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August 2008
Welcome!  We hope you're enjoying this beautiful (yet rainy) Maine summer and that you will find lots of exciting & useful information in this month's e-newsletter. 

In each upcoming edition, you'll find a  tip for
"Asset Building"
...so get out there and build some assets!! 

Asset Building
Tip of the Month:

Use of Time"

(for adolescents ages 12-18)

Need Ideas?  Click Here!Creative Activities Young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts. 
Need Ideas?  Click Here!Youth Programs
Young person spends three or more hours per week in sports, clubs, or organizations at school and/or in community organizations.

Constructive Use of Time

Need Ideas?  Click Here!Religious Community 
Young person spends one hour or more per week in activities in a religious institution.
Need Ideas?  Click Here!Time at Home
Young person is out with friends "with nothing special to do" two or fewer nights per week.

40 Developmental Assets®
OMOP promotes & integrates Search Institute's Developmental Assets® approach in our programming to further positive youth development in Portland.

Click Here For More Developmental Assets!
Involved Parents Are the Real Heroes® 
Visit the MVP Blog
Visit MVParents.com
Visit Search-Institute.org
Brighten Up
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Cumberland County Community Themes & Strengths Assessment

Help the Portland Public Health Division focus its efforts on the health issues in your corner of Cumberland County by participating in our Community Themes and Strengths Assessment Survey.  If you live in Cumberland County,
Click to Take the Survey!
Visit Healthy Portland/ECCHCO
Visit PROP's New Website!Visit the City's Epidemiology Page
FMI Contact: Toho Soma at tsoma@portlandmaine.gov
or call 874-8787
A Special Series from Wisconsin:
State of Drinking

"The true story of Wisconsin's unparalleled culture of drinking isn't found in a bold headline about a drunken driving fatality or a young person drinking himself to death on his 21st birthday, although such tragedies certainly figure into the picture. 

It's a quieter story, one about the very fabric of life in Wisconsin. And it's about all of us, even those who don't drink a drop - doctors and lawyers and jurors and counselors and cops and bartenders. 

Gannett Wisconsin Media is exploring in human terms the causes and effects and the costs and benefits of the state's love affair with the bottle."

Click Here for the Audio Series, Slideshow & Interactive State-by-State Map
Manitowoc (WI) Herald
Times Reporter

Time To Talk on Yahoo!
Check out Portland's "Time To Talk" on Yahoo! Groups.  "Share talk tips, ask questions, get support and learn how to have positive conversations with your teens to keep them healthy and drug-free." Click the icon FMI!
Go To Time To Talk.org
Would you like more info about "Time To Talk?  Want postcards for your upcoming events? 
Email Amanda or
call 756-8053 FMI

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Our Mission:
Fostering nurturing and healthy relationships, environments and programs that encourage positive youth development and enable all young people in Greater Portland to live substance free.
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"You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello"
As of late July, two of our ever-loyal OMOP partners, Mike Clifford (Portland Schools) and Margaret Jones (Day One) left their long-held positions to pursue a very exciting new endeavor.  We congratulate, thank, and wish Mike and Margaret well as they start their journey toward building on so much of the work they've already done in our communities.  Even though we are technically saying goodbye to Mike and Margaret, this new initiative actually allows us to say hello to a new horizon for prevention and asset-building in Maine! 

When it comes to Search Institute's Developmental Assets approach, Mike and Margaret have been trailblazers
and now they are officially getting the chance to bring these prevention efforts to Maine through a 5-year NIDA/RAND Corporation research grant that will fund the "...collaboration to implement and assess the impact on prevention coalitions, of the combination of two complimentary, community-based interventions:
  • Getting to Outcomes (GTO), which enhances community capacity to complete critical program tasks (e.g., evaluation and quality improvement), and
  • Developmental Assets, which supports community mobilization and collaboration to promote positive youth development." (From the GTO/Developmental Assets Project Description)
Portland has been named as one of the 12 communities that will be participating in the project.  We look forward to working with the other prevention coalitions in the area to coordinate our efforts as we continue to embrace the asset-building strategies!

"If we can show this developmental assets approach is effective in preventing substance abuse, it will open the door for communities all over the country to receive funding for this work...research has shown a correlation between a high number of developmental assets and positive, healthy behavior; we think this study will show not only a correlation, but a direct positive impact on the reduction of substance abuse."
--Susan Savell, Executive director of the Children's Cabinet and head of  Communities for Youth and Children  Read the Press Release from Maine.gov
Local Programs: Highlights & Updates
137th Annual Cumberland County Fair Sponsors "6th Grade Substance Abuse Awareness Days"  Visit the CC Fair Website!
On September 22 & 23, close to 2,000 CumberlandCounty 6th graders will be bussed in to the fairgrounds for a presentation by the Project Aware players as well as the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police in an effort to create awareness around substance abuse.  Students will be sent home with follow-up information as well as a packet of resources for parents and local coalition contacts.  If you would like more information on the awareness program or the events for the 6th graders, contact Chanda Sinclair at csinclair@propeople.org

