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April 2, 2012


As we complete the first quarter of 2012, some security threats and trends are gaining ground. It's pretty easy to remember these trends - just remember two thoughts - 1. Social Media 2. Mobile Devices. 


It's incredible how much information (personal and business) is contained in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Multiple sources report that most attacks and threats will come from targeted attacks gained by knowledge coming from these types of sites. Are you doing everything you can in your credit union to control Facebook, Twitter, and how these sites are accessed and used? 

What about mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. They're everywhere now, including the office. I bet your Board of Directors even use them during your board meetings. Many do! Are you securing the data on these devices? Or, do they have rogue access throughout your environment? 


So, the million dollar question is, are you doing enough? Do you have (and enforce) content filtering policies? Do you restrict who has access to social media and use of mobile devices in your credit union? Have you had a recent vulnerability assessment or penetration test? Has your firewall been updated to protect you from this year's threats? 


Friends, it's scary out there. If you're not scared, you're not educated. For some great reading, look at sites like NetworkWorld  and Help Net Security


Btech's managed services and skilled consulting can help guide you through these scary times. Please call on me anytime to discuss your needs or to learn more about how Btech may be able to help your credit union, like we've been able to help some of our existing credit union clients

Stay safe!




Lee Bird


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