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Seminole Association for Sustainable Energy and FSU Career Center Guide to Green Career Resources

As the green movement expands, there will be many career options for students who are interested in sustainable energy and climate change.  Career opportunities include anything from green business management to sustainable urban planning to engineering green technology, to name a few.  

If you are interested in exploring green opportunities, the FSU Career Center can help.  At the FSU Career Center, students can use Career Key, the in-house online library catalog, to generate a printable list of resources for sustainability careers. The following is a sample of recommended resources that are available at the FSU Career Center, including books, files, journals, and websites. Career Center Librarian, Natalie Jean, strongly encourages students to visit the Career Center and speak with a Career Advisor about their personal career goals.

Books About Green Careers Available at the Career Center

Books with general career information about green jobs, such as, "Careers for Environmental Types & Others Who Respect the Earth," can be found on bookshelves in Section II: Occupations. Career Advisors can assist in locating useful books in a particular area of interest.  

Articles and Brochures About Green Occupations, Career Planning and Organizations

Occupational files are located in Section II: Occupations in tall file cabinets parallel to the bookshelves in Section II. These files contain non-book print resources (such as pamphlets, articles, booklets, and brochures, etc.) related to occupations.

Each folder is a file labeled for a particular occupation, such as "Environmental Engineer" found in the file IIB 17-2081. A Chronicle Occupational Brief in the file gives an overview of the typical job responsibilities, entry methods, opportunities for advancement, employment outlook, related occupations, and more.

Module Files are located in Section I: Planning. The files contain articles, brochures, reports, and other non-book resources on a range of career planning topics.

Module sheets produced in-house direct readers to more resources. Particular modules that match careers to FSU majors are located in Module 5 and provide a sample of helpful informational resources. The information compiled for the Environmental Science, Studies and Ecology major is highly relevant to green careers. Module 6.4 contains information on environmental impact. 

Students may want to look in the Organizational files for information on organizations connected to their area of interest such as The Environmental Protection Agency. These files are located in Section VI: Opportunities in the file cabinet labeled File 6.

Online Access to Relevant Career Journals

Students can research current information in journals relevant to their area of interest, including articles, news and jobs.

Online access information for publications is located in binder labeled "Employment Leads". Two relevant publications are the Green Careers Journal (full current and previous issues) and the Chronicle of Philanthropy (limited access). Entire current issues for those two publications are available in print in Section V: Rack V. Other publications listed at the front of the binder may also provide useful information.

Job Search Databases

One useful database for finding information about  careers is O*Net. Students can focus their search on green jobs, by going to: Students can also navigate to and select Green Economy Sector from the "Find Occupations" drop-down. Students can easily refer to  occupational files by the occupational code connected to each occupation in O*Net.

Hoovers Academic is useful for researching employers. It is an online database that provides "comprehensive company profiles, including corporate history, executives, products/operations data, financials, and news, provided for US public and top private businesses." Students gain access through University Libraries by selecting it from the Database A-Z list at For access off campus, students must sign in with their FSU ID and password through the "Off-campus access" link on the University Libraries' website,, or be signed in their Blackboard account before selecting the database from Database A-Z list.

Recommended Websites Related to Green Careers

Websites for professional associations, organizations, and institutes are excellent sources for information about career options. Students may find these websites useful:


Engineers for a Sustainable World:

Environmental Career Center:


Green Careers-CareerOneStop:

U.S. Department of Energy:

Professional Organizations
Academy Board of Certified Environmental Professionals:
American Society for Civil Engineers:
Association for Women in Science:
Ecological Society of America:
National Association for Environmental Professionals:


Environmental Career Center:


Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Riley Guide:


Seminole Link Plus! Services
If you are a current student or a recent graduate, adding the Plus! services gives you access to job listings, on-campus recruiting, job search agents, the ability to have your resume referred to employers and included in FSU Resume Books, participate in mock interviews and the mentorship database. If you graduated more than two semesters ago, Plus! services will include job listings and job search agents.

There is no fee for Plus! services. To use Plus! Services, you must have a SeminoleLink account already established, have at least one resume in your account, and  view an on-line orientation which explains the Plus! services in detail.

You can receive the Plus! services as soon as you complete the following steps.

1.      Log in to your SeminoleLink account using your FSUID and password

2.      Upload at least one resume

3.      View the on-line orientation to Plus! services

4.      Submit the online authorization request

5.      Receive notification of account activation within 48 hours


Free Career Advisement Available at the FSU Career Center

More resources are available at the FSU Career Center, located at:

Dunlap Success Center

100 South Woodward Avenue

Next to the Student Life Building and diagonal from the new Denny's

For more information, drop in to speak with a Career Advisor.  Advisors are available at these times:

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,

Tuesday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m
Phone: (850) 644-6431

Satellite: College of Engineering
Location: B226 College of Engineering

Phone: (850) 410-6171 or (850) 644-8625

Mondays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: (850) 410-6171 or (850) 644-8625

The Seminole Association for Sustainable Energy (SASE) is a registered student organization and department affiliate of FSU's Institute for Energy Systems, Economics & Sustainability (IESES).The Institute carries out scholarly basic research and analysis in engineering, science, infrastructure, governance and the related social dimensions all designed to further a sustainable energy economy.
For further information and career development resources, join SASE!
Students interested in sustainability careers can look forward to presentations by Career Center staff at future SASE meetings. 

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