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December 2009
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Upcoming Events: The Florida Symposium on Offshore Energy-Part II: The Inshore Challenges of Offshore Energy Prospects
Announcing the College of Business Center of Sustainability Initiatives
Jim Stephens is Measuring and Reducing FSU's Energy Consumption
NIMBY (Not-In-My-Backyard) Phenomena and the Siting of Renewable Energy Facilities and Other "Public Goods"
Schedule of Tours of the Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building
The New and Improved Sustainable Science Master's Degree
850 - The Business Magazine for Northwest Florida Interviews Dave Cartes
IESES Researchers Head to Manila for a Conference and International Collaboration
FSU Celebrates Energy Conservation on Campus
Recent Events: The Florida Symposium on Offshore Energy Part I: Oil and Gas
The IESES Fellows
Upcoming Events

The Florida Symposium on Offshore Energy-Part II:

The Inshore Challenges of Offshore Energy Prospects

Part II of the four part symposium series will consider how to manage the unique ecological, spatial, and legal issues of energy development in the coastal zone of Florida, with an emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico.  Two expert panels will present the environmental and legal framework of the issues, particularly spatial aspects such as defining lease areas and identifying ecologically sensitive zones.  A wrap-up session will identify key knowledge resources and data gaps.

When: 1:00 to 6:00 P.M.
    February 1st, 2010
Where: The FSU Turnbull Conference Center

Watch for updates on the IESES website or contact Melanie Simmons at 850-645-9165 or for more information.
Announcing the College of Business Center of Sustainability Initiatives
Image of Joe Cronin
Professor and researcher, Joe Cronin Ph.D. (pictured left), of the FSU College of Business Marketing Department established the Center for Sustainability InitiativesIt is a resource of the Florida State 
University College of Business with the mission to encourage and execute research related to the use of sustainability as a business strategy.

The Center conducts research that assesses the perceptions of consumers and evaluates the actions of organizations relative to sustainability initiatives. The objectives of the CSI are to 1) conduct strategic sustainability research, 2) maintain a sustainability research panel, 3) create and maintain a Florida Sustainability Index, and 4) secure funding to support the research efforts of the Center.

Dr. Cronin has proposed to teach a Sustainability course in either the new Master's of Science Degree in Marketing or as a elective in the Business School undergraduate level. Dr. Cronin can be contacted at
Jim Stephens is Measuring and Reducing FSU's Energy Consumption
Image of Jim Stephens
Jim Stephens and his colleagues at the FSU Utilities & Engineering Services Group know the importance of measurement to promote conservation. They are continually building and refining measurement techniques to better analyze FSU systems and verify results. 

Faculty and students can partner with Jim for joint research projects.  Contact Jim Stephens at

Jim will be posting real time resource useage data in the near future, but for now you can go on his key metrics website and see the results of four years of electricity, water, steam and chilled water data.  The most significant metrics for utility usage is the per square foot and utility cost per square foot tracking information. Accurate tracking of this information allows FSU Utilities & Engineering Services to measure improvements as they work to reduce our total energy usage and carbon foot print.  Read more.

Research Progress
NIMBY (Not-In-My-Backyard) Phenomena and the Siting of Renewable Energy Facilities and Other "Public Goods"

IESES would like to congratulate our colleagues in the FSU Economics Department. Mark Isaac, Douglas Norton, and Svetlana Pevnitskaya who received a late invitation to present their IESES-sponsored research to the largest and most prominent conference for American economists (the Allied Social Science Association meetings in Atlanta in January).   This meeting has about 50 sister economics associations represented.  The FSU team will be participating in an American Economics Association session at the conference. The researchers were invited to the conference for their work on the NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) phenomena and the siting of renewable energy facilities and other "public goods."


Image of Douglas Norton

Douglas Norton is one of three FSU economists invited to the Allied Social Science Association meeting in January to discuss their research. 

Schedule of Tours of the Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building
OGZEB house

What Dates: First and third Friday of the month
When: Tours begin on the hour between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM
Where: see Map
Contact: Justin Kramer

Seasons Greetings  !

This is the last newsletter of 2009 and what a year it has been!  Over 70 faculty from 30 departments and 11 colleges and schools are working on IESES projectsImage of Dave Cartes for Newsletter funded by federal and state funds.  We had our first IESES summit to forge multidisciplinary research collaboration across the university and state.  We held our first of four Florida Energy Symposia. Next year promises to be even better. 
Dave Cartes
The New and Improved Sustainable Science Master's Degree
Alvin Culaba

Alvin Culaba Ph.D. (pictured above) is also a Professor Mechanical Engineering at De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. His research focuses on life cycle assessment, renewable energy, cleaner production, knowledge based systems and environmental management.  He is a visiting scholar at IESES through August 2010.  

