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David GibsonDear Colleague:

simSchool launched a major upgrade on Friday, September 16 and I thought you might be interested in more details about this work, my research and simSchool's new capabilities. The research, development and outreach is being supported by the EDUCAUSE "Next Generation Learning Challenges" program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others. 

What I've been up to with simSchool
  1. simSchool is a "flight simulator for teachers" that uses a game-like context to develop teaching skills. See

  3. Individuals can use it for free, but our main focues has been on inviting higher education institutions to take a look, and use this "How-to-Join" file that is available on our simPartners page if they are interested in the research and development effort. 

  5. We released new tools recently that support the idea that professors of education might have one or more COURSES in which they would like to use MODULES that utilize SIMS (simulated classroom set-ups with a teaching challenge).  Students get access to the courses, modules, and sims when you give them a course code.  

  7. People have been setting up free Webinars to help introduce the simSchool tools, concepts and practices. These sessions go over the following areas: 
  • My Profile, to help create a global community of researchers and users
  • My Sims, to organize your custom students, tasks, sims & modules 
  • My Courses, to organize groups of students for delivery of sims & modules
  • Library, to facilitate sharing of all the above
  • simCreator, a toolkit for constructing students, tasks, sims & modules  
Please share this newsletter with anyone you know, so they can check it out, register and take advantage of the unique opportunity made possible by the generous support of  EDUCAUSE and the Next Generation Learning Challenge grant program.

David Gibson