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March 2010 
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Here at IESES, we serve as a public resource. This newsletter highlights the research of our colleagues and noteworthy items related to achieving a sustainable energy economy. If you have news to share, please let us know.
Renewable Energy Research Portal Launched
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Charles McClure, Ian Douglas and Chris Hinnant -project investigators.

FSU celebrates the upcoming launch of the Renewable Energy Research Portal.  The webportal identifies, organizes and makes available research generated by FSU's IESES as well as other research from participants in the Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC).  The portal will officially launch April 5, 2010, but is currently available at the following link.  The Renewable Energy Research Portal was funded by IESES

Image of RE  Research Portal
Image of the homepage of the Renewable Energy Research Portal. 

The goal of the portal is to provide Florida researchers, businesses, investors, decision makers, and citizens with the research information they need to accomplish statewide energy goals. 

The site is an operational web portal that identifies, organizes, and provides access to a range of research related to renewable and alternative energy information. It will use a range of social networking techniques to grow and sustain itself as an active information exchange for renewable energy researchers and stakeholders.
The development of the portal is the result of a collaborative effort between the Information Institute of the College of Communication and Information and the Knowledge Communities Research Group (KCRG) at the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. The portal's design is grounded in a needs assessment study of IESES and FESC researchers conducted by Information Institute staff during the spring and summer of 2009 and a software model developed as part of the Global Usability Knowledge Management project previously developed by the KCRG. The Renewable Energy Research Portal has functions that will allow it to grow and expand according to the needs of renewable energy partners in Florida.  The project team wishes to invite all interested in renewable energy research and resources to use the portal and provide constructive feedback. The project team can be contacted by email at
Renewable Energy Study Released
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A team of collaborating researchers including Dr. Julie Harrington (pictured at right), Director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis along with colleagues from the University of Florida Public Utility Research Center, the Florida Energy Systems Consortium and Florida Research Consortium released a study entitle Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Florida.  According to Dr. Harrington the " aims to provide a framework or roadmap for the transition to clean and renewable energy sources, and energy efficiencies, in line with market driven forces."

On February 26th, 2010, the study was submitted to the Florida Energy and Climate Commission. Follow these links to the presentation, the executive summary and the full report
FSU Alum Creates a  Carbon-Negative Manufacturing Company
FSU Alum and CEO of New Sky Energy Dr. Deane Little spoke on Friday March 19th at Fisher Lecture Hall.  New Sky Energy,Image of Dean a Boulder, Colorado-based startup, has a plan to make money out of thin air. New Sky Energy is a carbon-negative manufacturing company that captures and coverts carbon dioxide into usable products.  Using basic electrochemical technology and waste salts, New Sky Energy creates compounds that suck carbon dioxide from the air. 

In the photo above, Deane Little is holding a carbon negative brick.  Watch Dr. Little's speech at the 2010 CleanTech Open Business Competition here.

The "carbonates" created can be used in making a variety of products, such as glass, resins and building materials.  "It is known chemistry we are using differently," said New Sky's founder and chief executive, Dr. Deane Little. 

Dr. Penny J. Gilmer is the Nancy Marcus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The Florida State University. She was Deane Little's Dissertation Advisor and hosted his visit. 
Grant Aims to Advance Women in Chemistry and Engineering
Florida State University has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant that goes by the name Alliance for the Advancement of Florida's Academic Women in Chemistry and Engineering.  Florida State is one of five universities statewide affiliated with the project.

"In practical terms, this grant will provide support and mentoring to women faculty members in all five universities' chemistry and engineering departments," said Penny J. Gilmer, project director at FSU. 

Statistics certainly show a continuing disparity between the numbers of men and women pursuing careers in science and engineering. According to the book "Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering" in 2004 only about 27 percent of doctorates in the physical sciences were awarded to women - and only 18 percent in engineering. Women consistently make up less than 20 percent of tenured science, technology, engineering and math faculty at institutions of higher learning.

Encouraging more women to pursue careers in these fields also helps to create a stronger, more diverse and innovative work force. Read more.
There will be a Faculty Recruitment Workshop, hosted by Dr. Gilmer, on Friday, April 9th at FSU in room 1005 of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory (this is a new building and is not mapped yet; please see this map-link where the building is slightly to the north of the map indicator).

This workshop will advance the recruitment of academic women into chemistry and engineering including those in sustainable energy related fields. For more information, contact Professor Gilmer at

Image of Penny Gilmer 
Professor Penny J. Gilmer (pictured at right), is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State and is overseeing the National Science Foundation project at FSU. 
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Renewable Energy Research Portal Launched
Renewable Energy Study Released
FSU Alum Creates a Carbon-Negative Manufacturing Company
Grant Aims to Advance Women in Chemistry and Engineering
Oil and Gas Symposium Report Online
Chan Hilton Wins University Teaching Award
Redeveloping the State's Aerospace Industry
Invitation to the Department of Scientific Computing's Open House
A Report of the Proceedings of the Florida Symposia on Offshore Energy - Part I and Part II - is Online

Symposium view

Access the Full Report Here

This report is a transcript of the Symposia series including presentation materials, citations and executive summaries for both Part I and II.
Chan Hilton Wins University Teaching Award
Image of Amy Chan Hilton
Professor Amy Chan Hilton

The University Teaching Awards program recognizes faculty for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching. Dr. Chan Hilton is outstanding in the many aspects of teaching which contribute to successful teaching and learning. This is a student-oriented award and nominations for Dr. Chan Hilton were submitted by students and alumni. Read more.

Dr. Chan Hilton is an IESES partner.
Redeveloping the State's Aerospace Industry

Image of Farrukh Alvi
Farrukh Alvi, pictured above, is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and is the new Director of the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion.

The Florida Center for Advance Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) was launched with nearly $15 million in seed funding from the State of Florida.  FCAAP was formed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving and highly competitive aerospace industry. The Center's objectives are to help train and sustain the much needed, highly skilled workforce; to design and develop new energy efficient technologies and products required to help sustain the Aerospace industry; and to transition the technology to applications in a timely and efficient manner. Read more

 Dr. Alvi is an IESES partner. 
Invitation to the Department of Scientific Computing's Open House
Please attend the Scientific Computing Open House anytime between 1:00-5:00 p.m. on April 15, 2010
Located in room 499 of the Dirac Science Library on Florida State University's main campus. 
See Map. Please RSVP to

 Image of 3D glasses
Above, people watching a presentation with three dimensional analysis in Scientific Computing.

Image of Ming YeProfessor of Geological Sciences and Scientific Computing Ming Ye, pictured at left, is an IESES partner.
Schedule of Tours of the Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building
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Which Dates: First and third Friday of the month
When: Tours begin on the hour between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM
Where:see Map
Contact:Justin Kramer

The Institute is a public resource. Here we carry out scholarly basic research and analysis in engineering, science, infrastructure, governance and the related social dimensions to further a sustainable energy economy. The Institute unites researchers from the disciplines of engineering, natural sciences, law, urban and regional planning, geography and economics to address sustainability and alternative power issues in the context of global climate change.
The Center for a Systems Approach to Bio-Energy Research;
The Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis;
The College of Business Center for Sustainability Initiatives;
The Center for Environmental Media Production and Research;
The Public Utility Research Center; and
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