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Top Holiday 2011 Photos
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Issue #7                            December 2011
EA Bear Building Station
Dear Plan-It Interactive Supporters,

Thank you all for helping us help you make this Holiday Season "most wonderful time of the year". This season's events were a great success. Games, trains, inflatables, Zip Lines, Bear-Building Stations, A/V equipment and MORE were sent to events all over the west coast with great success.

Below are some of our favorite pictures from this year's holiday events!
Top Holiday 2011 Event Photos
The "Crazy Cottage" Bounce House
Tivo Bounce House
Fun with Green Screens
EA 2012 Green Screen
Indoor snow sledding!
Sledding at Facebook
Holiday Arcade
Pinball Machines
Santa's Bear-Building "Workshop"
EA 2012 Entrance
Indoor Zip Lining!

Zip Line - Indoor

The Holiday Trackless Train w/ Backdrop 

EA 2012 Train

Indoor Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

Facebook Ice Rink 

New In 2012...
Introducing the first new games of 2012! Though there are many more on the way, here are our two first additions to the Plan-It Interactive Inventory this year: Sonic the Hedgehog Basketball and the Strawberry Bounce House.  
Sonic Basketball GameStrawberry Bounce House (white)



More information about these games can be found on our website: 

Thank you again for your support! We look forward to hearing from you.

Plan-It Interactive

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