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June 29, 2011

Do you know what virtualization is? I guess the more important question is, do you have a virtualization strategy? 

You know Btech for our great managed services, but did you know that we also help credit unions with VMware virtualization projects? 

At Btech, we have worked hard the last four years to become a VMware Enterprise Partner and to help credit unions implement VMware virtualization strategies to help reduce costs associated with server hardware, power, and cooling. 

Have you thought about virtualizing your network environment? Would you like to run more servers on less hardware? Are you planning on upgrading your workstations to Windows 7, but don't have the budget or time? If so, please contact me anytime to see if Btech might be able to assist you with your projects. 

To help you determine if virtualization would benefit your credit union, Btech is offering for a limited time a free VMware Capacity Planner Assessment service. This service which is normally $1,195, will help you determine what benefits and projected cost savings you would achieve from a VMware virtualization solution. 

Please call or email me anytime if
 I can answer any questions about virtualization or if you would like to sign-up for our free VMware Capacity Planner Assessment service.



Lee Bird


[email protected]


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