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"Food, Glorious Food!"
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-- Movie Project Update --
April 22, 2010

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Food For Change in Local News

Sunday (4/18) filmmaker Steve Alves was a guest speaker at the Historic Unitarian Meetinghouse's "Food, Glorious Food!" event and art exhibtion in Bernardston, Massachusetts.

Themed towards local food production and distribution systems, after a lecture on the multiple benefits of sprouts (even lowering your chances of prostate cancer!), Steve's band, The Falltown String Band, entertained the crowd while they munched on local burritos supplied by the People's Pint.

After everyone finished their lunch, they headed upstairs to watch excerpts from Steve's work-in-progress documentary, Food For Change. Interspersed with short introductions and informative lectures, the film received very positive remarks, and everybody in attendance was impressed at the scope and power of the narrative. Steve spoke eloquently and efficiently, discussing how the essential nature of his project is present, but the film still needs to be fully realized. "Right now the goal is to raise the funds needed to complete the film. Once that's done, we can get back to the task of finishing the film and getting it out to the groups and organizations that will want to use it."

The film presentation and lecture ran for an hour and thirty minutes, and ended on a positive note when an audience member made a cash contribution to the project. In attendance was Loren Saito, from the Marketing Team of the River Valley Market in Northampton, Massachusetts, who brought her two sons. She told Steve later that her older boy, age 10, was particularly enthralled by the historical sections of the film.

We look forward to future events like this that bring energy and creativity to communities across the country!
Words to our Supporters


As the snow finally melts away, and Spring blooms yet again, it is time to reflect on new beginnings and fresh undertakings. As this is Food For Change's first newsletter, we wish to thank everyone for their contributions and acknowledge their cooperation. Without your support this film would not have reached this stage. We hope to speak with many more co-op leaders in the near future- to tell them about our plans to tell the epic story of the role that co-ops have played and continue to play in our society.

We have a long way to go, but every contribution is one step closer to our goal - presenting the untold story of our shared cooperative history. Please join our effort. Donations can be made online or by mail.


Jeremy Goldsher
Associate Producer/Student Intern


23 Unity Street, P.O. Box 229 Turners Falls, MA01376

[email protected] (413) 834-3109 WWW.FOODFORCHANGEMOVIE.COM

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