Newsletter from ANIMAL ANGELS
In the Good Ol' Summertime2010
L'il Lulu watching stormclouds on the horizon
lulu and storm clouds
Dear Friends of ANIMAL ANGELS, 
 To all who attended our Annual Fundraiser in May  and/or sent in donations, we thank you once again for your generous support of our mission. It was good to see our old friends and adopters, and great to meet so many new friends. SPECIAL THANKS to HOLLY FORSYTHE for hosting our event again this year, at the fabulous SAMBUCA UPTOWN!
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PO BOX 336
JACKSBORO, Texas 76458
Hello, Dolly!
old dolly 
We rescued this little old cutie, Dolly, whose owner died, and the relatives just didn't want to "fool with her". So, Dolly was dropped at the local pound, and was scheduled to be euthanized.  Carole drove across four counties, to save this senior Cocker-mix.  It was love at first sight when Dolly met our VP/Kennelmaster Pat Person, so she's quite comfortable and content living inside Pat's home here at the Sanctuary. 
 old lucky
Old Lucky's owner developed dementia and was being moved into a care facility, with no place for Lucky to go. Adult Protective Services called ANIMAL ANGELS for help. Lucky had several large sores which had been mis-diagnosed and treated as allergies/skin-rash for years. Our vet diagnosed and treated him for mange, so Lucky is well on his way to recovery, and enjoying his new life at our Sanctuary, with freedom to roam our 38-acres and meet new friends.
Hannah, Scout & Molly goin' for a ride
hanna scout mollie in tank
Khya standing guard on Flagpole Hill
hanna scout mollie in tank
We are so grateful to have the support of many donors, large and small, so we can continue our Mission, of helping those who cannot speak or help themselves.  ANIMAL ANGELS receives no public funding, and operates with volunteers for all administrative and fundraising efforts.
Summer presents challenges to keep our  300+ Sanctuary residents cool and comfortable in the mid-day heat, with access to fans, air conditioners and wading pools. We continue to rescue and provide medical treatments, good food and plenty of water, to those who cross our paths in need of help during this record-breaking hot summer.
We wish everyone a safe Summer!
phone: 940-567-3252
cell: 817-271-1048
                           SADIE the great Corgi, and TERRI her adopted Mom
What we did on our summer vacation!
hanna scout mollie in tank
MALCOLM relaxing/recovering after his shoulder removal
hanna scout mollie in tank
Naptime for Khya and Gypsy Rose Lee
hanna scout mollie in tank
Emergency transport  to wildlife rescue, for "Lil David" a week-old fawn who lost his Mother
Old Dalmation GIRL loves her new pool!
"Girls just wanna have fun!"
hanna scout mollie in tank
We hope you and your favorite pets, and friends and family, have tons of fun this summer!