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September 2011 News

Dear Wylie Families and Friends,

Are your ready for a fun filled month? I hope so because TWC is offerning new programs, new opportunities, and bringing more events to your attention this month. Check out the upcoming events in this newsletter to stay up to date on your favorite activities. And if you are looking for something more, check out the programs you might not know we offer.

Hope you enjoy this months newsletter and look forward to your feedback!


The Wylie Center

Wylie Center Friend Greg Burchett Wins Award 



The Wylie Center is happy to announce that Greg Burchett will receive a "Friend of Non-Profits" award at the annual Community Connect conference in September at the Riverside Convention Center for volunteering his time speaking in publicly about his family tragedy, the need for information on the warning signs of post-partum depression, and making the DVD for the Inland Empire Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (IEPMHC).  Due in no small part to his vocal support for IEPMHC and the need for more assessment and treatment for women with postpartum mood disorders, the Wylie Center was able to secure First 5 funding to provide mental health treatment and child care for women suffering from these disorders as well as a $99,000 Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) grant to do advocacy in the community on this topic.  Additionally, a collaborative partner on IEPMHC received a 1.2 million dollar grant from PEI to provide support groups for women.

 Thank You Volunteers!

day of caring volunteers

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who came our to The Wylie Center, Saturday, August 27th for the Unted Way Day of Caring Event. These volunteers helped with our landscaping needs by pulling weeds, trimming overgrown plants, and clearing our walkways.


Home Program Now Offers Infant Massage


If you are interested in enhancing your home program visits for your infant, please call Karen Maness at 951-683-5193 Ext. 239. Private or group massage classes now forming.


Wanted: New and Gently Used Teddy Bears

The Wylie Center Outreach counselors help students in local school districts. Many times, the counselors utilize stuffed animals to help the child feel more at ease when undergoing a crisis. If you would like to donate a new or gently used stuffed animal to help comfort a child, please contact us at 951-683-5193.


Items Needed

  1. Vacuum Cleaner 
  2.  Lawn Mower  
  3.  Digital Cameras
In the last two weeks, TWC has had two causlities. The first was our vacuum cleaner no longer works. The second was our new lawn mower that was stolen.


TWC uses digital cameras with our clients in the ASIP (Autism Spectrum Intervention Program).  We use these cameras to help construct visual communication icons, schedules, as well as stimuli needed as tools in therapeutic practices.  We also use them to capture video clips to track progress and construct video modeling clips specific to the clients needs.  (These show our clients how to handle specific situations in the natural environment.)


If you can donate one of these items, please contact our front office at 951-683-5193.

Upcoming Events

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United Way Inland Valleys 

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Car Seat Assessment
The Riverside County Car Seat Assessment component provides complete evaluation of each child's transportation needs (medical, physical, behavioral) by nationally certified car seat technician. This activitity is a one-on-one educational experience where the parent/caregiver receives "hands-on" instruction on how to fit there child into the new child restraint system and install the system in their vehicle. THe feel for any special needs car seat/system is just $50.
Eligibility for these services is simple.
  • Child must be a Riverside County resident
  • Child must be under 6 years of age

Please contact Injury Prevention Services if you are interested in hosting a workshop or have a child/client that may need a specialized child restraint system at 951-358-7171 or 1-800-774-7237 or email Victoria Young, Program Coordinator at vyoung@rivcocha.org.