To some, going green simply means bringing canvas bags to the grocery store. To trendsetters in the sustainability movement it's an ongoing commitment to education, so the rest of us learn to make smart choices on lots of levels.    


One such leader is the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where Doty & Miller Architects, in partnership with the museum's Green City Blue Lake Institute , erected a two-story house that's engineered as an entirely passive structure. In the PNC Smart Home, there's no furnace, lots of sustainable amenities, and live volunteers to explain all the low impact systems and materials any of us can choose for our own homes today.


It is a true honor for me to have eight pieces of environmental art and furniture featured inside this important exhibit. Equally thrilling is to witness planners and architects prioritizing the "softer side of green."  


Scientists and engineers have ensured our long-awaited arrival into the Age of the Environment. But it's the livable furnishings and soulful fine art of this era that will persuade us to stay.  



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palm paddles and encaustic on wood  

 PNC SmartHome Features Work By Susie Frazier   

New works by Susie Frazier, along with 13 other artists working in sustainable mediums, are featured at the
Cleveland Museum of Natural History's new exhibit, the PNC SmartHome. On view as you enter the property
are three of Frazier's Meditation Tables and a large 26" x 80" x 2.75" meadow grass and encaustic piece, titled
"Meander." Also on view are three assemblage and encaustic pieces placed in the stairwell to the second floor,
plus a root swag light in the master bedroom. All furnishings and fine art will be available for purchase during
the museum's SmartSale taking place on October 9th from noon to 4 pm. Save the date!



Meditation Tables by Susie Frazier   palm paddles, driftwood and wood scraps   swag light made out of tree root 




 WCPN 90.3 FM Spotlights SmartHome Curator and Artists  

Susie Frazier on WCPN 90.3 fm radio
Local NPR program "Around Noon," enthusiastically opens the doors of the new
SmartHome on
the grounds of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to focus
on the sus
tainable art inside. Hear curator, Christy Gray of the Red Dot Project,
explain her method for
selecting the work and some background from artist Rosalyn
Gaier. About six minutes into the program, you can listen to Susie Frazier share
details about her work
and insights into the broader environmental art movement.





Growth of THIRD FRIDAYS Detailed on Public Television

WVIZ Goes In Depth With the Owner and Tenants of the 78th Street Studios

If you're hearing the buzz about Cleveland's largest fine art complex and you're still not sure what to expect,
check out this recent episode of the Emmy award-winning program, Applause.  Straight out of the mouths
of visitors, gallery owners, and artists, you'll learn why people are flocking to THIRD FRIDAYS. In this segment
you'll also
discover the interesting background of Bill Scheele of Kokoon Arts Gallery and the process behind
the work of Susie Frazier, both tenants in the building. 


Susie Frazier on WVIZ PBS Television

Earthminded Design Tip:

Being resourceful means you don't have to look very far to uncover some useful raw materials. Garages, storage  

sheds, and back yards can sometimes be fruitful places to unearth some inspiration. Behind her own property, Frazier  

found a weathered 1" x 6" wooden board and old leather straps used to reinforce a decomposing hitching post. After  

cutting and sanding the lumber into equal sized pieces, she drilled holes at the tops to thread natural twine. The leather  

was given a new life as the trim around thirteen mounted photographs, creating a primitive but sophisticated method  

of telling her family's story.  



Wood Block Frames Wood Block Frame   


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