In his capacity at IESES, Dr. Culaba has begun work enhancing an existing Sustainable Energy degree program in the Mechanical Engineering department's Master of Science degree at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering.  He is building on the original efforts of
 Anjaneyulu Krothapalli of the FSU Energy and Sustainability Center.  The concept is to create a prototype for a University-wide Professional Science Master's (PSM) with the ultimate goal of the existing program becoming the basis for establishing an entrepreneurship-based program with two degree tracks: (1) Natural & Engineering Science majors and (2) Social Science & Business majors. 

The existing program is targeted at students who are interested in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as applications and policy matters of sustainable energy. Under Dr. Culaba and other collaborating scholars' guidance, the new program will provide students with additional skills to address many of the energy and sustainability challenges faced by the nation and the world, specifically business and management. This supports one of the underlying goals of IESES to create market demand for sustainable energy innovations.  The business emphasis of the master's degree will prepare electrical and mechanical engineers to work in emerging business and industry sectors, as well as the non-profit sector. Additionally, there are plans to create a degree in Business Administration of Sustainable Energy which will prepare non-technical professionals to move new sustainability technology into the market place.

Both engineering and business students will have the opportunity to gain research and internship experience, as well as develop skills for working in research, development, demonstration, or manufacturing jobs.  For more information, contact Alvin Culaba at

Image of Yulu Krothapalli

Anjaneyulu Krothapalli
originated the current Sustainable Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering
850 - The Business Magazine for Northwest Florida Interviews Dave Cartes

Growing Pains

The Panhandle's renewable-energy business sector might have to come to grips with its own limitations  by Jason Dehart


The business of renewable energy, especially in the 16 counties of Northwest Florida, is going through some awkward growing pains. It is a new industry for the region, one that is still in its infancy. But regional leaders say renewable energy has the potential to become an economic powerhouse that could help fuel the area's growth and give energy users - especially homeowners and businesses - a much-needed break on their monthly power bills. 

Read more.

Image of 850 Cover"If I were to pick somewhere (among biomass, solar, energy efficiency and conservation), I would say energy efficiency and conservation are probably where we're going to get our best return." -Dave Cartes
IESES Researchers Head to Manila for a Conference and International Collaboration

In the second week of December 2009, nine IESES research were in Manila, Philippines attending the 2009 National Electrical, Electronics, and Computing Conference as well as promoting joint research ventures. A full report will be featured in the January Newsletter. 

bus trip

Bus tour: Pictured clockwise from left to right: Honorable Mina Gabor, Ian Douglas, Audrey Heffron, Bill Barry in the back, Janet Dillingin the sunlight, Joel Kostka in green and Dave Cartesin the front right.  Team members not in picture: Juan Ordonez, Fran Berry, Julie Harrington, Ralph Brower, and Lori Giuggio. 
Photo by IESES' Lori Giuggio.

FSU Celebrates Energy Conservation on Campus
Published originally in State by Matthew Hunter, FSU News and Public Affairs

Students, faculty, and staff showed up in full support on Union Green recently to celebrate successful conservation efforts across campus for 2008-2009.  The celebration highlighted that Florida State University has saved $3.3 million due to its energy conservation efforts, while helping the environment as well.  Many groups on campus and in the community who are dedicated to energy awareness were on hand to inform visitors about their efforts.  "An aggressive and effective energy conservation program allows Florida State University to lower costs and improve sustainability," said Jim Stephens, the university's first energy engineer, a position created to help Florida State find ways to conserve energy. "The efforts complement the university's reputation of outstanding leadership in many areas of academics and research." Read more.

Image of Campus Energy Day
Celebrating Florida State University's efforts in energy conservation are, from left, John Carnaghi, FSU's senior vice president for Finance and Administration; Alan Peck, director of FSU's Facilities Administrative Services; Dennis Bailey, FSU's associate vice president of Facilities Administrative Services; Robert Jakubik, student body president and university trustee; Michael Sole, secretary of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection; and Elizabeth Swiman, service learning program coordinator at the FSU Center for Leadership and Civic Education.
Recent Events

Florida Symposium on Offshore Energy Part I: Oil and Gas

See the panelists' bios, presentations and other information on the IESES website
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IESES Fellows

IESES is pleased to welcome four new fellows to our ranks. Rizalino Cruz, a post-doctoral student in Public Administration, is working with Richard Feiock and Ralph Brower of the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy. Carrie Anderson is an undergraduate senior in Mechanical Engineering studying with Chris Edrington and Dave Cartes of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.  Nicole Roberts is an undergraduate senior double majoring in Biology and Psychology and is researching with Joel Kostka of the FSU Department of Oceanography. Steven Traylor is an Economics undergraduate studying with Richard Feiock of the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy.  We will be showcasing their research in the coming months.

Cruz   Image of Carrie Anderson2  Roberts  Traylor

     Rizalino Cruz               Carrie Anderson               Nicole Roberts             Steven Traylor  

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Florida House of Representatives Energy & Utilities Policy Committee
Florida Senate Committee on Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities
Florida Senate Policy and Steering Committee on Energy, Environment, and Land Use
Florida Energy and Climate Commission
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The Center for a Systems Approach to Bio-Energy Research;
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