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September 9, 2011

Here's a "feel good" story for your Friday morning - because nothing beats a feel good story at the end of the work week. And no, my "feel good" story is not that this is the first weekend of NFL football!


Yesterday, I attended a SCCUA meeting, and came home feeling VERY positive about the credit union industry. The SCCUA (Southern California Credit Union Alliance) is a group of credit unions and business partners that meet on a quarterly basis to help one another out, discuss business issues, and have FUN! Yes, I said have FUN - like a great 5 minute video on the CU Olympics, complete with an egg toss and pie eating contest!


I have worked with credit unions for 22 years now, and what I like most about this industry is the willingness that we all have to work together. Isn't life easier when we help each other out? I sure think it is. For more information on the SCCUA and the great work that they are doing, visit their website HERE


At Btech, we have sponsored quarterly Technology Group Meetings for credit unions where CU executives have had a chance to learn about the IT threats and challenges, in a "not too technical" environment. Watch for an announcement soon as we get that program back on track with FREE monthly webinars. (I need to help also!). 


Enjoy your day, smile, and take pride in your industry. Credit Unions are special!

Contact Lee Bird at [email protected], or 626-397-1045 if you need help with any of your IT related needs. 


Lee Bird


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