Winter 2012

Issue #5 

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Winter has officially engulfed the northeast and it won't be long before the snow comes. It's been almost a year since the Snowpocalypseof 2011, and while everyone is still trying to forget the headaches that came with the storm it's important that we learn from last year. By the end of January last year Boston had already seen 60 inches of snow, 38 inches that fell in January alone! While we're lucky that the snow has held off thus far, it can't be far away.


In this issue of eNews from CBI you will find tips on how to prepare for a possible repeat of last year's winter challenges.


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Owner & Property Manager's Guide to Dealing with Snow

In New England the first week of January is the traditional start of the snow sports season.  Unfortunately, to the dismay of winter outdoor enthusiasts, this year's season has started off this much less snow as compared to other years.  But, sooner or later, significant snows will arrive in New England this winter and when they do building Owners and Property Managers will quickly recall snow removal operations and the many roof failures last winter brought. The following is a guide for the Owner and Property Manager, which if followed, will...Find out more. 

Clear Your Walks, Protect the Environment

There are a number of materials to put on walkways to melt snow and ice. The old standby is sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as rock salt. It is a highly corrosive material and its effect on concrete sidewalks and the environment makes it the least sustainable choice available; and it's only effective to 15F. The main advantage is that it's cheap.   Calcium chloride is another readily available salt that is less corrosive to concrete but still is harmful to the environment.


There are greener deicers that will not damage walkways or the environment. Green alternatives can... Find out more.


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Winter Construction Tips 


Check the temperature threshold for the materials you are using.


Check the snow load capacity of your roof before the first major storm. 


 Featured Project 


Fenwick Hall

Commencement Porch

College of the Holy Cross

Worcester, MA 

Following a peer review, CBI was engaged to provide design services for the structural and waterproofing renovations to be performed on the porch.  The project scope included...Find out more.





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