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Dear Wylie Center Families and Friends,


July is here and we hope you all had a great 4th of July!!! Below are some tips for our parents to help your with your child(ren) relationship. You will also find news about upcoming events and program updates in this email. Enjoy and happy reading!  



Besides the risk of your child being abducted, a car's
interior can heat up to dangerous levels in just a few
minutes on a hot day, which can cause heat stroke.
If your car has been sitting in the sun for an
extended period of time, the air will be stifling and
the seats and seat belts will be extremely hot to the
touch. For babies, an overheated car can pose some
real dangers. Infants can have trouble breathing in
extremely hot temperatures and their delicate skin
can easily burn from the overheated seats or
seat belts.


Child Care Slots Available
kids playingLooking for child care? Call The Wylie Center. Slots are now available for children birth to 5. Possible funding assistance to those who qualify. 

We have two convenient locations in the City of Riverside.

Grant Site (located near 14th and Brockton):
4011 Fourteenth Street, Riverside, CA 92501

Potomac Site (located near Arlington and Magnolia):
7177 Potomac Street, Riverside, CA 92504

To find out more information, call our main office at 951-683-5193.
Summer Safety Tips and More
Most of us are ready for summer so we can get
outside and enjoy the sun and surf or grass.
Introducing your infant or toddler to the highlights of
the summer can be an exciting time of the year.
Unfortunately, there are more ER visits during the
summer than at any other time of the year. The
following are some basic precautions to keep you and
your family safe.
Babies under 6 months:
Avoiding sun exposure and
dressing infants in lightweight long
pants and long-sleeved shirts and
brimmed hats are still the top
recommendations from the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) to prevent sunburn. However, when
adequate clothing and shade are not available,
parents can apply a minimal amount of PABA-free
sunscreen to small areas, such as the infant's face,
back of the hands and the top of their feet.
For Young Children:
Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going
outside, and use sunscreen even on cloudy days.
The SPF should be at least 15. Reapply sunscreen
every 2 hours.
It is advisable for all ages to stay in the shade
whenever possible, and avoid sun exposure during
the peak intensity hours - between 10 am and 4 pm.



COPE Program
Project C.O.P.E. by California State University San Bernardino is here to provide excellent programming to grandmothers raising their grandchildren, and to find out if their trainings  programs improve the lives of custodial grandmothers and the grandchildren they care for. This intervention study is funded by the National Institute of Health and it offers training for grandmothers raising grandchildren (see the brochure and other documents and links at the web-site for additional information). The web-site for the COPE program can be found @http://cope.csusb.edu
This program is now conducting training for several groups of custodial grandmothers in San Bernardino and Riverside and will start other training groups in Palm Desert by the end of the summer. They have recruited over 100 custodial grandmothers interested in the training sessions.  However they would like to recruit additional grandmothers during the next few weeks.
If interested please contact them at (1-855-537-5580). 
Editor's Note
The Wylie Center would like to thank everyone who continues to be a part of our family. We would not be able to serve our families without our supporters. If you would like to help us serve our families and children, you can make a monetary donation on our website by clicking here. Another way to help is by donating to our Food Bank. Contact Jacqueline Blanco to find out how at 951-683-5193 ext. 241.
The Wylie Center

Target Shoppers, Did You Know?
 The Wylie Center is enrolled in Target's Take Charge of EducationŽ Program. The program donates 1% of your purchases at Target and Target.com and 1/2% of Target Visa Credit Card purchases made everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. The funds are unrestricted and can be used for playgrounds, books and more. Please visit Target.com to designate The Wylie Center (Target School ID Number 1297) as recipient of donations from your purchases.
Mental Health Program
We are now accepting many forms of private insurance!! Call us today to find out how your family could receive treatment.

Looking for help for your teen's alcohol or drug problem? We offer weekly substance abuse sessions at The Wylie Center. These group sessions are only $10.00.

Our Capable Girl's Group is now recruiting members. This is a weekly socialization group for adolescent girls who have difficulty making friends. $10.00 a session.

For either of these programs call our main office at 951-683-5193 today to start getting the help you need.
 2012 Golf Outing Logo
The Wylie Center is one of the 2012 Beneficiaries for the Premier Service bank Charitable Golf Outing. Premier Service Bank has been giving back since 2006. 100% of the net proceeds raised will be distributed to the selected no-for-profit beneficiaries.

The Wylie Center is seeking sponsors/golfers for this special event held at the Victoria Club, 2521 Arroyo Drive, Riverside, CA 92506 on October 1, 2012.

For more information and to learn how to become a sponsor, please contact Jacqueline Blanco at 951-826-1728 or by emailing her at jblanco@wyliecenter.org

To view the golf tournament website, click here


Art Class for Children with Autism Returns at the Riverside Art Museum!!
Mild to moderate autistic children will be paired with "typical" students and they will work together to create works of art using watercolor, oil pastel, chalk, clay, and acrylic paint.

Instructor: Beth Yeager | 2-3 p.m. | Ages 7-18

Session 2: Wednesdays, July 25-August 15 OR Thursdays, July 12-August 2

For more information and to sign up, Click Here


My Play Potluck
July 21st, @ 11am

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