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Asset Building
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Positive Identity
(for adolescents 12-18)

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Personal Power Young person feels he or she has control over "things that happen to me."
Self-Esteem...reports having a high self-esteem.
Sense of Purpose...reports that "my life has a purpose."
Positive View of Personal Future
...optimistic about her or his personal future.

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Assets Getting To Outcomes: Update
OMOP is excited to be working with Maine's Communities for Children & Youth, the Search Institute and the RAND Corporation research team as they gear up for their A-GTO intervention site selection, which is slated for February 2009.

From Technical Assistance Specialist Mike Clifford, "A-GTO is attempting to blend the proven and recognized Getting to Outcomes planning process with initiatives that are seeking to build Assets for and with young people.  The process helps coalitions be empowered to plan and implement programs more intentionally, collect data that can empower them to do their own evaluations more effectively, and incorporate both sustainability strategies and quality improvement efforts that can show positive outcomes more clearly."

FMI about OMOP's role in this process, contact Ronni - and know that no matter what happens in February, this is an exciting time for coalitions across Maine!
40 Developmental AssetsŪ
OMOP promotes & integrates Search Institute's Developmental AssetsŪ approach in our programming to further positive youth development in Portland.
Powerful Youth Mini-Grant Announcements!

PROP/Communities Promoting Health Coalition
is excited to announce the availability of $500-$1500 to help support youth groups working on health initiatives in these targeted service areas: Rivers Region ~ Cape Elizabeth, S. Portland, Gorham, Westbrook & Scarborough. Lakes Region ~ Bridgton, Naples, Casco, Harrison, Raymond, Windham, Baldwin & Standish. Applications are due January 16th, 2009. Contact Ashley Bracy at 553-5840 or View the RFA

Healthy Portland
is also excited to announce the availability of two mini-grants of up to $1,500 each for initiatives that support healthy living among youth who live, learn and play in Portland. Applications are due December 31, 2008.
Contact Kristen Dow at 874-8618 or View the RFA
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Time To Talk Launches
"Time To Text"
Time To Text
"While nothing takes the place of a face-to-face conversation, texting can help start a conversation with a reluctant teen or reinforce talks you've already had. Plus, it's a great way to keep in touch with kids when they're away from home at college, camp or anytime. Need help getting started?" Check out the Partnership for a Drug-Free America's Text Guide
Reconnecting Youth: An Update from the Developers & Beth McNamara 

1) We have started offering a new prevention program (Coping and Support Training/CAST), including curriculum materials, teachings aids, student notebooks and a training for interventionists.  CAST is the only high school-based prevention program endorsed as "Effective" by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Click Here for CAST Fact Sheet
2) The CAST Program was also recently listed on the SAMHSA website, the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.  You can see a summary of our research, outcomes, and the high scores CAST received.

To learn more about
RY or CAST visit
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Our Mission:
Fostering nurturing and healthy relationships, environments and programs that encourage positive youth development and enable all young people in Greater Portland to live substance free.
OMOP Website
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If you would like more info about OMOP or would like to join us, please contact Ronni at 756-8116

Please email Amanda your program updates and/or events - we love to share!
Reconnecting Youth: Reaching Out & Making a Difference
From Diane Tinkham, Deering HS RY
"Nineteen students have been attending this semester's three Reconnecting Youth groups at Deering High School this year.
Thanks to a grant from the Office of Substance Abuse, we have been able to take advantage of a couple of exciting opportunities.  Read More about their Exciting Activities

From Susan Steele, Portland Public Schools"Students in the Reconnecting Youth class at Portland High are making fleece blankets, scarves, hats and mittens that they will sell to raise money for charities..." Read the PPS Blog about RY

Proud RY Students at PHS!
Local Program Highlights & Opportunities for Involvement
Pam Leo's
Parenting Support Group Visit
Parents and caregivers with children of all ages are invited to attend this informal topic and Q & A evening to share their joys, questions and concerns with Pam and each other.  Classes begin December 8th. To register or FMI, contact Pam Leo at 839-6478 or visit
 Connection Parenting

The Art of Single ParentingArt kids
Raising children is the best and the toughest job on earth. Single parenting can be even tougher. This new and exciting program teaches single parents how to manage the unique joys and challenges that come with that role. Classes begin January 24th, 2009. FMI call 899-2396 or email Linda Rota

Gift-wrapping @ the Maine Mall
Support PROP's Parkside Neighborhood Center and Habitat For Humanity of Greater Portland by
Happy Holidays!  Woof!wrapping gifts at the Maine Mall. Groups of friends and coworkers are encouraged to sign-up together. It's a fun and rewarding way to celebrate the holidays!  Middle and high school age youth are welcome to volunteer as long as they are accompanied by an adult ally. View the Volunteer Schedule or contact Zoe Miller at 553-5940.

