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 July 2012 Newsletter ~ Issue No 41   
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Hi and welcome to our July Newsletter. It's FigFest 2012 next weekend so lets cross everything the weather will be kind. Along with many others we're planning on camping so come on Mr Sunshine show yourself!

We have another Product Test for you this month. The product is Scuffmaster  which came out top of the class. The way it removes scuff marks is almost magic.

Thanks to all our Forum members as last month the club reached a milestone when Emma Collinson became our 1,000th Member and won a £50 Figaro Shop Voucher to boot.

Wedding Wishes
Wishing Scooby (AKA Paul the guy behind Figfest) and Laura all the very best for today as they marry at 12noon.

See you at Figfest next week :)


Kevin Fagan  

Editor and general Tea Maker!  

Figaro Owners Club Founder      


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Forum Reaches 1,000th Member 
A few weeks ago we reached a milestone of our 1,000th Forum Member (at the last look we now have 1,070). The lucky Member was Emma Collinson who was over the moon when she found out that she had won a £50 Figaro
Shop Gift Voucher.


Nissan Approval 
We are pleased to inform everyone that our little club has been recognised by Nissan Japan. Head of communications Chikako Taguchi confirmed the news and stated that he wished the club every success in the future. Mr Taguchi went on to say 'We are very pleased that the Figaro has lived up to your members expectations".

FigFest 2012

Just £3 to Register for Figfest   

With 42 Cars registered FigFest is going to be  a blast this year. Its only £3 to attend on the Sunday and join in the seaside convoy! Paul has given us an update to what he has planned and it includes Space Hopper Racing! If ever you needed a reason to go - you now have it. Register Now 



Fun in the rain from Holland  

This month we bring you some brilliant pictures from the Holland Event. The rally was orgainised by dutch Members Brigitte Caro and Tanja Hess. A good turn out of Figaros along with prizes made for a great day (even if the weather looked a bit wet). Well done to Brigitte & Tanja.  




This is me 'Kevin'  

 At the weekend my favorite pastime is polishing the chrome! 

A very warm welcome  

If you're new to the club it's great to have you on-board and thanks again for your kind donation. 


"Don't forget this is YOUR CLUB so please get in touch with your thoughts, ideas, stories, feedback, comments, pictures or just a chat"








As at 29th June we have 42 Figaro's registered to attend the event

Angie and MickJ 389 CAOEssex
Andrea Fowkes-SmithJ705 HGKSurrey
David Robert RhodesN 778 XTA
Elaine JonesFig 3992Hertfordshire
Marisa FoxFIG 6331Norfolk
Maggie HampshireJ843 CEVEssex
Lesley FellowsH153JLFNotts
Chris CoeJ708 CEVSuffolk
Nikki WaltonH283 PVWNorfolk
Pearl ReynoldsJ876CEVSuffolk
Julia MorrisH81 GCREssex
Becki StirlingJ149 NLULondon
Vanessa ManthorpeJ762 HGKSuffolk
Tony FarrellH524BYFCheshire
Rebecca WardJ995 JKNSurrey
Karen & Steve MittonJ977 JWPShropshire
Jane BeauchampJ462 LTRSomerset
jane louise hoskinJ167CEVnorfolk
Glynis Robshaw
neil hamletj298 hghherts
Steve & Karen MittonJ977 JWPShropshire
Margaret & Paul Gotts
Leslie CalvertH343FHGCleveland
Susan HalesA8K SUNorthamptonshire
karen bond
Pearl ReynoldsJ876CEVSuffolk
WilliamsJ455 CEVSURREY
gerald patersonJ564 NLNnorfolk
Lauren SuddersH818 XWWEssex
rebecca turnerh433 jlenorfolk
Rebecca Louise HandJ98 AEOCheshire
Kevin FaganJ821HGJBucks
gerald patersonJ564 NLNnorfolk
Vanessa ManthorpeJ763 HGKSuffolk
Sandra DysonFIG 3346N Yorks
Maggie HampshireJ843 CEVEssex
Andrea Fowkes-SmithJ705 HGKSurrey
Danilo HelinH114 BUVMiddlesex
Nikki WaltonH283 PVWNORFOLK
angie and mickJ389 CAONorfolk

scuffmaster product test

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2012 EVENTS    

summersizzlerIf you've never attended an event before we urge you to give it a try this year!

There is something very special about joining other Figaro owners and showing off these great cars. 

All events are Figaro Owners Club Members Only  

Events marked* are hosted by the Figaro Owners Club. All other events are 'Invitation' by a 3rd party (in other words not our events but ones we've been invited to attend).  




