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October 11, 2011


I have a few important questions for you:


Do you know how many intrusion attempts were made against your credit union last night? 


Do you know how much time your employees spent surfing the web or on Facebook? 


How many virus attacks came into your network hidden in an email? 


Chances are, you don't have any way of answering these important questions. That's OK, I can help. 

Btech's managed firewall service will effectively secure your network and provide you with detailed reporting that can answer those questions, and more, with service fees starting at just $295.00 per month. 

Do you want to see what is happening with your network security? Give the Btech managed firewall service a try, and if after 30-days you aren't satisfied, we will cancel the service. No fees...just a good old-fashioned test drive. I'm confident that you will be as satisfied with our service as
some of our other clients.

This offer is only available to new credit union clients from now until 12/31/11. 

Please call me so that we can discuss how the Btech managed firewall service can help you. 




Lee Bird



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