Kim Foard, CPA

Building Dynamic Relationships
"A Move Up, Downtown"
New OfficeNew Beginning
A seasoned carpenter once shared his secret to success.  He said, "You must begin; and, begin again!"
In keeping with his good advice, I have moved my office downtown, to the First Interstate Center, Suite 813.  After twenty-two years in Roundup and seven years on the west-end of Billings, the move is apropos for a celebration acknowledging thirty years of service to agricultural producers and business entrepreneurs.
One benefit of this new location is access to a fiber optic network, with substantially higher Internet connection speeds.  Increasingly, quality accounting service and effective coaching support are provided by making the best use of leading-edge technology.
Although the physical location is different, everything else remains the same.  While the new environment can be inspirational, the relationship we have built through the years is priceless!

Please, click on either of the following, two, hyperlinks for access to a sneak peek of this new office in the clouds: Photos or Slideshow.

As we continue to build in this year of 2010, let's keep our Coattails free and consider using a 2 x 10 for structural strength: If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me!  Ten little words, two letters apiece: a solid plank in successful lives.
My best to you, in all of your projects!
Mr. Kim Foard
Kim Foard, CPA & Company