August 2010
volume 2, issue 8
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dance those pounds away
Whether you've got two left feet or the grace of a ballerina, everybody can dance. Besides being a lot of fun, dancing is a great way to lose weight, build endurance and get in shape.
Whether you're into jazz, disco or ballet, dancing can help you improve your heart health, burn calories, strengthen muscles and build flexibility.

"As with aerobic activities like running and swimming, dancing burns calories and increases your metabolism, both of which obviously helps with weight loss," says group fitness instructor Laurie Gold. "The dance-based group fitness classes at i.d. gym also help you tone your body from all sides, while building your strength and endurance."

These fitness classes enable you to use a wide range of motion, helping your muscles flex and stretch. And by holding poses, leaping, twisting and bounding throughout these classes, you'll also increase muscle strength and endurance  -- and burn those calories. While calorie burn varies with your weight and age, the average 150-lb. person burns 109 calories in 10 minutes of dancing, which translates to more than 600 calories in an hour, according to fitness experts. 

Dancing at i.d. gym

i.d. gym offers a variety of dance-based group fitness classes throughout the week:
  • Dancer's Body: Tuesdays with Laurie Gold and Saturdays with Brent Holten.
  • Cardio Dance: Thursdays and Saturdays with Lisa Scurlock.
  • Zumba: Coming in September!
So what are you waiting for? Get on your feet, get down tonight and shake your groove thing! View our group fitness schedule on for details.

i.d. kids: Dance Party!

Are you looking for a fresh spin on your son or daughter's birthday? Plan a Cardio Dance or Hip-Hop Party -- and your child's event will be the talk of the schoolyard.

We'll set up a fun, energetic party that kids from ages 3 to 16 can enjoy with their friends. Let us know what kind of dancing your child enjoys, and we'll create a personalized birthday bash just for you. Your guests can take advantage of our free parking, and we can even arrange for a cake or a photographer.

Best of all, you won't have to do a thing and your child will be active!

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dance those pounds away
i.d. profile: meet Lisa Scurlock
introducing i.dollars
CrossFit: the review are in
i.d. kids: back to school
what's new: group fitness, personal training & cardio equipment
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i.d. profile: meet Lisa Scurlock
Lisa Scurlock leads i.d. gym's Cardio Dance group fitness classes on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Soon, Lisa will be bringing the Zumba fitness craze to our group fitness schedule.

Lisa holds a BA in dance from Western Michigan University and she's a professional company member of Inaside Chicago Dance.

Here, Lisa discusses why dancing and fitness go so well together.

i.d.: Which came first for you -- fitness or dancing?
L.S.: Dancing came first to me. I've been dancing since I was 3 years old, but it has always been a great way to exercise! Over these past couple of years I've explored dance to be my way of fitness.

i.d.: How did you combine your interests in fitness and dancing?
L.S. Dancing is cardiovascular and involves using all the muscles of the body. Creating a fitness class which incorporates dance was easy because in dance there are an infinite number of ways to move your body, build and tone muscles, and increase strength and flexibility. I love to dance and I love fitness, and combining these two genres makes "working out" fun!

i.d.: How did you get interested in Zumba? What goes into learning how to be a Zumba instructor?
I've taken a few Zumba classes and enjoyed the cardio training, the constant movement and the Latin-style moves. All Zumba instructors must get certified. I am receiving my certification in September and hope to teach a Zumba class in the fall at i.d. gym!

i.d.: What's a Zumba class going to be like?
Fun, energetic and cardiovascular! With Latin dance moves put to upbeat music, you'll be sweating and burning calories while having a blast!

Meet more of i.d. gym's instructors and trainers on
introducing i.dollars
Beginning September 1, we're introducing i.dollars, i.d. gym's first membership rewards program.

With i.dollars, all i.d. gym members can earn money for every person they refer to us who buys one of our membership packages.

"As a new business, we are always looking for ways to grow our membership ranks and expand our offerings. At the same time, we also want to reward the people who are already with us. i.dollars fills the bill in both cases," says Brent Holten.

This is how i.dollars works:
  • For every referral who buys a month-to-month membership or signs a one-year membership contract, you'll earn 10 i.dollars, or $10.00.
  • For every referral who buys a standard i.d. card (12 day passes for $180), you'll earn 5 i.dollars, or $5.00.
  • Your i.dollars will be loaded onto an i.d. card, which you can apply for buying anything at i.d. gym, from bottled water to personal training.
  • If you refer six new members in a 12-month period, you'll receive a one-month free membership at i.d. gym, in addition to any i.dollars you've achieved.  
Look for more i.dollars rewards opportunities in the months to come. For more information, stop by the front desk at i.d. gym.
CrossFit: the reviews are in!
Justin Enders
CrossFit, one of the fastest growing fitness programs in the world, is causing quite a stir in i.d. gym's weight room. Brought to you by Justin Enders and the Lincoln Park CrossFit team, you can change your body and get in the best shape of your life.

