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A great way to introduce Thirty-One to your friends & family is to host a Open House.  This is a simple way to get the word out that you have started a new business venture.  Here are some ideas on how you can have a successful open house.
         Print a flyer invitation with the date, time & place of your open house.  Mention that door prizes will be given away.  Include a ticket in the invitation.  Tell them that if they bring a friend they get another ticket.  When they arrive, the tickets go into a drawing for a gift certificate, a product, whatever you choose.  You can also give a ticket for every $25 spent, if they book a show, give 2 tickets.  You decide!  
          Host a Mystery host show.   
How a Mystery Host Party works:  I will draw a name out of the basket and that LUCKY person will receive ALL host benefits as though she had hosted the party herself!  This means FREE products!!!! What do you need to do to become eligible for these exciting offers? 
Arrive on time (1 entry)
Bring a friend (2 entries) for each additional friend (1 entry)
Bring an outside order (1 entry) - each additional order (1 entry)
Book a party for the Spring/Summer season (3 entries)
Order $25+ (1 entry) each additional $25 increment (1 entry)
RSVP by February 20th (1 entry)
*these are only suggestions and you can change them up based on the season, etc. and add to your invite
         Have light refreshments available.  Make it a "drop-in" type of open house.  Perhaps on a Sunday afternoon from 2-4.  Or you can have it on a weekday 4 - 6.  That way those who work can stop by on the way home.  Consider having a 2 day open house.  That way those who can't come one day might can come the next day.  Consider your friend's schedules when you decide on day.  What sport is going on right now?  Make sure you do not interfere with practice schedules and game schedules.  This will help increase your attendance.
         You can also give away the hostess rewards.  Since you are the hostess, you will have the free rewards, half price items and the monthly hostess special to use for yourself or give away.  This makes the giveaway expense much less for you.  Plus it is a great way to add to your kit!
Are you looking for fun games to play at your party?
Visit this website for fun ideas 
My favorite party game is The Purse Game.  Many times I basically structure my whole presentation around this.  The way you play is have all guests get their purse, diaper bag, etc. and I call out a letter such as T - they rummage through their bag to find something that begins with T.  The first one to hold it up and shout out what they found either gets a ticket toward the door prize drawing(s) or a small gift like a nail file.  Then I say T stands for our Thermal Collection and I talk a bit about it.  I generally do about 6 letters.  I like to use O or B for our Business Opportunity, S for Specials, H for Hostess rewards, etc.  You can choose whatever you like and change it up based on your guests.  Sometimes I do Gifts and talk about F for Fathers Gifts, W for Wedding Gifts, etc.  You can also do K for our Kids line, etc.  This game makes for a fun and competitive party and we are all naturally inquisitive as to what others are carrying in their purse!
A few other games that are popular are the Thirty-One game,  Deal or No Deal and the Dice Game.   The Thirty-One game is simply asking questions about the catalog.  The first person who finds the answer gets a point, the person with the most points wins a prize.  I have listed some questions that you ask for the game (You will have to change the questions based on what products you have).  After each product is "found" during the game, talk about it for a minute.  This can be your demonstration!  This makes it fun for them and easy for you!
How much does the consultant display kit cost?
How many dollars in sales does a hostess have to get to receive free shipping?
Find 2 thermal tote designs
Lunch bag for you/kids
Diaper bag for bottles/baby food
Make-up bag for traveling
Work files
Great birthday gift for anyone!
How much is the small magazine basket?
Books/magazines/newspapers in the living room or bath
Toilet paper
Blankets in your living room
In your car to keep papers, videos, shopping bags organized
Great wedding gift filled with a personalized blanket or candles
How much are the skirts for the skirt purse?
Find the brown damask backpack
 Find the black bag next to the apples
Find Morgan's cute striped bag 

The deal or no deal works like this:  At the end of the party, right before you close and they begin to order.  You pass out an envelope.  On the outside of the envelope, it says Deal or No Deal?  You tell them that they cannot open the envelope unless they deal.  Deal means they will book a party, No deal means they will not book a party.  If they book, they open the envelope.  Inside is a card or slip of paper that has a picture and/or a name of a product.  The product is a small priced item such as an ID tag, address labels , cosmetic bag, mini zipper pouch, etc.  If they deal, they will get that product when they host their party.  You will then order the product when you close the party of the new hostess. 
A twist on this game is this:  You can tell them, if I book 3 home parties tonight, Hostess Mary will get this for free!  Then you can show them a product.  I normally order the zipper pouches with Make-Up on them and give them away for 3 booked parties.  I give this item away the night of the party that I booked the 3 parties.
Make sure you are booking home parties with the Deal or No Deal and Dice Games.  Catalog parties are great but home parties are the backbone of your business and will keep your business alive!
*Dice Game Information and more available here!
The biggest Thirty-One Event of the year is coming in July 2011!  You will not want to miss National Conference.  National conference is full of great training, networking with other consultants, awards banquet and FREE products!  Plus the fall catalog and product reveal! Statistics say that those who attend National conference are 40% more productive when they get home!
National Conference 2010 was held in Columbus, Ohio where our NEW home office facility is! More information will be provided closer to January 2011 but each month (Jan-May) that you sell $1500 or more, the company will reward you with $50 in National conference bucks.  You can use your conference bucks for the registration fee, hotel costs, fall kits, the Thirty-One store at conference, fall catalogs and fall products.  Only consultants attending conference will get to use National conference bucks. 
Visit 2010 National Conference highlights on 

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