Overdose Prevention Project was created to address the public health implications for our City. Since 2002, we continue to see our partnerships and outreach initiatives flourish and are happy to report that based on Dr. Sorg's data, the number of overdose deaths in Portland has steadily declined.

PORTLAND:  All OD Deaths (suicides & accidents)
YEAR                                               % of State Total
2002                     45                            27.3%
2003                     23                            15.0%
2004                     25                            15.4%
2005                     26                            14.8%
2006                     12                              7.2%
2007                     16                             10.4%
TOTAL                 147                           15.0%

MAINE DEMOGRAPHICS (Accidental Deaths)
Gender                                    Average Age (male & female)
*2002-05: 62.5% Male               *2002-05 = 36.3
*2006-07: 72.7% Male               *2002-05 = 35.9

Cocaine Deaths                          Methadone            Pharmaceutical
*Maine - 19.0%                            *38.9%                  *82.9%
*Cumberland Co. - 24.2%            *47.0%                  *83.3%
*Portland - 39.3%                        *50.0%                  *75.0%

It is important to note that due to the nature of the small sample size, this information is to be used as a reference to address TRENDS only. 
FMI contact Ronni at 756-8116

The Second Road: Where Life Intersects with Recovery

Visit TheSecondRoad.orgPrior to our 9/24 Recovery & Wellness Resource Fair in Portland, I got a call from a woman named Alix Bryan.  Alix works with The Second Road and wanted to know if she could be a part of our event.  After seeing what The Second Road was all about, I enthusiastically confirmed Alix's spot!  The Second Road is a wonderful website for anyone and everyone wanting to learn more about the pathways to recovery.  It offers real-time interaction, a sharing wall, videos, and a variety of blogs (i.e.: "Controversy Alley," "Young & Sober," "Family & Friends," and more).

The closer we get to bringing the recovery oriented system of care model to Maine, the more we realize the benefit of online resources such as The Second Road for our beautiful and vast State.
Visit The Second Road's Website to Learn More

National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment

"Launched in September 2006, NAABT's free and anonymous online matching system has connected nearly 14,000 addicted patients with Visit NAABTphysicians certified to prescribe Suboxone for opioid addiction.  Patients who can't find a doctor register anonymously online. Instantly, an email goes out to all participating physicians alerting them to a patient near them in need of help. Doctors review the patient details and respond if they have an opening and meet the patient's needs. Patients then receive an email with the doctor's contact info and a short note, sometimes within minutes of reaching out for help."
*Full Article from JoinTogether.org

Visit NAABT.org for: Buprenorphine education, literature, info for treatment providers, physician matching system and FAQs.

*Addiction Survivors - An Online Support Community
National News You Can Use

Next Meeting & E-News Sharing Link
On the Web We've streamlined our page and now each branch of substance abuse prevention programs--Overdose Prevention Project, One Maine One Portland and the Portland Women's Taskforce--has its own logo and program-specific links. We also have added our PSAs to the OPP site--Check us out at:www.substanceabuse.portlandmaine.gov

Next Meeting Our next meeting is scheduled for December 3, 2008 from 2:00-3:30 at Portland City Hall. If you'd like more info or would like to inquire about joining us, please contact Ronni Katz at rmk@portlandmaine.govor at 756-8116.

Phone Cards If you or your organization would like to donate funds toward the purchase of calling cards to be handed out at outreach sites, please contact Amanda
We would like to thank CAP Quality Care for their recent donation!

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Members Portland's OPP is made up of numerous statewide and local treatment and prevention providers as well as other state and local agencies. Representatives are from: Discovery House, CAP Quality Care, Portland Police Department and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Merrimack River Medical Services, Maine OSA, and various departments within the City of Portland's Public Health Division (Health & Human Services Department).
Contact Us Call Ronni Katz, City of  Portland Public Health Division's Substance Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator at 756-8116 or email Ronni for more information about the OPP's efforts or to learn more about community resources!
Our Mission is t
o prevent drug overdoses by providing support, advocacy, education & outreach to the Portland community through positive collaborations & partnerships.
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The Overdose Prevention Project is supported by the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and the City of Portland Health & Human Services Department,      Public Health Division
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