Lately I've been thinking a lot about identity and how anyone decides to choose it (or unknowingly lose it). While you might think I'm referring to credit fraud, I'm really talking about something even more personal -- our true character, our distinctiveness.


Usually this kind of topic is left to brand managers of big organizations, but as individuals we ought to consider this issue just the same. Does the way I spend my time honestly reflect my priorities? Do the fashions I wear even closely resemble my values? Do the items in my home do anything to elevate the people who live inside? So often, we consume and regurgitate the latest fads without examining whether those things accurately represent who we are or even who we want to be. 


For me, the line in the sand was drawn a long time ago: less sparkle, more substance. Thankfully, there's plenty of room on this side of the beach for others to join. Hope to see you soon.




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Susie Frazier on old growth logs
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With offices in London, Hong Kong, Dubai and Cleveland, GPI Design works with clients 

around the world to develop custom illuminated features for commercial spaces. 

Through their blog this week, they highlighted the work and process of Susie Frazier, 

"A Cleveland artist who engaged in sustainability even before it was cool." Susie discusses 

her early influences and her perspective on vernacular design. Read the full story here

      Online Store: New Look, New Products
weathered wood crates 
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Soft Goods Born From Hard Things

Pillow with driftwood tips image
Bring a little bit of earth into your home or office when you decorate with nature's 
patterns. Frazier's signature pillow features a digital photograph of an original piece 
of fine art made out of driftwood. The image was printed directly onto smooth 100% 
organic sateen cotton. Faux down pillow insert protects against allergies. Spot clean. 

Earthminded Style Tip:


Vertical garden or hanging planter



Don't have much space to grow your 
favorite plants? Try building a vertical 
garden like this one, designed by Susie 
Frazier. Using salvaged wood, threaded 
rods and bolts, and a handful of mason 
jars, you can construct a simple hanging 
planter to add a lot of green to your 
1). First cut six equal sized squares of 
wood. Jig or punch out large holes in the 
center in which your mason jars can rest. 
NOTE: You'll need to find jars that are 
wider at the top than in the middle. 
2). Next drill 
two other holes on either 
side through which your threaded rod can 


3). Feed the rods (with washers and bolts) 
through each of the wood pieces, making 
sure to twist the bolts to the desired 
NOTE: If you place the rod inside a cordless 
drill where the bit normall goes and hold 
the bolt with your fingers, you can then pull 
the trigger on your drill to fasten the bolt
more quickly than doing it by hand.
4). Line each jar with small rocks to give 
the roots enough space to breathe in lieu 
of drainage holes. 
5). Position the plants inside the jars, with 
the metal lid rim fastened on top, and 
rest them into place on each wood panel.
6). Then attach metal cables from the top 
shelf to eye hooks in your ceiling, so the 
planter can be hung at just the desired 
See this project in person at the 
SUSIE FRAZIER showroom! Open every 
Third Friday of the month (including 
tonight 6/15) from 5 - 9 pm. 

For more earthminded style tips, click here .