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December, 2011


Wells Fargo generously granted $5,000 to The Wylie Center to support the Outreach Program which provides counseling services to children in Alvord Unified School District. From everyone at The Wylie Center, Thank you!
Parent Day Off
This event is for Dad's, Mom's or non-paid care providers who provide care for their child served by Inland Regional Center. Try to get a sitter so that both parents can come. The purpose is to appreciate the parents for all that they do and show ways to take care of themselves so that they can be more effective caretakers for their children. Space is limited to one hundred and fifty parents to gather together and learn new ways to relax, meet new friends, find a new hobby, be pampered, shop for the holiday, play games, get creative in the crafty corner, and enjoy workshops.


Event Flyer 

This event is put on by Inland Regional Center and their sponsors. 

Child Care Site Holiday Parties

Our two child care sites will be celebrating the holiday season soon with Santa to greet the children. 

Grant has scheduled their party for 12/20/2011 from 9am to 12pm.

Potomac is scheduled for 12/21/2011 from 10am to 12pm.

For more information please contact your child's teacher for more information.  

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Dear Wylie Center Families and Friends,
We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and we know many of you are busy this holiday season so we are going to keep this newsletter to the point with lots of fun things for you to do with your little one this month. 


Holiday Craft
Make a 'Hand'some Reindeer

What You Need:

Brown construction paper (you can use craft foam or felt too)

Tan construction paper (you can use craft foam or felt too)

White paper or wiggle eyes

Black or red construction paper or a black or red pom-pom

Glue or tape

Crayon or marker

What to Do:

1. Trace two hands on the tan construction paper. Trace one foot (with a shoe on) on the brown construction paper.

2. Cut out the shapes, and arrange as illustrated - with the two hand shapes making the antlers on the deer, glue or tape into place.

3. Turn the project over to the back and write the child's name and date.

4. Draw and cut out eyes and a nose (or use wiggle eyes, and a pom-pom for the nose).

5. Glue on the eyes and nose.

For painting, I recommend that you make the foot pattern from craft foam, then put the paint on it, and stamp it onto the shirt. For the antlers, you could put paint directly on the child's hands or (especially with a very young child) make patterns like for the foot/face from craft foam and use it to stamp the hand antlers on. You might want to reverse the color choices, and make the face lighter brown and the antlers dark.


Looking for a School for Your Child with Special Needs?
The Wylie Center is planning to open a charter school in Riverside that will specialize in providing education in an inclusive environment for all children.

We need your help though! In order to create a school that is truly for the children, we need parents like you to give us your input. Please take a few moments and take this online survey to make sure your voice is heard.

Click to take online survey

For more information about The Wylie Center Charter School and how you can get involved, please contact Cassandra White at 951-683-5193 Ext. 209.

This holiday season The Wylie Center would like to thank everyone for their generous support throughout the year! We hope all of you will continue to help us in supporting our programs in the coming year.

Help support The Wylie Center programs to ensure programs continue to serve our community and children with special needs by donating  this holiday season. Checks can be made out to The Wylie Center and sent to our Brockton office at 4164 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501
We are a 501 c (3), tax ID #: 93-0670286, and all donations are tax deductible.


Wishing all of you Happy Holidays!


The Wylie Center