6th, 7th & 8th July 2012  

Event: FigFest 2012  

Location: Great Yarmouth    

Cost: £3 Per Car per day / £12 2 x Nights Camp/ £18 3 x Nights Camp 

We invite you to attend what will be a fantastic weekend of 100% pure Figaro fun! The team who brought you FigFest 2011 will be working hard in the background to create an unforgettable festival.  REGISTER HERE 




15th July 2012  

Event: Uxbridge Charity Auto Show

Location: Uxbridge  

Cost: £5 Per Car

Over 2,000 historic, classic, kit and modern cars. Classic Car Club Parades

Al Day Stands, Massive Autojumble.






19th August 2012  

Event: Milton Keynes Car Show and Suzuki Family Day

Location: Milton Keynes  

Cost: £6

A small show but if your local its worth a visit. This year the event has been expanded to include a number of other features and attractions. Last year we won 'Club of the Show'! REGISTER HERE 




2nd September 2012  

Event: FigFest North 2012    

Location: Between Rotherham and Barnsley

Venue: Wentworth Woodhouse Stately House      

Cost: £3 to Members  

This is a new event. Join other members and owners of Rolls Royce, Humber, Morris, Mini, Jenson, Jaguar, TVR, VW, MG, BMW and more for a spectacular day out at Wentworth Woodhouse Stately House! REGISTER HERE  


16 September 2012  

Event: 11th Surrey Classic Vehicle Gathering  

Location: Tilford  

Venue: The Rural Life Centre  

Cost: Free to Members  

A fantastic day out for classic car enthusiasts Loads to do for children & all the family Bring your own picnic, or visit the Café.  REGISTER HERE  


 VIDEO GUIDE to Switches and Controls 

Ever wondered what all those switches do? Well watch this and you'll find out! 

Check it out and subscribe for free to our Video Channel Click here     

Video is provided by The Figaro Shop  

Figaro Shop Dashboard and Switch Controls
Figaro Shop Dashboard and Switch Controls

 HOW TO... Check your Tyres    

Legal Notice This Information is Copyright Protected and Published under agreement granted by JPNZ International to the Figaro Owners Club.  


This is an extract from Page 43 of the Maintenance and Workshop available from JPNZ International (To order your copy see advert and link below) 

Tyres JPN 

JPN Banner  


Jersey Rally gets Centre Spread in Jersey Evening Post    

The Jersey Evening Post published an article on our Rally last week. The centre page colour spread included information on our trip and pictures of our last day at Gorey Common.


To read click here    



TECHNICAL FORUM - Visit our website to see over 1,300 topics - Click here

Buzzer for boot-how to disconnect?

How do I
remove the Speedometer?
How do I Secure
my Coolant Reservoir?

I am trying to find a way to disconnect the warning buzzer? can anyone help me please?
Hi,the buzzer is located drivers side kick panal area right at the top below the screen ,squarish shape with a wire hanging down with a 2 pin block connector just disconnect . it's the same buzzer that does the roof. Nick  

I want to remove my speedometer. I already got advices but still I didn't make it. I removed the chrome trim, also removed the rev clocks , so I have more space, but still I think the white wings on the speedometer (see photo the blue rectangles) blocks removing. Who can give me a clue. 

Hi Jonnie you need to remove the three gold coloured screws also. This loosens the instrument, & by moving it slightly you can lift the wings over the panel. The cable is held to the speedo by a clip then the speedo can be removed. Baz  

I'm in need of some assistance. I started checking out the engine bay, doing some cleaning, lubricating the bonnet hinges, and looking for (and failing to find) the dipstick. On my hunt around the engine I came upon the coolant reservoir. Trouble is the metal mount isn't actually screwed to anything, and the reservoir has been gently wedged between the engine, radiator, and battery. It looks like it's a new battery, as the car was stood off road for sometime, and I'm thinking the guy just got the cheapest battery he could find, but it was too big, so he had to remove the coolant reservoir to get it in. The other reason I think this is because there's no metal bracket across the top of the battery holding it in place. Can anyone help me by telling me where the reservoir should be secured. A photo of the inside of an engine bay showing a close up of where it should be would be really useful. I think it's being obscured by the battery at the moment, as there doesn't seem to be enough room for it. Which is the right size battery for the Figaro?  


Hi,coolant bottle goes between battery and front panal,just slides into bracket - will get a pic tomorow if it stops raining . The battery you need is an 054 and you need to get a battery retaining clamp on there for safety and an insecure battery will be an MOT failure when the new regs eventually come in. the dipstick is on the o/s just behind the alternator unless thats gone missing as well. Nick  


About the people behind the Figaro Owners Club
MY CARMy son Daniel had always wanted a Figaro and after saving for years (plus a small contribution from his mum and dad!) he brought an Emerald Green one in May 2008. That was it - I was hooked too! Even now we spend many a happy weekend polishing her in the garage.

We just love all that chrome... After buying the car we started searching the internet for ownership help and advice and although a forum existed there was no real club so in December 2008 we started designing and building the web site which took around 4 Months. The club was formed in February 2009 and launched on 1st March 2009

Warmest Regards


Kevin Fagan

Figaro Owners Club Founder



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