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In this Training Email you will find out about:
  • How to personalize your Personal Website and add events to your calendar
  • How to use a list of 62 and get off to a Strong Start
  • Our Thoughts, Talks and Trends Newsletter

Your personal website is up and running!!  Below are some pointers on personalizing your website!  

You can view my website and see how it looks...just want to make sure you at least get your name and some contact info on your site!  You can also type whatever you'd like about yourself to show up on your about me page!  Let me know if you have questions or need further help with this! 

How to Personalize your Website 

For people to contact you on your site, you have to "Personalize" it. Just follow these simple steps: 

1. Log on to your regular Virtual Office at 

2. In the Virtual Office, click on "Profile". 

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will find a box called "Your Website Information" 

4. In this box, click on "Personalize" 

5. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can set the personalized options for your site. 

A. Name to Show - is the name that will appear at the top of your personal site (you would typically enter your name)

B. My Website Name - this is one word that you can use to name your website - for instance mine is but you can also look me up with  

C. Display Options:  Show Home Phone, Cell Phone, etc - Check any of these boxes and that information will be displayed on your website. 
D. Show Email - This will display your email address on your site. Customers can click on "send email" to send you an email and it will be sent to the email you have listed on your profile page. 

E. Show Picture - If you select this option, you will need to upload an image. To upload an image, go back to the "My Profile" page and click "Upload Photo". 

F. Show My Events - This allows your site to display your events calendar. Parties and other events can be displayed on your online event calendar if you choose. You can also allow 
customers to shop for events displayed in your online event calendar but this takes place under the "Events" tab. 

G. Welcome Message - This is where you can enter your personal message to those visiting your website - they will see this when they click on "About Me" from your website homepage - this is located under your address and picture
Make sure to click on Update Site when you are through so all changes will be saved.


What is a list of 62?  The list is for you to write down the names of 62 people you can contact about your exciting new business!  The number 62 is 31 DOUBLED!  Double your Thirty-One business with your list of 62.  Use the F.R.A.N.K. system to think of names to write on your list.  F.R.A.N.K. stands for Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors, and Kids associates (teachers, parents, coaches wife, etc.)


thumbs upHome office offers New Consultant training

CER 101  by
Erin Welch, Regional Coach, twice each month.
To view Class Information go to and click on CER101

*You will receive training emails from  me throughout your first month ~ feel free to file these and go back when you have time or read them as soon as you receive them...if you are anxious to receive more training check out our team website under Consultants Corner for most of the training information. 


*You can also find a ton of resources on under 31Minutes ~ these are archived calls that Directors and Direct Sales Professionals have recorded for us ~ you can listen to them or download onto your computer/MP3 for later use


When you signed up you not only got 3 Months Free of your personal website but also Thoughts, Talks and Trends Newsletter!  All you have to do is use the link below to login - use your ID and your password from your back office and add your customers to the database!  Also any customers who you add to your back office will be automatically uploaded to the Thoughts, Talks and Trends database!  Home Office sends this newsletter out around the 1ST of each month to your customer base.  In the following weeks you will receive a Warm Call Report detailing who received your email and which pages they looked at!  You can use this list to make warm calls as you already know what they have been looking at...You don't need to tell them that you get the report just say, "Did you receive my latest Thoughts, Talks and Trends - what did you think about XXXX?"


Link:  (make sure to put this in your favorites)


On the Subscribers page you will enter the email addresses of your customers (when you put in an email address and you get an error message that the subscriber already exists this means you have already put that email address into your database)


On the content page you can change the default wording and even upload a picture


Use the HELP/FAQ to learn more about the newsletter and its capabilities,--bSwjjNl,1   Use this link to look at my content and newsletter from last month - I typically always put a personal message on it and upload a different picture - you can even put your picture on it!!  If you have time enter some emails and add yourself!


**After your 3 month trial if you do not want this you have to cancel your website and newsletter on your back office - go to Order, Subscriptions and cancel it there.  This is a GREAT investment in YOU and your business for only $12.95 per month (newsletter and website).  Please let me know if you have questions! 



Would you like to add your parties to your website calendar and allow your guests to shop online if they can't attend a party? How about hosting an online show? 
To add events to your website calendar you will need to login to your back office and choose the tab "Events" -
Select an event type to create: 
Non-Party Event
Party Event
Party Event with Hostess Portal Options
I use Non-Party Events for things I want to add to my calendar like vendor fairs, booths or fundraisers I may be doing
Party Event - I typically choose this if I am the host or the hostess is not going to be involved in adding email addresses
Party Event with Hostess Portal Options - this type allows the system to send your hostess an email giving her a login so that she can send out evites herself - more training on this is provided at  under Multimedia
*Fill out the event details for the type of event you choose
*Make sure the box is checked that says Show on Your Site
*If this is for a catalog or online show make sure Allow Shopping box is checked
*Whatever address info you place in the top Event Details is what will show up on the evite you send out so if you are doing a catalog or online show instead of a physical address put Catalog Show or Online Show
*Zip code is always the hosts zip code
*Fill out the Hostess Information - if she is going to be assisting with adding email addresses make sure to check the box send login info to hostess,  email responses to hostess should be checked if you want her to receive a copy of the rsvp's - this is a good idea because many times her guests will write her a little note on the rsvp
Click update and continue to invitations
*You can choose from 5 different invitations to use - fill in info you would like to use
*Click update and continue to Guest List
*Add email addresses of guests - to preview the evite just use your address
*At bottom of guest list click on Preview Invitations - you will be able to see what the invite looks like which will have wording similar to below:
Dear Amanda Graves, you have been invited to
Catalog/Online Show

on 5/1/2009 at 5:00 PM

Join me for a Thirty-One Catalog Show during the month of August! I will be taking up orders in July and the beginning of August.
Check out the NEW FALL Catalog on Amanda's website by clicking respond below.
The Guest Special is $1.00 Embroidery on all products!!  This is a $5 savings per item!


If you need to see a catalog in person please let me know. Thanks!
Consultant: Amanda B. Graves, Senior Exec Director
respond by clicking the following link:
*Once you put in all the guests or your hostess does click on the send invitations now button
*Make sure to always include yourself and your hostess on the invite list
*You will be able to see who has responded, what their response is and if an order has resulted
*If orders have resulted click on the Create the order button and the orders and show information will be moved to your Order tab and you can add any other show orders
*Once you are through taking orders online make sure to uncheck the Allow Shopping Box


Please let me know if you have questions!!  

Amanda B. Graves, Indpendent Sr Executive Director
Founding Consultant #1491
Office Hours:
M-F 9:30 AM CST - 2:00 PM CST
Weekends and evenings - email or by appointment

phone: 205.621.4402 or 205.960.8428
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Amanda's Assistant:
Jennifer Davis
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