Summer 2011

Issue #3

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With summer in full swing so is construction season.  While the snow may be done delaying construction work, during these hot months, contractors need to know how hot temperatures, humidity, and the blazing sun is going  to effect their work.   And just when building managers are done worrying about the snow load capacity of their roofs, they are now faced with keeping the interiors of their buildings cool without running up the electricity bill.  In this issue of eNews from CBI we are focusing on the summer months and its effects on the architecture/engineering/construction industry. 


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Michael S. Teller, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

Wayne R. Lawson, PE, SECB

Craig E. Barnes, PE, SECB

& all the Architects, Engineers, and staff at CBI 


 Hot Weather Masonry  

 Summer is upon us and thoughts have turned to sunny days at the beach, driving around with the windows down, vacations, and the 4th of July.  The

summer also brings heat, humidity, and unexpected thunderstorms.   

By June/July the construction season is in full swing.  As building owners rush to get their projects completed before fall, unanticipated New England weather can really impact the construction schedule.  During this time of year, most contractors don't concern themselves with weather because, generally, the temperature is ideal for construction.  That being said, contractors, and especially masons and waterproofers, need to... Find out more. 


Pervious Paving

Pervious concrete is a good "paving" choice for parking lots, especially during the summer months.  The textured surface created by the aggregate produces less glare from standing water, better traction for vehicles (less potential for hydroplaning), less ponding, and less spray.  Pervious concrete also reduces heat island effects allowing the concrete to cool down after the sun goes down on hot summer nights..
Pervious paving is the combination of design/material/installation technique that creates a paved surface which allows for the natural... Find out more.

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Simply Green 


Reduce solar heating by planting trees near your building.  Deciduous shade trees will keep your space cool in the summer while allowing warm sun in during the winter months.


 Featured Project 

STEM Middle Academy 

STEM Middle Academy 

CBI provided fast track design services associated with modifications to the existing Meline Kasparian Professional Development Center to accommodate the new STEM Middle Academy in Springfield.  During the first phase of work in...Find out more.




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