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Meet JEWEL and her 8 puppies! 

Jewel had them in a barn, then moved each of them the very next day, to an old well-house, when Animal Angels was called for help.  We brought all of them out to the Sanctuary, where Beth and her kids took great care of them for four weeks until a foster home could be arranged.  All of these pups survived their uncertain start in life, and will be adopted out once they are ready, along with Jewel, who is a very sweet young dog.

As if having one mama and puppies wasn't enough we also got called upon to help another mom named Trixie and her four puppies.  Our recovery area was turned into a nursery for over a month and all worked out well. 

Your generous donations allow Animal Angels to continue to help make a BIG difference in all of these little lives. They probably would not have survived out in the wild, without your help.
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Meet Hudson 


Hudson was found tied to a pole at a truck stop where someone had obviously dumped him.  He was picked up by animal control where they held him and tested him for heartworms.  Hudson tested positive.  So, he found himself at a kill shelter, heartworm positive and un-neutered; and a call was put out for someone to help this boy.  Well the call was answered once again by Animal Angels.  Hudson is now at the Sanctuary where he will be neutered and receive the medical treatment that he needs.  After Hudson recovers from this, he will be available for adoption.  Hudson is a great dog, loves kids, loves other dogs and loves loves loves to cuddle. 


                           Meet Mark



 Mark was abandoned along with Jewel and two other dogs at a large animal sanctuary. Not having the facility or means to take care of all of these babies they called upon Animal Angels for help.  We gladly went out and picked them up.  Mark is a great little guy with a lot of personality.  He is a little over a year old, and the perfect size.  Mark gets along great with everyone he meets.  Mark is just waiting for the right family to come along, that are willing to open there hearts and home to an abandond little hound.  


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful emails and prayers while Carole was under the weather.  She ended up having surgery and 2 ft of her small intestine removed.  It has been a long hard recovery but she is back on her feet and out helping more dogs.  Carole has been doing rescue all of her life and the Sanctuary is coming up on its 20th anniversary.  Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped her fulfill her mission through the years, and help all of us continue the mission of Animal Angels in the future. 


 Animal Angels receives no funding from HSUS or the SPCA or any other public source.  We continue to operate on the generous donations of our supporters and volunteers.  We have no budget for fundraising or administrative costs, so every dollar of every donation goes directly to animal care and rescue.  Animal Angels is the oldest and largest no-kill/no-crate lifetime dog Sanctuary in Texas.


On behalf of each of our  280+ Sanctuary residents, and countless rescued dogs who had no one else to help them, we all thank you for your continued generous support.  We couldn't do what we do, without you!


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