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August 1, 2011

On July 12th at the VMware Cloud Infrastructure conference in San Francisco, VMware CEO Paul Maritz unveiled the release of vSphere version 5.0 to the general public. In parallel to the announcement of vSphere v5.0 comes the news that VMware will be consolidating the vSphere product line, and will no longer offer an Advanced edition of the product. After August 22nd, vSphere will only be available in Standard, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus edition.

The Good News
Customers with vSphere Advanced will automatically be upgraded by VMware to the Enterprise edition of vSphere v5.0 upon the GA release in Q3 2011. The vSphere Enterprise edition will provide additional features and benefits beyond what is included in the Advanced edition.


The Opportunity
If your company is running vSphere Standard today, you have an excellent opportunity to leverage the upgrade path VMware recently announced. By upgrading from vSphere Standard to Advanced before August 12, 2011 your company will qualify for the free upgrade VMware is providing to Enterprise v5.0.

Upgrading from vSphere Standard to Advanced is a strategic investment that will position your organization to receive the free VMWare upgrade to vSphere Enterprise v5.0. This upgrade will provide vSphere v5.0 Enterprise edition at an extremely discounted rate. In addition, vSphere v5.0 Enterprise edition will provide your team with a more robust toolset to better service and support your business infrastructure.

Our team is ready to work with you and identify your next steps to ensure you qualify for the vSphere v5.0 Enterprise upgrade from VMware in Q3 2011.

Contact Lee Bird at [email protected], or 626-397-1045 to schedule an appointment to review your upgrade path. Our team will work diligently to identify the appropriate steps to ensure your business is positioned to receive the free vSphere Enterprise v5.0 upgrade from VMware. 


Lee Bird


[email protected]


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