Check out some of these recent posts on i.d. gym's Facebook wall:

"I have been doing it for a couple of weeks and I am hooked. It is scalable, intense and best of all -- no joint pain. Justin is a resourceful trainer and teacher" -- Senor M.

"OMG, yes! It's the best, most intense, butt kicking workout ever! -- Kristina G.

"I'm in! i.d. is the only gym I know to add CrossFit to the schedule -- unbelievable add! Great work!... I want to try it. -- Sarah L.

Complimentary Introductory Classes for i.d. gym Members

If you haven't tried CrossFit yet, be sure to take advantage of our complimentary introductory classes by Friday, Sept. 3. Be sure to sign up in advance for your session on or at the front desk.

CrossFit classes are available:
  • Monday thru Thursday: 6:30 a.m., 9 a.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. 
  • Fridays: 6:30 a.m., 9 a.m.
i.d. kids: back to school
i.d. kids 2
As your sons and daughters head back to school, make sure you make time for them to hit the gym too.

Through i.d. kids, i.d. gym offers a variety of programs to help your children stay fit and active through the school year.

Develop the Athlete

Develop the Athlete -- created by Drew Stevenson, head strengthening coach of the Chicago Machine, Chicago's major league lacrosse team -- offers a strength and conditioning program designed to help young athletes build strength, increase flexibility, help stave off injury, and develop the proper habits of fitness and nutrition that are essential for improving performance. Develop the Athlete offers safe, fun and physically sound conditioning programs that help young athletes on the field, ice or court.

"We focus on generating a program that leads to injury-free, emotionally sound and properly functioning athletes," Drew says. "We help athletes succeed by assessing proper movement, flexibility, endurance and balance, and by providing nutrition-based training."

  • Boys & Girls High School Training: Mondays & Wednesdays, starting September 20.

  • Boys & Girls Junior High School Training: Wednesdays, starting September 22.

Sessions combine elements of strength, agility and functional training, inside and outdoors, for a workout your children won't forget! For complete programming information, schedules, rates and other information, visit the Develop the Athlete website.

Kids Sports

Kids Sports offers fun, interactive activities that helps youths learn sports fundamentals and build physical coordination. Think of Kids Sports as active daycare -- the kids who participate in this program don't even realize how much they're learning because they're having so much fun.

During weekly one-hour session program, i.d. gym's instructors first lead kids through warm-ups, memory games and tennis basics. This structure is repeated every week to enhance a child's cognitive ability. Kids then develop physical coordination while learning the fundamentals of basketball, soccer or baseball. Each sport rotates weekly, and each session grows increasingly challenging as the weeks progress.

Designed for kids between the ages 2 and 5, Kids Sports is available on Wednesdays at 3:45 p.m. and Fridays at 4 p.m. For for information, visit our website or stop by the front desk for more information.
what's new?
Get the low down on the latest deals, programs and classes at i.d. gym.

group fitness!
  • New class: Pilates mat with Joe Baw on Tuesdays at 6:15 p.m.
  • New instructor: Justin Enders of Lincoln Park CrossFit now leads the Caveman Workout on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.
personal training!
  • Get to know i.d. gym's newest personal trainers: Jennifer McGowen, Rob Miller and Chris Parck.
cardio equipment!
  • You've asked for it, now you've got it: Check out the new Schwinn recumbent bike in the cardio room.
our mission at i.d. gym

At i.d. gym, we believe that helping you reach your fitness goals requires an approach as unique as you are.

We know that one program does not fit all, so we take the time to get you know you and find out what you want from your gym. If we can offer your favorite class or piece of equipment, we'll do it. If there's a instructor or trainer who motivates you, we want to get them involved.

Even something as simple as knowing your name when you come in the door can make your experience at i.d. gym something special. Unlike the big chain gyms, we want your fitness program to have a personal touch. Creating a friendly environment keeps things fun, helps you stay on track and may even push you to achieve goals you never thought you could.

It's your workout, make the most of it!

about i.d. gym

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12-pack class/workout passes for $180 or 6-pack class/workout passes for $108. The ticket to independence.

You decide the amount & how to use it. Talk about independence!

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