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March 2011 Nutrition Mission Newsletter
Issue No 018 
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Recipe of the month 


Buckwheat Pancakes.


With pancake day falling on Tuesday the 8th March this year we thought this pancake recipe might come in handy.

Perfect for gluten-free pancake lovers!

'Good to Know...'

Why do we need protein?


We all know that we need to have protein but how many of us know how much protein we need to have daily, and why?

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The big news this month is that we have had our shop updated! We did have a few teething problems during the week but we're pleased to say that these are now all fixed and to celebrate the new look shop we're offering all of our Nutrition Mission newsletter readers 5% discount off any purchase made in our shop until the 31st March 2011. Just enter the code BKICS129 at the checkout.

Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth did a presentation this month to the staff at Brendan Fleming Solicitors in Birmingham on how to manage stress so that the physiological impact of it is lessened. If you would like us to visit your workplace to talk to your staff about how to make the right food choices to keep your colleague's health at an absolute peak please contact us at

We're pleased to say that Jo Gamble has been invited back to the Red Corner Gym on Tuesday 8th March to run a workshop called Food Matters.  This new workshop will show the importance of food in our attempts to achieve wellness and avoid disease.  If you would like to go to Jo's seminar please contact the red corner gym directly on 02476 459966.

Have a good month,


The Nutrition Mission Team.


'Good to Know...'  Why do we need Protein?
 Protein cartoon 

Why do we need protein?


Protein is absolutely essential for growth and repair, in other words, without a full complement of amino acids every 48 hours your body has no capacity for repairing day-to-day damage or grow new cells to replace old, worn out ones.


Every type of tissue in the body including organs, bones, skin and muscle is made up of protein, and it is also used to make hormones, enzymes, antibodies and neurotransmitters and to help transport substances around the body. What makes each of these parts different is the way that these proteins are made up. The building blocks of protein are called amino acids - these are referred to as the building blocks of life.

Amino acids are combined in many different ways to form the many different structures. There are 20 amino acids, 10 of these are considered essential; in other words it is essential that we get them from our daily diets. Our need for protein is increased during childhood, pregnancy, convalescence and during periods of heavy exercise or manual work.

The best source of dietary protein is eggs with a medium egg yielding 12g of protein, other sources include: chicken, red meat, fish, red lentils, quinoa, Brazil nuts, tofu, chickpeas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and cottage cheese. An adult should get .8g of protein per kilogram of weight.


Are you getting enough? If not look for a good quality protein powder that you can have as a snack between meals to boost your daily protein intake. Check out for some good protein powder supplements, if you need any help deciding which one is the best one for you please contact us at


Recipe of the month...

 Rolled pancakes


Buckwheat Pancakes. 



100g/4oz Buckwheat Flour

Pinch Himalayan rock salt

1 organic egg

300ml/½pint Milk or Dairy Free Alternative

50g/2oz Melted Butter or Dairy Free Spread.





1. Place flour & salt in a mixing bowl, add the egg.
2. Add the milk a little at a time, beat into a batter.
3. Mix well then leave to rest for a least an hour.
4. Stir the melted butter into the batter.
5. Lightly oil a heavy frying pan and heat well.
6. Put a good tablespoon of batter into hot pan, rolling it around to cover the surface.
7. Cook until golden then turn over and cook on the other side.
8. Serve with lemon juice and a drizzle of Crazy Jacks Organic Agave Syrup. 


Makes 4 to 6 Pancakes



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