Baystock Music Festival 2008!
Click Here to Buy Tickets!
"Rock icon John Fogerty comes to Portland for one night only!  Headlining Baystock 2008, Fogerty will rock the city with classic hits as well as songs from his most recent release 'Revival.'
Held on the Maine State Pier, Baystock 2008 continues a tradition of delivering great music for a great cause.  Proceeds benefit PROP - People'sRegional Opportunity Program - whose programs served more than 12,000 people last year.  Food and beverages will be available to purchase.FMI About Baystock 2008

Lewiston celebrates new youth and adult connections
"At last evening's YADA celebration at the Lewiston Public Library, positive energy was felt throughout the room. The Click Here for the City of Lewiston's YADA Press Releaseaward-winning YADA stands for Youth + Adults + Dialogue = Action, and many positive connections andinitiatives have occurred since community generational dialogue took place last fall.  As the evening progressed, adults and youth alike shared their appreciation of how generational partnerships have grown since the fall 2007 YADA dialogue. Connections referred to as "priceless" seemed to be the reflection of all."  (Pictured: Josh Gagne & Rep. Margaret Craven)
More From EverydayDemocracy.org

Save the date...
Friday, September 26, 2008 from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.
 Maine Kids-Kin will host the 3rd Maine Summit forClick Here FMI About FACT/Maine Kids Kin Grandfamilies: The Law, Kinship and Children.
FMI about the Maine Summit for Grandfamilies contact Noreen at 1.866.298.0896 or email nnpeters@familiesandchildren.org

Boat Building Festival in Portland: Compass Project

Visit CompassProject.org"The festival, which began Sunday, challenges teams to finish their vessels in three days. It raises money for the Compass Project, a Portland-based nonprofit that holds boat-building courses for local middle and high school students -- an effort to teach patience, teamwork and woodworking skills to at-risk children."
More from the Portland Press Herald

YAI's "Parents as Partners"
Visit YAIParents as Partners is a collaborative group led by two mothers who were involved with Child Protective Services and who have successfully reunified with their children. This meeting is for both parents and professionals, and will provide attendees with an overview of the work Parents as Partners is doing, including two new support groups for parents who are currently involved with Child Protective Services.  If you would like more information on Parents as Partners activities or groups, please feel free to contact Deb Dunlap (Youth Alternatives Ingraham Parenting Education Coordinator) at 874-1175 ext. 6001 or Parents as Partners at 523-5079.

Parkside's Free Summer Lunch Program!

The program runs Monday through Friday at 12:00 and
is open to all kids. If you are interested or know of a family that might like to take advantage of this great program, please pass on this information.  Contact Sara @ PROP FMI
National News & Publications
Caffeine Behind 4,600 Calls To Poison Control
Doctors Point To Energy Drinks,
Caffeine Added To Unexpected
"A recently released report by University of Massachusetts Medical School toxicologist Richard Church tracked 4,600 caffeine-related calls to poison control nationwide in 2005, the most recent statistics available.  Half involved people under age 19." Read On.../ Watch the Boston TEAM 5 Video

Teacher ousted for banned book

"Freedom Writer Teacher Connie Heerman, a 27-year veteran of Perry Township in Indiana, has been suspended for a year and a half for using The Freedom Writers Diary in her classroom."  (FYI: Freedom Writers has been used in several Deering HS Reconnecting Youth classes and it always reveals amazing reactions from the RY students.)
Watch the CNN Video / Read more about Connie...
Wanted: Youth Work Principles in Schools
By Karen Pittman (Forum for Youth Investment), Youth Today 
"Seven students recently joined me for breakfast in a windowless conference room in Des Moines to talk about 'the high school dropout crisis.'  They were experts: Five had dropped out. Another had come very close...My goal was to get them to talk about "the problem" in their own words...from that conversation, is the youths' expanded list of the "Rs" for Education. Read on...
"Not in My House"
"Not in My House"
"The Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) has joined with the Abbott pharmaceutical firm to sponsor a new campaign against teen prescription-drug misuse.  The "Not in My House" campaign aims to educate parents on how to limit teen access to prescription medications that are ripe for abuse. PDFA and Abbott cited studies showing that more than half of teens who reported abusing prescription medications said they got the drugs at home, from a parent or relative, or from a friend."

Click Here to View the Campaign

Click Here FMI About the "Not in My House" Campaign

An overview of the issue

"Does your 'don't do drugs' talk include the ones in the medicine cabinet? Gary and Jordan Neal, a family who lost a son to teen prescription drug abuse, nationally-renown addiction specialist Dr. Kathleen Brady, noted teen psychologist Dr. Anthony Wolf and founding member of Partnership for a Drug-Free America Tom Hedrick explain the many facets of this problem and what parents can do to help protect their children."
Click Here to View the Video: Insights from Those in the Know
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