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Winter 2007
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 Easier Market Analysis
 MapBridge links mapping and demographics

MapBridge MapBridge® makes it easier than ever for you to perform demographic analysis and market analysis... that will help you better understand where to target your products and services... select the best sites... and deploy sales and marketing resources more effectively.

Visit the new MapBridge Web site for information on MapBridge for MapPoint and MapBridge for ArcGIS:


 Tips on Lists
 For direct marketing and analysis

Many of you use lists for direct marketing or analytical purpose. Here's a dirty secret about lists: none of them are 100% accurate; none of them are 95% accurate.

It's the nature of lists: how they are sourced and compiled. And how quickly they can age. But you can achieve success using lists. How? Work with Mapping Analytics. We've been identifying appropriate lists for clients for 15 years, and we know what works and what doesn't.

Another benefit to you is that we're list agnostic. That means we will find the optimal list for your needs, from the right source, that will perform the best for you.

You can count on Mapping Analytics to find any list for you at a fair price -- and provide advice about how to best use it:
  • Consumer or business lists
  • Basic demographics (age, sex, income, etc.)
  • Highly specialized or unusual selects (teachers, lightning strikes)
  • Psycho-demographics
  • Any other target audience you want to reach or analyze
We are partners with many list companies including D&B, Axciom, Equifax, Experian, InfoUSA, MarketModels. Here's a few examples of specialized lists we've found for some of our clients:
  • Interior design consultants
  • Licensed pilots
  • People who are interesting in beading
  • School teachers
Need help with lists? Call us toll free (877) 893- 6490 or visit our data page.


 Key Product Updates
 SRC Alteryx and Geonetx enhanced

SRC Mapping Analytics partner SRC has launched updates to two of its key business analytical tools.

Alteryx v2.5 is a visual toolbox for processing, organizing and transforming data from one or more databases. It includes a built-in geocoder for adding spatial capabilities to data.

Alteryx can save analysts hours of data preparation time, and new tools in v2.5 make the interface and processing functions more useful than ever.

Recently a manufacturer used Alteryx to analyze at the individual SKU level all of the locations where its products were sold, and applied the intelligence gained to forecast revenue and control inventory operations.

Geonetx is a network optimization tool. It is ideal for any organization with many retail locations. Geonetx will now automatically calculate how the addition of a new location in the network will effect all other locations in terms of cannibalization. It also will project a re-distribution of demand to remaining locations if one or more locations are removed from the network.

Geonetx includes a new drivetime engine called Guzzler, which will calculate drive distance (3 miles) as well as drive time (3 minutes). Geonetx outputs TAB files for use in MapInfo or Shape files for use in ArcGIS.

Speak to one of our product specialists at (877) 893-6490.


 5 Steps to Site Selection
 Proven approach delivers excellent results

Target Marketing The complex process of selecting new sites is both an art and a science. Mapping Analytics has both skills in ample supply to help you make smart site decisions.

Our approach to site selection includes plenty of statistical modeling and analysis, but also an intuitive sense based on years of experience of what factors and data should go into a site selection model.

Every business is different. Driving distance may be a key variable in determining patronage for one type of business. For another company, locating in certain demographic neighborhoods may be a more critical variable. In most cases, site selection models must account for a number of variables, each weighted differently.

How do we know our process works? Recently we built a site selection model for a regional bank and tested it on existing branch locations. The model projected revenues very close to actual revenues for those branches, proving its accuracy.

Visit our Web site to discover the 5 Steps to Successful Site Selection.


 New White Papers
 Sales Territory Alignment & Bank Marketing

Mapping Analytics White Papers "Three Steps to More Productive Sales Territories" outlines a valuable process for significantly improving the performance of your sales territories. It contains practical advice written in plain English. And it will help you make a more informed choice about your sales territory alignment options.
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"Insights into Bank Customer Acquisition and Loyalty Marketing" offers marketing executives charged with spurring growth and profitability new marketing strategies that lock in customer loyalty and gain new financial services customers.  
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