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June 2012

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Dr Simon Grattan
Managing Director
Sengenia Ltd
Titanic gates' monitoring project 'launches'...


Dr Su Taylor from Queen's University Belfast (QUB), also a director of Sengenia, has been working with the Thompson's dry dock gates from where Titanic was launched in Belfast, 1912. Particularly of note due to the celebrations that are happening on a global scale to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch and subsequent sinking of the vessel. Belfast is being heavily promoted as a tourist destination during this year and the dry dock being one of the number of key visitor attractions that are on offer.


Dr Taylor commented: 

'As someone with an already keen interest in anything related to the Titanic and its story I was very excited to be able to be part of this stage of the preservation of its history. I was also delighted to have the opportunity to highlight yet further the advantages that there are to using fibre sensors over conventional strain sensing techniques. We opted for the os3155 sensors with built in temperature compensation as we knew that temperature fluctuations would be an issue for our results. Through the use of an sm125-500 unit and the Enlight software we have been able to demonstrate just how easy it is to be able to 'plug and play' the Micron Optics sensors and electronics.


As more details become available from this work we will look to update you on its progress. For more details on activites happening in Belfast this year related to Titanic visit

Sensor Price Reductions


Sengenia are delighted to be able to pass on price reductions on 2 of the sensor types from the Micron Optics range. The os3155s and the os4100s have had their prices reduced by over 40% and 60% respectively, making them all the more attractive for our customers. 


The os3155 offers a rugged strain gauge with integrated temperature compensation. Optimised for outdoor installations on steel structures, the os3155's stainless steel carrier holds the FBG in tension and protects the fibre during installation. Since the gauges are welded they can be attached in a matter of minutes and can be used immediately, as there is no delay to allow for adhesives to cure etc. 

os3155 sensor

The os4100 is specifically designed to provide temperature compensation for strain measurements from FBG based strain gauges installed on the same structure. The stainless steel carrier holds the FBG in tension and protects the fibre during installation. The universal attachment feature allows for fastening by weld, epoxy or screw, depending upon the sample. 


os4100 sensor


Jeff Miller, CEO of Micron Optics, commented:

'The price reduction of these sensors is a real commitment from Micron Optics to ensure that our customers are getting the maximum possible benefits from using our interrogation systems, software and sensors. By reducing the price of temperature compensation through these two sensor types, we are helping to make the optical sensing even more affordable and common for our customers.  This action closely follows our mission to combine cutting edge optical technologies, engineering innovation and manufacturing diligence, with honest communication and earnest customer care to enhance safety, comfort, and security of PEOPLE through reliable and accurate measurements of the world's critical systems and structures.'


Contact Sengenia for more pricing details depending on your specific volume, connector, cabling etc requirements and we'll be only too glad to help in any way we can.



Don't forget that Sengenia is also proud to be able to bring to you Micron Optics tunable filter range. For more details contact us or visit the website.



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