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September 10, 2009
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Lee Bird President

Did you ever go to summer school when you were a kid? I did in 9th grade to learn how to type. (It didn't really work, I don't type well). Well, all of us at Btech went to summer school this year. Yeah, can you believe it? At first I thought that I was in trouble and was sent back to school for detention!
Actually, what happened over the summer, was that all of us here at Btech got excited about learning and getting some new certifications and authorizations. We got so into it that combined, we took over 50 classes and tests! In all we ended up with 6 new certifications. Pretty cool, huh!

I've been in the IT industry since 1986, and things have never been advancing so fast as they are right now. Take for instance virtualization. "Virtual-what?" you ask. VMware virtualization is a technology that I predict will be in almost every datacenter within two years. And you know what, Btech is trained, certified, and ready to help you learn more about VMware!

Thanks for reading. As always, call me anytime at 626- 397-1045 if I can be of any assistance.


As I mentioned above, VMware is one of the hottest companies out there, and virtualization is changing the way that data centers work.

Virtualization is the ability to run multiple servers on one piece of hardware. Gone are the days of "one server, one application" environments. In addition, VMware products virtualize the desktop, and other aspects of the network including switches and storage.

If you want to learn more about VMware and virtualization, let me know. I would love the opportunity to discuss this incredible technology with you, and to discover how it may work in your business.

Btech is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) whose services are designed specifically to meet the ever-demanding needs of financial institutions including credit unions, banks, and trusts. Btech will work closely with you to implement strategic solutions to protect your financial institution and to meet regulatory requirements. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.


Lee Bird

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