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April 2010 
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Here at IESES, we serve as a public resource. This newsletter highlights the research of our colleagues and noteworthy items related to achieving a sustainable energy economy. If you have news to share, please let us know.
Business School Students Win $5000
The Jim Moran Institute (JMI) partnered with FSU's IESES to develop a business plan for a real world product that could be brought to market in the coming months.  JMI held a competition among several teams of students to create commercialization plans for Distributed Intelligent Agency Based Control Solutions (D.I.A.C.) for Smart Power Grids. Based on the winning teams' efforts, this new product is progressing to the next stage of commercialization.  The winning plans will be utilized in obtaining funding for the launch.  The Florida Energy Systems Consortium provided the initial funding for the competition. 

JMI Award Winners
The winning team, called "DIAC Solutions" from left to right, Cameron Bullock, Joel "Trey" Ware, Sam Nebel standing with Dave Cartes- Director of FSU's Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability- and Jim Combs- the Jim Moran Professor of Management and Executive Director of the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship (Photo: Justin Heacock).  Congratulations Team Diac Solutions.

Read more here and here

Symposium on Smart Mobility a Great Success!
Image of John HofmeisterJohn Hofmeister (left), Founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy and Retired President of Shell Oil Company, was the keynote speaker for the Symposium.  He emphasized that we need short, medium and long-term comprehensive transportation plans extending over fifty years. He asked, "Who ... spends thousands of dollars to buy 100 year old devices for a twenty percent return on the dollar?  That's what you do when you buy a car with an internal combustion engine."  In his final assessment, he concludes that the solution to our transportation future will come from electricity.

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 Dr. John Miller is the Technology Advisor to CEO at Maxwell Technologies and he  spoke about "Energy Storage in Transportation."

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Dr. Michelle Buchanan, is Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences Oak Ridge National Laboratory and discussed "Technology Challenges for Electrical Energy Storage."

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Dr. Albert Migliori, Science Project Leader in Energy Storage Los Alamos National Laboratory, discussed "Electrical Energy Storage via Chemistry: Drivers and Challenges."

Image of Ali EmadiDr. Ali Emadi, Director of the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center IIT Armour College of Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He detailed the "Clear Automotive Trend: Electrification."

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Professor of Law Jody Freeman is  Director of the Environmental Law Program at Harvard Law School. She  discussed her work as a top environmental policy aide at the White House and the "process bringing diverse stakeholders together to agree to new CAFE standards."

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Dr. Jay P. Kesan, Professor of Law and Director Program in Intellectual Property &  Technology Law at University of Illinois, discussed the challenges and opportunities in "Incentivizing Biofuels."

Dr. Randall Crane iImage of Cranes Professor and Vice Chair Department of Urban Planning University of California, Los Angeles.  He presented on "Travel Behavior and the Scope for Smart Mobility Policies."

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Dr. Marlon Boarnet is Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design and Economics at the University of California, Irvine.  He discussed "Land Use and Transportation: Lessons for Smart Mobility"  
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Business School Students Win $5000
Symposium on Smart Mobility a Great Success!
Florida State Filmmaker Turns "Green" into Gold
Battery Charging Research
Integrating Solar PV into the Grid
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator Developed
Oil and Gas Report Online
FSU participates in the Solar Decathlon
Florida State Filmmaker Turns "Green" into Gold

Image of Ian Weir 2 interviews award winning post-production specialist Ian Weir at the the Florida State University film school. for "Imagine Green".

Watch the interview here. Ian Weir is an IESES partner. 
Battery Charging Research
Per Arne Rikvold, Ph.D.
Image of Per Arne Rikvold
FSU's Dr. Rikvold co-authored the article "A New Battery-Charging Method Suggested by Molecular Dynamics Simulations," with Ibrahim Abou Hamad, Mark Novotny and David Wipf all from Mississippi State University. The article was featured on the cover of the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, published by The Royal Society of Chemistry, in March 2010.

Dr. Per Arne Rikvold is an IESES Partner
Integrating Solar PV into the Grid
Rick Meeker of the Center for Advanced Power Systems, co-wrote the article "Integrating Solar PV into the Grid," published in Relay, the quarterly magazine of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, Winter 2009.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator Developed
Image of Melanie Simmons Dr. Melanie Simmons of IESES, the former Planner-in-Residence in the FSU Department of Urban and Regional Planning Harrison Image of  Harrison HigginsHiggins and Dr. Paul Ruscher of the FSU Meteorology Program, pictured at the right  respectively, developed a greenhouse gas Image of Paul Ruscheremissions calculator for regional transit agencies in Florida for the Florida Department of Transportation Public Transit Office.  Read more

Dr. Ruscher is an IESES Partner.
A Report from the Florida Symposia on Offshore Energy is Online

Symposium view

Access the Full Report Here

This report is a transcript of the Symposia series including presentation materials, citations and executive summaries for both Part I and II.
Schedule of Tours of the Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building
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Which Dates: First and third Friday of the month
When: Tours begin on the hour between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM
Where:see Map
Contact:Justin Kramer at
FSU participates in the Solar Decathlon
A Concept Model of Team Florida's Flex House text here.
Decathlon image
FSU has partnered with other Florida universities to form Team Florida to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon.  The Team's Flex House is a flexible, modular building system designed for a young, moderate-income couple in a hot, humid and sunny climate. The Flex House has special design features such as sliding glass panels on the north and south walls that open to a central courtyard for natural ventilation during mild months and closed during hot, humid months.  It has high ceilings that allow warmer air to rise and a solar chimney with operable vents that induces ventilation.  There are movable interior partitions that allow for zoning of the HVAC system to accommodate seasonal changes and energy conservation.  A unique
Justin Kramer is a member of Team Florida and is also the Project Director of the Off Grid Building at FSU (AP Photo)
Image of  Justin  Kramer
parasol-like structure shades the roof, walls, and courtyard and feeds rainwater to a water feature and cistern for site irrigation.  A right-sized photovoltaic array that provides just enough energy to achieve net-zero energy performance. Additionally, it has a solar-thermal system that provides hot water and reduces the energy consumption of the heat pump.  The interior has a dessicant waterfall that absorbs moisture from the air to control humidity.

House in his office at the house


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