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Fall 2006
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 Focus on Data
 The fuel that drives decisions

data Data is the fuel that powers mapping software engines and drives analysis and smart business decisions. Without the right data, you may not get very far.

Mapping Analytics is your trusted source for many types of data: demographics, postal data, specialty industry data and more. The right data used the right way help you gain insight and improve decision-making and business results for your organization.

Visit our data page to discover the three reasons why Mapping Analytics should be your source for data needs, and the wide variety of data we offer.

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 The Latest on Trade Area Analysis
 It's not just ring studies anymore

trade area analysis map Sophisticated trade area analysis is much more than just mapping the locations of customers, stores and competitors.

It's about understanding customer behavior, finding opportunities in untapped or under-served markets, and assessing the impact that the opening or closing of stores (yours or competitors) will have within a geographical area.

Read the full article to:
? Discover the best tools for trade area analysis
? Understand the 4 steps in the trade area analysis process
? View trade area analysis maps

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 New Brief on Sales Territory Alignment
 "Three Steps to More Productive Sales Territories"

Sales Territory Executive Brief Some companies attempt territory management with spreadsheets. Others try basic mapping tools. And others just don't have the time.

Mapping Analytics has a better way. We employ a proven, straightforward process for sales territory alignment and optimization. We've been using it for 15 years with demonstrated success. And we'll show you how it works -- so you can optimize sales revenue from your territories.

"Three Steps to More Sales Productive Territories" outlines a valuable process for significantly improving the performance of your territories.

Read "Three Steps to More Productive Sales Territories" 

 MapInfo Professional v8.5 Keeps Getting Better
 Web services capabilities allows users to get at more information

MapInfo Professional v8.5 Customers have a clear voice in the product direction of MapInfo Professional, with new features being driven by user requests.

MapInfo Professional v8.5 offers Web services capabilities that offer users expanded functionality at lower cost. For instance, the Web services can be accessed to geocode records using MapMarker or create drive-time polygons.

A recent review of MapInfo Professional in Directions Magazine states the Web services, "can be accessed via the Internet on a subscription basis, which expands the value of MapInfo Professional with minimal internal resources and without the need for additional capital investment."

Many other exciting features improve the appearance of maps, provide greater analytical capability, and simplify and speed up analysis -- making MapInfo Professional v8.5 a must-have upgrade.

Call our product specialists at (877) 893- 6490 to get your upgrade today.

Read the full review of MapInfo Professional 

 Bank Marketing News
 New predictive segmentation system

Empirics If you're responsible for bank or financial services marketing, you'll want to know about the Empirics predictive segmentation system.

Empirics rates neighborhoods by their households’ likelihood of buying specific financial products. For example, for any neighborhood in the U.S., you can determine the number of households 'Most Likely' to invest in money market accounts — meaning 1 in 4 households is likely to purchase.

It’s easy to discover who these people are and where they live. The same holds true for people most likely to buy CDs, annuities, mutual funds, and more than a dozen other financial products.

Discover Empirics, including a sample neighborhood chart and map 

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