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 October 2012 Newsletter ~ Issue No 44   
The Figaro Owners Club was started in March 2009 to provide comprehensive advice and information to both present and future owners of the Nissan Figaro.

Today the club has over 1,600 members worldwide. Our aims are simply; To promote the preservation and use of the Nissan Figaro (Only 20,000 were produced from 1989 - 1991).

We are a Not for Profit Organisation. Unlike other car clubs we don't have a fixed annual membership fee. We think it's fairer for our members to make an Annual Donation towards the running of the club. Donate Now



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Hi and welcome to our October Newsletter. This month we serve up some fabulous pictures from both North and South of the UK! FigFest North 2012 is a new event located in the grounds of Wentworth House. Judging by the images it looked like a great start and news is the event is on again next year. Surrey Classic Car Show 2012 was again an excellent event with lots to do and see.  

We hinted last month about creating a survey to help us build a better picture of owners who buy the car and their needs? There is little if no information on owners and it will make very interesting reading. We also want to hear from you about how we are doing and more importantly what you want from us as a club?
So next years overseas rally is sorted! 25 members have already signed up to join us for a week of fun and adventure - Bring it on!

Catch you next month :)


Kevin Fagan  

Editor and General Tea Maker!  

Figaro Owners Club Founder      

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normandynews Normandy Rally June 10-14 2013   
A couple of weeks ago we launched our 2013 European Rally. Take up has been very encouraging with 12 Figaro's and 25 members already booked! The Rally will take place during the 10th -14th in the beautiful and ancient port of Honfleur. Read more


Currently there is little if no information on the demographic of Figaro Owners. We invite you to take part in our survey and help us build a better picture? There are only 22 questions so it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to complete! Click here 


Our 2013 Calendar will be printed next month and we are still looking for pictures to be included! If you would like your car featured then simply complete the form and upload the picture and your car could be featured! The final date is the 20th October 2012 so act now... Click here


Yes this is me 'Kevin'  

 At the weekend my favorite pastime is polishing all the  

chrome on our Cub Car!


If you're new to the club it's great to have you on-board and thanks again for your kind donation.  For all our existing members thanks also for your support. 


PS... Don't forget this is your club so please get in touch with your thoughts, ideas, stories, feedback, comments, pictures or just a chat.







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EVENT NAME: Ace Cafe Meet

ORGANISER: Figaro Owners Club

DATE: APRIL 13th 2013

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: Our first event of the year kicks off at the superb Ace Cafe London. Last year we had over 70 cars attend. It' well worth the drive if you've never been to this venue. The Cafe has loads of memorabilia and pictures of times gone by. Read more 


EVENT NAME: Easter Tour to the New Forest  

ORGANISER: Continental Car Tours 

DATE: March 29th - 1st April 2013 

ENTRY COST: 219 per person (two sharing) 

ABOUT: Continental Car Tours Easter tour this year takes you to the beautiful New Forest. There is an enormous number of places to go and things to see, including the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Buckler's Hard 18th Century village, Hurst Castle, Breamore Elizabethan House and Country Museum, and the pretty towns of Lyndhurst and Lymington. We stay at a comfortable three star hotel, with evening meals included each evening.  


Note: This event is not organised by us but you may wish to attend - Read more     

Forum Link to chat to other members if you interested in attending - Click here  


EVENT NAME: Normandy Figaro Rally 

ORGANISER: Continental Car Tours / Figaro Owners Club

DATE: June 10th - 14th 2013 

ENTRY COST: 349 per person (two sharing) 

ABOUT: Following on from our successful Jersey Figaro Rally 2012 the Figaro Owners Club has joined forces with Continental Car Tours to bring you the Normandy Figaro Rally 2013. The Rally will take place during the 10th -14th June 2013 in the beautiful and ancient port of Honfleur providing an excellent base for exploring the delights of Normandy. Read more  


EVENT NAME: Surrey Classic Vehicle Meet  

ORGANISER: Surrey Classic Vehicle Club 

DATE: September15th 2013 

ENTRY COST: Free to all members of The Figaro Owners Club 

ABOUT: A Fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic , or visit the Cafe Read more  


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Nissan Figaro EyeLid, Eyebrow fitting
Nissan Figaro EyeLid, Eyebrow fitting

Video is provided by The Figaro Shop 


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Power Loss. What can I do?        
Strong Smell of Petrol?       
Advice Please   
I've got a problem with my car and its lack of power, if I want to pull off or go up a hill I have to floor it to move. When I press the accelerator it takes a couple of seconds for the car to rev up properly. Has anyone got any ideas what it might be? No white smoke when I rev, I had a re-con turbo fitted 2 years ago. Just no power
Sounds like Ht Leads or Dizzy cap/rotor arm have look here this should resolve your problem...

Read more/Comment

 Hello everyone! We bought a lovely little figaro a couple of months ago and it's a joy for us to drive and everyone who looks at it just smiles! We now know why you all love them so much. The only problem is that today and all of a sudden, the car has an overwhelming smell of petrol fumes inside. I decided to take it for a lengthy drive with the windows down hoping it would go away. I've checked again since but it is still really strong. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Filled up with petrol a couple of days ago and its stil 3/4 full. Any advice would be welcome as we are both novices when it comes to owning a Figaro.

Hi, is there a strong smell under the bonnet as well ? ,i've had the petrol hoses perish and leak before especially the ones on the filter , but if it's just in the car the chances are it could be the tank especially if it's only done it since you filled it up , either way you need to get it looked at asap. Nick

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I bought my figaro a week ago and am VERY happy! There is one thing that I'm slightly concerned about and wondered if anyone could shed some light for me. The CAT warning light comes on after I switch the engine off and remains on until the turbo has stopped. It's not coming on whilst I'm driving at all, but is doing this every time - even on short journeys. Any ideas if this is something I should get checked out? I have read that once the light is on it won't go off but that doesn't seem to be what it's doing.  


Sorry I can't help much. My cat light came on at some point over a year ago, and it stays on all the time as long as the engine is running. After posting it here I was advice just to leave it. So I did and had no problems for over a year.


Read more/Comment 


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
This is our car. It's a Emerald Green model.
My son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage.

We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009. 

Don't forget to email me if you need any help or advice

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder



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