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June 21, 2011

I saw this STORY and my jaw dropped. In a way, I felt sad for Dropbox. Can you believe that a company as large and well respected as Dropbox allowed access to data without passwords for 4 hours? 

The story did help remind me though about how vulnerable our data can be when it is in the cloud. It also helped to remind me how proud I am to work with a company like EVault. 

Btech has used EVault for off-site, encrypted data backups for our CU clients for almost 9 years now. EVault is SAS-70 certified, and has never had a data breach or lost any data. I've had clients say that EVault is expensive - maybe when compared to free services like Dropbox - but what is the price for confidence that your data is secure? 

If you are unfamiliar with EVault, visit their website HERE to learn how their services can help your credit union. Then, give me a call to discuss how we can help implement an EVault solution to help secure your data. (I do understand that Dropbox and EVault services are different, but they both store data in the cloud). 
It's been a frightful year so far with numerous breaches and vulnerabilities. If you aren't following us on Twitter or Facebook, use the links below to follow us for updates on all of the latest threats. 

Good luck to Dropbox. I hope this error doesn't end up putting them out of business. I'm sure going to think twice before using them again. 


Lee Bird


[email protected]


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