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August 29, 2011

Since 2001, Btech has provided credit unions with secure, off-site data backups using EVault software technology. Why have we been a partner with EVault for 10 years? Because, it works! 


I was also reminded of another reason last week. While assisting a client with their 2011 CA DFI IT SYSTEMS SURVEY, I noticed that the DFI now uses the term "E-vaulting" to describe an electronic, off-site data backup service. No kidding - see for yourself HERE


Like Kleenex, Xerox, Rollerblade, Band-Aid's, and many other brand names, "E-vaulting" has become the common name for the technology made famous by EVault and used by hundreds of credit unions. I even did some research on this phenomenon and discovered it's called "Genericized trademark". 


So, the next time that you have an IT audit and are asked what "E-vaulting" service you are using for your data backups, wouldn't it be easier to just say - EVault!


If you haven't looked at EVault in awhile, give me a call today. The technology has evolved and the pricing has become much more competitive. If you're still using unreliable tapes for your backups, I'm sure we can make EVault work for you.  

Contact Lee Bird at [email protected], or 626-397-1045 to review your backup and recovery needs - or click on the link to the left to signup for a FREE 30 day trial of EVault. 


Lee Bird


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