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December 2010                                                                                                      Newsletter no. 3

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Project Update
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Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow, Idaho
North Coast Co-op, Arcata, California
Project Update 
Steve Alves, Producer/Director, Hometown Productions
Franklin Community Co-op
member since 1993
Greenfield, Massachusetts

Since our last newsletter, seven more co-ops have invested in Food For Change and two previous co-op contributors have increased their investments. It's inspiring to see co-ops follow the 5th and 6th co-op cooperative principles and join in this national educational effort. 


Financial backing for this film about the history of the cooperative movement in the U.S. and current efforts to develop regional food systems, comes from 23 food co-ops in 13 states, totaling $58,000. $152,000 is still needed to complete the film and $125,000 for distribution. Going by our funding plan, we will need fifty-four co-ops to invest in this project. This represents 20 percent of the food co-ops in the United States. Join with the others and INVEST in Food For Change .

            View Clips from Food For Change
Two new clips from the film are included in this newsletter. Both focus on the growth of food co-ops in the 1970s-1980s. 
Clip #1 is about the social and political backdrop of that era that made the cooperative model appealing to many young adults. Clip #2 is about the internal challenges of participating in cooperative decision-making.
All publicly released clips are available on our website.                                         
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SpurlingProfile of Contributing Co-op

Carol Price Spurling, Outreach and Membership Coordinator

Moscow Food Co-op 

Moscow, Idaho 


We are investing in Food For Change because it is the documentary we've been waiting for ever since we launched our monthly Good Food Film Series almost two years ago. At our Co-op, we have seen first-hand the power of film to educate, motivate and inspire.
Films like Fresh, Dirt!, My Father's Garden, and What's On Your Plate? create palpable energy in theatre audiences. After seeing the trailer for Food for Change,

I know that the film will be a great experience for our community, helping us understand our Co-op's place in the world and reinforcing our members' loyalty and sense of connection to the cooperative movement.


The Moscow Food Co-op has over 6000 members and generates over $7 million in sales annually from our 15,000 sq. ft. store in downtown Moscow. We have not had much sales growth recently due to the bad economy but great management teamwork resulted in a small profit last year, some of which we have invested in several new outreach programs and increasing our community contributions in 2010. But, that doesn't mean we can promise a flat $4000 to Food For Change, as much as I'd like to. A new Super Wal-Mart opened nearby a couple months ago, and we're having a very bad winter so far, and we need to be super cautious while we see how all that plays out!

So we came up with an alternative investment plan.

We give away about $1000 each month to local non-profits. About $500 of that goes to all those local non-profit organizations that need a little something for their fundraising breakfasts and silent auctions and so on. By being more careful with this "discretionary" charitable giving, we can send $100 each month to Food For Change. In months when requests are slower, we can even send a little more.

Each month when I submit the check request to our finance office for Food For Change I get a little thrill thinking of the day when we'll finally be able to see the finished film on the big screen of the Kenworthy Theatre in downtown Moscow. I'm already imagining the menu our kitchen can create for the special gala buffet.... So I hope you'll join us in supporting Food For Change! Thanks!

David Lippman Head Profile of Contributing Co-op  

David Lippman, General Manager

North Coast Co-op, Inc.

Arcata, California


It's important to understand the values of co-ops that preceded us. That's why we're investing in this movie. We are a direct offspring of the so-called "old wave" of the 1970s, whose story this movie tells. In our early years, we received tremendous help and support from Associated Cooperatives, who understood that our new, natural foods co-op was a kindred spirit. They supported us, nurtured us, and helped us to succeed. Food For Change honors their legacy and the continuum of cooperative principles which has driven cooperative movements through the last two centuries.


But Food For Change is not just about our past, it's also about our future and the great things that are going on today, across the country, to create vibrant health-giving economies based on the development of regional food systems. Like many other co-ops, our stores are committed to increasing the options for local, healthy food that demonstrates environmental responsibility and good value to our members.   

One powerful idea that Food For Change conveys to the public is that people can be owners of the business they choose to shop at. Our two stores are locally-grown and member-owned with 12,000 members, a high percentage of who believes in the cooperative spirit.


Back in 1973 some of our ideas about food were a bit radical. Today they're practiced in one way or another by every other "natural" food store. To differentiate ourselves, we need to tell our cooperative approach and continue in our work.

Information & Stories to Share?

In addition to giving an historical perspective, Food For Change also focuses on present day food co-ops and the efforts to create regional food systems. We are currently scouting out material about food co-ops in different parts of the country for this section. Please let us know if you have information to share. We are also always looking for films, photos, and stories for the historical parts of the film.  
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