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January 2012 
Dear Wylie Families and Friends,

Happy 2012!!!! We look forward to working with all of you this year as we strive to provide programs for you and your families with pride and compassion. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter the first week of each month for any upcoming events, Wylie Center news, and fun activities for you and your children to enjoy. And if there is something you would like us to start including in these newsletters, please feel free to send us an email with any suggestions.
The Wylie Center
Santa at the Wylie Center 
santa 2011
The Wylie Center had a surprise visit from the famous Santa Claus and the lovely Mrs. Claus just before the holidays. It was nice seeing you both and we look forward to seeing you in years to come.
"Siblings of twice-exceptional children"

"It can be difficult for parents to enable siblings of special needs children to understand that parents are not favoring the special needs child, that he or she truly has severe learning issues, yet at the same time letting the NT (neuro-typical - a term often used to denote people who do not have special needs) children know that we empathize with their frustration.


It can seem unfair to a child when parents have different expectations for different children. There are no easy answers. One thing that sometimes helps is for parents to explain that that they expect the same amount of difficulty for each child where difficulty is measured by how difficult something is for the child, not the end result. For example, if one child were on crutches, it might be equally difficult for her to walk 1 block as it is for a child who is not on crutches to walk 1 mile. So, expecting different output (1 block versus 1 mile) is still expecting the same amount of work from each child."


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Copyright Meredith G. Warshaw, 2003.  Thanks to Kim Johnson Oswald for her insightful suggestions.

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Inland Empire Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative
Volunteers Needed
PPD motherWe need volunteers who may be interested in working on our Stroll-A-Thon scheduled for Wednesday, May 9th to raise awareness regarding the needs to better assess and treat women with maternal mental health problems.  We are in particular need of an attorney, an accountant, an MD, a dancer, law enforcement officials from either or both Riverside and San Bernardino County, and a graphic artist on our collaborative.
Fathers Needed

We are also looking to put together a focus group of men with children between the ages of birth to 5 who may be willing to speak with us about how to better reach out to men through advertisement to encourage their wives and/or girlfriends to come in for treatment and to know the signs of maternal mental health disorders.

For more information, please contact Lisa Dryan

at 951-683-5193.

Stroll 'N' Roll
Our annual Spring event will take place April 28th, 2012! Mark your calendars and look for more details to follow. If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, and/or donating a raffle prize, please contact Jacqueline Blanco at 951-683-5193 
Capable Girls
Looking for a social skills program for your teenage daughter? Look no further. Capable Girls is a program for girls aged 13 - 18 who have some difficulty making and keeping friends.  It meets on Mondays from 4 - 5:30 PM.  We would love to have more girls attending this group so that the girls already involved would have an even larger network of potential friends.  What parents of special needs kids tell us over and over again is that their child often sits at home alone on the weekend.  We want to make sure that we find a fun way and means of assisting these girls to feel connected to another peer. 


Additionally, your donation of hair brushes, nail polish, make-up, scarves, hair accessories, funny socks, address books, journals, and/or passes to go to local activities, such as to go bowling, skating, horseback riding, movies, or Castle Park would be immensely appreciated.


If you are interested in participating in this group or donating to it, please contact Lisa Dryan at 951-683-5193.


Thank You Curtis W. McGraw Foundation
The Wylie Center would like to thank the McGraw Foundation for their continued support of our programs and their donation of $5,000.  
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