The Angel Food Program
Park Avenue Church of God has become a site of the
Angel Food program, a non-profit which offers AngelFoodMinistries.comanyone who is interested the opportunity to purchase $65 worth of food for $30 - a box containing food enough for 7 meals for a family of four. There are no income restrictions or applications.  To order, call the church at 773-3947 or stop by this Sunday at 12pm. At Park Avenue Church of God, 28 Park Ave, Portland. Orders for this month must be received by Monday, Dec 8. Distribution will happen Dec 20th.
Angel Food Ministries is "a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and contributing to benevolent outreaches in communities throughout the United States." FMI, visit

Give the Gift of Recovery
While the
holiday season can be tough
for those in recovery (see: Staying Sober), it's also a time of Give the Gift of Recoverycelebration. Why not celebrate the gift of recovery this year? Crossroads for Women has teamed up with Hazelden Publishing to offer recovery books and other products, with a special focus on women. These items are perfect as gifts or to add to your own library. Crossroads for Women receives 12% in total sales that start via our website. So, by shopping our bookstore, you're not only supporting recovery, you're supporting women and their families achieving healthy and independent lives through women-specific treatment. Visit the Recovery Bookstore
Take it Outside:
WinteRush is Coming!

Winterfit 2008!
It might sound crazy to already start thinking about Febrrrrruary but Healthy Portland & Let's Go! are bringing you plenty of reasons to get out there and enjoy winter in Maine!  Here's a brief list of what's in store for Portland beginning February 6, 2009:
  • The kick-off event, which has been organized through the Mayor's Health Initiative, begins on 2/6 and will be held in conjunction with the First Friday Art Walk
  • Maine Snow & Ice Sculpting Foundation will be creating massive snow and ice sculptures to be displayed at Lincoln Park in downtown Portland
  • Sunday River & Sugarloaf will be hosting an event at Payson Park on 2/7 and will then host a "Rail Jam" at Monument Square with premier snowboarders showing off their stuff on 2/14 from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • Healthy Portland and Let's Go! are organizing Winterfit--Local organizations will host numerous winter activities around the City to help showcase some of the great outdoor activities available in Portland and throughout Maine.  Snow will be dropped off (just in case we haven't been dumped on yet) and there will be sledding and snowshoeing in the plaza at City Hall.
  • Also around town will be Portland Trails, SkiMaine, WinterKids, Portland Recreation, and MORE!
Get Outside!
Want to get involved?  Do you know of local youth who might want "VIP status" at the Rail Jam?
Contact Healthy Portland's
Joan Ingram at 541-6954

National Programs:
Assets in Action

"Bake Me Home"Visit
"We are 7-year old twin sisters, and we have started a charity (with a little help from our Mom!) to help homeless moms and kids at The Bethany House Shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio. We love making homemade cookies with our Mom. We want other kids to spend time with their moms, and enjoy eating cookies in their new home. Our Dad says we will make the world a better place, one cookie at a time." Read more about Emma & Amy at

Bookworm Wednesdays: Girl Inspires
Entire Neighborhood to Read
"Check out this inspiring article:  Deena Whitwam - daughter of Search Institute author Kelly Curtis - started an after school book club called Bookworm Wednesdays.  Together they're using Developmental Assets to positively influence their community."(Original article from Search Institute)

Challenge Success: Championing a Broader Vision of Success for Youth
"Our children live in a high-stakes, high-pressure world. Today, a young person's success is too often measured by easily-observed symbols: trophies, grades, test scores, and acceptance into prestigious schools... children are experiencing unacceptably high levels of anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, suicide, poor physical health, and disengagement from learning. Unrealistic achievement pressure contributes to these problems."

Search Institute's 2008 HC*HY Conference Highlights
The 2008 HC*HY conference "Igniting Sparks, Connect to Hope" was a huge success!  If you weren't there but wanted to check out some of the highlights, click on the links below. Check out the pics on flickr (no login required) or download a conference session.
Teens, Parents & Drug Abuse: Reports & Resources
Parents 4 A Change
Based out of Southington, CT, Parents 4 A Change is a group of "regular parents and citizens, like you, who have decided to speak up and try to make a difference in our community."
*Watch the December 2, 2008 Video about Glastonbury's Teen Heroin Problem
*Visit Parents 4 A Change

From the Partnership for a Drug-Free America
"Teens' ongoing intentional abuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications remains a serious concern, as many teens mistakenly believe the abuse of medicines is less dangerous than abuse of illegal drugs. According to the survey:
  • 1 in 5 teens (4.4 million) has abused a prescription medication;
  • Nearly 1 in 5 teens (4.2 million) has already abused a prescription painkiller;
  • 41 percent of teens think it's safer to abuse a prescription drug than it is to use illegal drugs."
  • 2007 PATS report
Report: Parents Underestimate Teens' Access to Rx Drugs
"Parents of teenagers overestimate how easy it is for teens to buy cigarettes, according to a recent national telephone survey...parents underestimate how easy it is for teens to buy beer and prescription drugs. Fifteen percent of teens say that beer is the easiest for them to buy and 19% cite prescription drugs as the easiest." View the 1-Page Report from the University of Maryland's Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR)
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